Trayvon Martin and the Chimpout- Question and Confront

First, a few notes.

Ferdinand Bardamu makes me proud today. Outstanding young writers like him and Paul Kersey give me hope that dedication to reality is not just the domain of angry middle-aged cranks on the margin of society but also of focused, effective young men who will influence society in the future. John Derbyshire insists we are doomed, and I feel inclined to agree with him, but maybe not.

Easing into my main point, Ryu begs off from the Trayvon Martin incident. He points out that race realism has been “done to death” here, and I will add race realism has been done to death in general. Mainstream conservatives point out that things are fucked up, but can’t and won’t say why. Race realists say why, but in general don’t know how. I am most interested in how things work. If we understand how things work, maybe somebody smarter than me will figure out what to do about it.

Chuck Rudd disappoints me today. I’ve disappointed plenty of people in my life, starting with my parents, and I never really gave a shit, and I’m guessing Chuck doesn’t either. But he’s making a fundamental mistake that most looking at this case have made, and it’s the crux of the matter. If we dont’ want to be circle-jerking over this, as Ryu has observed, then we need to effectively analyze it.

Chuck qualifies his analysis– “I will qualify until I’m blue in the face – Trayvon Martin’s death is a tragedy that should not have occurred.” Was it? A tragedy, as classically defined, is where the hero’s flaw causes his downfall. Here Chuck means that Zimmerman did something he shouldn’t have- “Martin was erroneously pursued by George Zimmerman”. The consensus among even those defending Zimmerman is that he should have stayed in his truck and waited for the police, and that confronting him directly was wrong.

My thesis is that it is the confrontation, and not the shooting was the thing that blacks hate, and want to suppress. It is extremely important to understand this so I want to go into more detail.

First, what is a “chimpout”? I cam across it via my Confederate friend, who refered me to Chimpout, also listed on the links. It’s a site dedicated to bad behavior by blacks. More generally, the term “chimpout”, “chimp out” or the verb “to chimp out” refers to explosive aggressive behavior by blacks.

It would be easy to attribute this solely to the general tendency of blacks to be impulsive and violent, and it would also be wrong. All behavior has a purpose. If you have a dog, you know that when it does something, it does so for a reason. The term “chimpout” comes from the behavior of the primate most closely related to humans. Chimpanzees will engage in displays of aggression, including screaming, baring of the canine teeth, and aggressive body movements. These may include some violence, but the target is not seriously harmed. These displays of aggression are familiar to most people from nature shows on TV, and their resemblance to black outbursts obviously led to the coining of the term “chimpout”.

Chimpanzees are very strong and have huge teeth, including protruding canines, which humans don’t have. They can and do kill each other at high rates, and if a chimp wants you dead, you’re going to be dead or very, very fucked up, like the woman in Connecticut a few years ago. But normally, they don’t do this. Chimps use displays of aggression to establish social dominance. Blacks do exactly the same thing.

If I get one point across, understand this. Blacks are stupid, but they are not irrational. Blacks chimp out on purpose, and over a long period of time it has been a very effective tactic. Blacks are less intelligent but seem to be more socially savvy than most whites, and are masters of manipulation, maybe because they are less intelligent, devote little mental energy to abstract things and thus have a focus on the social environment and the emotions of those around them.

There are actually two chimpouts here. (Style note- I will spell the noun “chimpout” and the verb “chimp out”. If there are professional writers who take issue with this, please leave a comment. Thank you.) The first was the chimpout by Trayvon Martin toward Zimmerman. Martin’s mistake- from being relatively young and inexperienced, and not ghetto enough- was going too far. Had he punched Martin a few times, Martin probably would have backed off, and Martin could have gone home and laid low. The cops would have come, not found him, and left the matter there. Had the cops questioned him, there would have been no witnesses and no way to press charges. Martin could have gone home to Miami and bragged to his friends about how he messed up some cracker. The purpose of the chimpout is to intimidate, not terrify. Intimidated people submit; terrified people may submit or may lash out, as Zimmerman apparently did.

The other chimpout is the organized black reaction to the incident, orchestrated apparently by Martin’s parents’ attorney. It’s political rather than personal but has the same social purpose. To understand this, we need to understand the history of the black chimpout, both the individual/personal/criminal and the social/political. But I’ll go back even farther in social relations.

In times past questioning strangers was quite normal. You knew everybody you saw on a daily or weekly basis, who they were, their job and social standing, and the threat they might represent to you. Seeing a stranger was unusual, and a stranger might be bad, you didn’t know. So you would ask that person who they were, and what their business was. They would answer, and you could judge from what they said and how they acted whether they were telling the truth or not.

