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A Recycled Post on “The Talk”

I was going to write more about “The Talk” but I already said quite a bit last fall, long before Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman or John Derbyshire, in “Blacks- The Mortal Danger“. Advertisements

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Chuck, “Citizenism”, and the Proposition Nation

Chuck talks more about his disagreement with white nationalists, and I get a better idea of his philosophical stance. Of whom the American nation properly consists is a matter of contention. takes the position that it is properly composed … Continue reading

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Are White Supremacists, White Nationalists, and Anti-Semites Stupid?

Chuck Rudd of Gucci Little Piggy has been branching out, from waiter-with-a-degree blogger to correspondent for the Daily Caller, now with a second piece on the Mobile mob attack. The latest story is about white nationalist literature left on doorsteps … Continue reading

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Fred Reed on Zimmerman

Fred Reed is a crotchety old guy, a son of tidewater Virginia, a Marine combat veteran of Vietnam, and a long-time crime reporter in the DC metro area. You could call him an anti-war paleoconservative, but such labels don’t really … Continue reading

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Martin Luther, The Original Self-Hating White Man

I recently read a biography of Martin Luther, Protestant Reformer and founder of Lutheranism, by theologian Martin Marty. Luther was an intellectual and a spiritual seeker. He was a lot better at asking questions than answering them. He got involved … Continue reading

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An Effective Opposition?

Chuck Rudd (the pseudonymous) of Gucci Little Piggy has become an almost mainstream writer, with a second article at the Daily Caller. Paul Kersey (also pseudonymous) of Stuff Black People Don’t Like praises this and makes a call to opposition … Continue reading

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Meet The Real White Privilege

There is a new HBO show called “Girls”, about four girls in New York and people are pissed because they’re all white, blah blah blah the usual crap. Entertainment is always about yuppies in New York. Somebody however has noted … Continue reading

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