I love epic poetry. In “The Iliad” warriors will square off against each other in individual combat. They will demand to know who they are fighting, and among these aristocratic fighters- Greek infantrymen supplied their own armor, weapons, and provisions, and were from the well-off part of society- this was not an insult but an opportunity to announce one’s lineage and status. In one case the opponents find they have friends in common, exchange pleasantries and agree to stay away from one another on the battlefield. In “Beowulf”, when Beowulf and his warriors land in Denmark, the horse-mounted warrior watching the coast demands to know who they are and why they have come. Beowulf gives his genealogy, his feats of war, and says he has come to fight the monster Grendel. The guard responds that judging from his words, appearance, and demeanor, he is who he says he is and permits the party to continue on to the hall of the king.

Even in cities in times past, which were more like moderate-sized towns today, people knew each other and questioned strangers. Questioning and confronting strangers is a tactic for keeping the community safe. In a world of dangerous strangers, every home and business is a fortress, and every trip outside is an armed patrol. Modern urban society has come to prize urban anonymity, often not for good reasons. It allows privacy and solitude even in a crowd but also leads to fear and isolation.

We can see that questioning and confronting strangers was a valuable method of dealing with the threat posed by young black men. In a small town pre-civil rights- usually in the South, but also in the North- everybody knew everybody, their job and business. If you see a young black man downtown at midnight, and you know he is the night janitor at the department store on his way to work, everything is fine. If you don’t know who he is, you might ask him. In a large city, this wouldn’t work. Black people were simply not welcome in areas they had no plausible business being, that is white residential neighborhoods not affluent enough to use black servants, and more affluent commercial areas, unless they were working there. The civil rights propaganda of blacks as innocent victims of lower-class whites is a wicked myth. Norman Podhoretz wrote an article about blacks preying on Italians and Jews in New York in the 30’s and 40’s when he was a child. An Italian or Jewish tough guy would not be happy to see a black in his neighborhood, might reasonably conclude he was there to harm the weaker members of his group, and make it clear he was not welcome.

I could interject here that this is wrong, stereotyping, profiling, cruel and humiliating, but I won’t. We have been beaten over the heads with that for decades. It’s a matter of safety and order.

Of course blacks didn’t like it. As they started to gain political power in the 60’s, they decided they could push back against confrontation by the police- not just social control, but the actual enforcement of criminal law. Paul Kersey has been talking a lot about the Detroit riots of 1967, started when police closed down an unlicensed bar. That’s not exactly racist oppression, is it? Everybody knows you have to have a license to sell liquor. Plenty of black people even object to the licensed sale of alcohol in their neighborhoods- more so now that the stores are owned by foreigners, than in the old days when they were owned by blacks. But it’s the principle of the thing. If you make somebody afraid to confront you, police or civilian, they won’t confront you. The 1965 Watts riots started with a drunk driving arrest.

This is not unique to blacks. I have read of how Moslem immigrants, in places as varied as Sweden and Australia, have done the same thing. A Moslem immigrant is stopped by the police. He quickly makes a call with his cell phone, and a large crowd of angry relatives quickly surrounds the police officers. Now, even if you are a dedicated and conscientious officer- not many, in my estimation- you are going to think twice about stopping a Moslem.

Blacks and their allies quickly established that it was racist for whites, even police officers, to question or confront blacks. Since social control couldn’t extend to the streets, it ended at the front door. People locked themselves up tightly. In “Welcome Back Kotter”, a 70’s sitcom about an idealistic teacher at a New York high school, a visual gag was that a long row of locks on the door of his apartment. New York has been reclaimed somewhat- it’s a special case– but the rest of the country is still under this rule.

What we have is a simple matter of social control maintained by intimidation, only it’s blacks intimidating whites, rather than the other way around. Servants and children speak when spoken to. Whites do not question or confront blacks, anywhere, ever. You may if you are a police officer or a supervisor, but only very respectfully and under restricted conditions. This gives black people a lot of freedom and initiative, and that’s the way they like it. Black people hate being questioned. When I was a lieutenant in the Marines, many times blacks would become upset if I questioned them about their activities and whereabouts. And I’m not talking shitbird privates, I’m talking about sergeants and staff sergeants. In the Marines, for God’s sake.

No black person other than his parents give two shits that Trayvon Martin is dead. Black people just don’t value life like that. What they value above all else is the social intimidation factor- maintained, when challenged, by the chimpout.

A rule in retail is that you deal with potential shoplifters by asking them, “Can I help you?” The idea is that they know they are being watched. You aren’t accusing them of anything, or searching them or telling them to leave, you’re just making them aware you know they are there. White people have been conditioned- down to the level of etiquette to never watch or question blacks. The rule in the city is never make eye contact, because like with an aggressive dog they regard it as a challenge. In the ghetto, you don’t need to do that. In a middle-class white area, make eye contact and smile. Not deferentially, or submissively, but with an attitude of social dominance. If the black is looking at something, or just sitting, you can say “Looking for something? Waiting for somebody?” or other appropriate, helpful question for the situation. If he reacts aggressively, you can break off, looking back to discourage a chase response attack, and call 911 when you get around the corner.

If Zimmerman made a tactical error, it was turning his back on Martin. I speculate that Zimmerman spoke to him, got an angry response and turned to walk away. Rather than believing he had won, which he had, this triggered a chase response in him. Martin wouldn’t have consciously experienced it this way- had you asked him, he would have said Zimmerman “disrespected” him by turning his back and walking away. Never turn your back on a potentially aggressive black, for just this reason. It’s racist and disrespectful to face and speak to a black, and racist to remain silent and walk away. Sheesh.

If only a few whites did this, blacks would lose the ability to move unmolested among us like constantly swimming sharks. The political chimpout seems to be losing momentum. But it will all happen again, so let’s be ready for it.

Question and confront. It’s the right thing to do.

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I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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232 Responses to Trayvon Martin and the Chimpout- Question and Confront

  1. Jack says:

    I had 3 black guys walk through my parking garage who didn’t live in my apartment complex. We’ve had car break in so I watched them with a smile on my face like owned them. I kept eye contact the entire time and watched my back for sucker punches (Kept my back to my car). They walked on out without casing any more cars once I started watching them. I wasn’t armed at the time, but I acted like I was.

    Most whites don’t have the confidence to stand there with 3 tall black thugs walking by them because they are not armed and not ready to fight. Whites need to carry guns everywhere and they always need to act like they are armed and ready to fire.

  2. Jack says:

    Chuck’s on his way to being a full fledged progressive. He’s doing it by bits and pieces, but the progression has started. I don’t blame him for it, as it’s really the only way to go if you want social acceptance.

  3. P K van der Byl says:

    Brilliant post, tons of insights there.

    I spent my youth around blacks – once I hit college I got as far away from them as possible and have stayed that way (except for the military, where I found it just as you portrayed) – and what you describe as the black dynamic is spot-on. They get away with casual intimidation of non-whites (I think Asians on average like this even less than whites do, possibly Hispanics too, who have little tolerance for chimping out) but I think the Trayvon case is a watershed for “race relations” in the USA. Obama’s stepping right into it can only help whites in the long run.

    As for me, I’m well armed and have had the honor and privilege of opening fire on a black criminal – that is the only thing guaranteed to stop them.

    As Trayvon found out as well.

    • You opened fire on a black criminal? I bow down before you.

      • P K van der Byl says:

        LOL thanks!

        I was only a teenager and, sadly, I didn’t kill the target (an unsteady hand due to youth and nervousness) but I did open fire when I saw the whites of his eyes; let’s just say he didn’t do any more B&Es for a while.

        Since I was in my own house – and this was the 1980s, before the legal system had gone totally insane – there was no “investigation.” In fact the first cop on the scene, white of course, shook my hand and said with a smile, “Good shootin’, son.”

        I miss that country, it’s gone forever.

    • Wow, outstanding amount of class on display here.

      • Ha ha haaa!!! A negro pretending he has a conception of class!! Too funny!
        Is that what you do when you take a break from all that anal sex you negroes love so well? Ponder and pontificate about ‘class’?
        If so you have an odd idea of what it is, or what it even has to do with Europeans protecting themselves from subhuman nigger criminals.

    • Gwen says:

      I’m glad that it’s gone forever 🙂 sucks, doesn’t it? There’s nothing you can do about it. You are powerless. Womp.

      • no, YOU suck annd youre mentally retarded! :0)

      • Woody says:

        See, there you are wrong. We can, and are, arming ourselves…practising. When your great chimpout comes on our white brothers and sisters we will collectively put you all down like the animals you are. Far overdue.

      • Gwen says:

        You sound like the animal to be completely honest…and if someone approached me while I was minding my own business in a friend’s neighborhood and asked what I was doing there, I would laugh in their face. This seriously must only be common in the south. When my cousins visit us in LA they stay at my aunt’s house in Beverly Hills and sometimes they’ll walk around her neighborhood at night because night walks are amazing, and no one has ever asked them if they were lost or what they were doing in the “wrong” part of town. I mean are we living in the 50s?

        Maybe we just respect personal space here.

  4. mindweapon says:


    One thing if you are going to do this, be ready to fight fast.

    If you just get one thing, get Comhrac Bas by Christopher Clugston. It’s a style of fighting based on the gladiators, and it involves staying on your feet, running to their side and aggressively knocking someone over with a “pop up” push, sort of like a football tackle except you don’t go down with him. Much more likely to work if it’s not anticipated. Basically you push someone when they aren’t expecting it so they fall down or at least go off balance, and if they are just off balance you push again until they hit the ground or hit a wall. And then either do a “fight finisher” like a knee or an elbow, or keep running.

    Also, this approach to defense doesn’t generally lead to corpses, which is a good thing. I imagine it’s not much fun to be George Zimmerman right now.

    • I read “How to Win a Fight” by Lawrence Kane recently and it was pretty grim. Basically, getting into a fight was a great way to get hurt really, really badly hurt. The idea was, avoid if at all possible, and then here’s what to do if you can’t. I’ll look at Fight Fast as well.

      My idea of acknowledging blacks is that you are not overtly challenging them. Of course if you are dealing with a violent, criminal black any kind of interest could lead to an explosive violent response. I think that usually the first move would be verbal aggression- even really violent people need to work themselves up, and this usually starts with some threats and insults. Martin was quite worked up- the chase response had stimulated him to attack, but he still needed to say “You got a problem?” I think this is because evil people need to establish a social relationship with their victims, a moral framework, in which they are righteously punishing the victim or otherwise morally justified in doing what they do. Even evil people are moral. Amazing, isn’t it?

      If you get a hostile response, you can withdraw (looking back, prepared to defend yourself) and call 911. Or, if the black or blacks looks threatening, just call 911 and report suspicious characters. That won’t work in the ghetto, the cops are too busy, but should get a drive by in the suburbs.

      Your point on lethal self-defense is well-taken. Killing another human being, even under the most justified circumstances, is apparently pretty traumatic. The legal consequences are life-destroying. But being a victim of violence is life-destroying also. If Zimmerman hadn’t died, he could easily have been turned into a vegetable. It’s not fun to be George Zimmerman, but he’s in one piece.

      • An unfortunate lesson I learned the hard way = The police do not want to be bothered by black on white crime. I was assaulted by a black woman after she backed into my car, I called the police who took 20 minutes to get there. The officer gave me a 100.00 ticket and kissed the arse of the black woman. That’s why I strongly agree that every white person needs to be armed, and trained to subdue aggressive blacks.

      • Unfortunately that story doesn’t surprise me at all. White people think the police are there to serve justice. The police are as politically correct and por-black as any other part of the government.

  5. Mr. Roach says:

    I think this is a good point on the “why’d he talk to him/chase him/get out of his car” meme. Well, it’s his fucking neighborhood. He knows who belongs there. Martin may have been lost, but when asked if he lives there, he could have said who he was, where he was looking for, etc. The kid has a twitter ID as No Limit Nigga. He’s not a good person. He surely doesn’t want anyone asking what he’s doing and what he’s up to.

    One of the great advantages of CHL is that it frees you to take chances to do ordinary things to protect yourself and your community. I’ve picked up hitchikers who looked stranded next to their cars because I had a gun. The gun freed me to do a good thing. And I’ve asked people who didn’t belong what they were up to, and they didn’t like it, but they definitely seemed to realize I was playing by a different set of rules by the confidence with which I asked. Zimmerman did the same thing, and he did what any normal person would have done as he was getting beat up bad by a fit, young, 6’2″ black man in a hoodie.

    PS I’m so fucking sick of the skittles thing. Is the need to eat and drink now proof of moral exquisiteness? I mean, my God, why not just say, “he had taken a shit earlier that day” as if to show the brotherhood of man.

    • Jack says:

      Guns really make freemen free. It’s not legal to conceal carry in my state but I do it anyways because it gives me the confidence not to fear criminals (It makes me fear the cops, though).

      • Oynk Johnson says:

        Jack, I feel for you. Keep this in mind; I would rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.

      • Bluff Bunny says:

        Open carry is allowed in my state and I can tell you, when I see someone in public with their pistol strapped on, it makes me feel GOOD! I LOVE it. It makes me feel SAFER.
        Of course, the primary reason (here) is for protection against 4-legged animals, not 2- legged ones. This time of year we do have a BEAR problem, and unpredictable as they can be, I prefer them to the violent 2-legged animals.
        The local saying is “Shoot, Shovel and Shut up!” which might be a good saying for 2-legged ones, as well. A DEAD animal cannot ‘testify’ and lie about what really happened. This Zimmerman case is a good example. I can just hear the accusations, squalling and LIES that would be told, had the other person been able to fabricate….. as it is, Zimmerman has eye witnesses that he was not the aggressor.
        Watching the major media coverage, it is quite amusing to watch the usual ‘chimp out’ behavior. The bearing of teeth, flinging their arms about, screeching and jigging around- looked like I had changed the channel to Animal Planet.

      • says:

        Never borrow a nigger saying ever again no matter how cool it sounds. Saying I rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 is so nigger branded you should be censored. Do you say “we be” or “we is?” Don’t talk like a nigger coon my kids may read it.

      • Sarah Goodwich says:

        Guns obviously are NOT an equalizer, since you’re not allowed to use them even if you’re attacked without cause. First Bernie Goetz and now George Zimmerman prove that non-blacks aren’t allowed to defend themselves against black attackers, because everyone who lives around large black populations KNOWS that if you fight one black, you fight ’em ALL. So it’s a Catch-22.

        Here we see the whole 13% black US population rising up and calling for Zimmerman’s head as a “murderer,” even though all he did was defend himself against a sudden vicious attack without cause. But the blacks just twist the facts to blame the real victim. “He FOLLOW Trayvon! He get out of his car! Po-lease say NOT to follow him!”
        So that’s a carte blanche to attack, in their jungle-book, and Zimmerman was just supposed to sit there and take it. It doesn’t MATTER that Zimmerman wasn’t doing anything to legally justify an attack, he offended the wrong political group, and now charges are being trumped up against him just like the Duke University La Crosse team, where Mike Nifong was up for re-election and needed the black vote– and here, the prosecutor was re-elected SIX DAYS after charging Zimmerman with murder.
        It’s the REAL rise of the planet of the apes.
        Zimmerman simply did the wrong thing: when you see a black in your neighborhood, you don’t call the police, you MOVE OUT; justice is a wild goose in America, i.e. only a naive fool pursues it.

    • robinsage1 says:

      Why is it that folks other that Blacks feel this way? It’s because they have a sense of entitlement to lash out against everyone whom is supposedly derailing their plots/schemes to mastermind shortcuts in a quest to demand equality..As a white male, haven’t we given it everything they’ve chimpedout for: Black colleges, channels, magazines, fraternities, free tuition etc.? I’m sure we share the same frustration level. A recent development in Ohio has taken hold, essentially Charter schools are popping up left and right via fed and state grants, and this is redirecting public school funds to a new school instead of reinforcing the existing one..

      • R says:

        The charter schools popped up so white kids could go to the charters, and not have to sit with the wild black and Hispanic kids.

    • Gwen says:

      I am writing this because your post made me cry. I know that I am probably going to be attacked for this, but honestly…who cares, this is the internet. My neighborhood is predominantly black. It’s a relatively nice neighborhood, I have never witnessed a shooting or even heard gunshots and I live in Los Angeles. If a white person was in my neighborhood, I might think, “Hmm…perhaps they’re lost.” but I wouldn’t approach them or question them because it might make them feel pretty damn uncomfortable and/or awkward. I don’t own my neighborhood, it’s not my job to hunt down “bad kids” and shoot them. It isn’t any citizen’s job, in my opinion. You say that Zimmerman did what any normal person would have done as he was “getting beat up by a young black man in a hoodie” (really, what do his clothes have to do with anything?). He approached Martin. He walked up to him. He wasn’t chased down by the kid. Also, who knew someone’s twitter ID gave away whether or not they’re a bad person? I guess I should change mine from “babyeater9000” to…something more pleasant.

      In response to this…whatever the hell this is, article, blog entry…do stupid white people just not exist in your eyes? I mean, I have met some INSANELY idiotic/trailer trash whites. Do most of you live in communities that are overrun with ghetto black people? I guess so, because that’s all you seem to know. You have had horrible experiences with blacks, so I’m assuming that’s why you feel the way that you do.

      I truly feel as if race is just irrelevant. I went to a preschool in Hollywood with asians, hispanics, whites, blacks and I have been raised around people of many different races and cultures and I know how cheesy this sh*t sounds but why can’t we all just get along? I have way too much fracking empathy and compassion for some people who may not seem to deserve it but christ, we are all human beings. We all occupy this planet, why can’t we make our experience on this Earth a positive one? I do respect your opinions and beliefs. If we all saw the world the same way, well life would be pretty damn boring, but I am so tired of the senseless violence and hate. Maybe I’m just a stupid 19 year old girl (who yes, happens to be black) but I just feel as if you have to feel…somewhat empty, having the mindset that you do.

      • Well, Gwen, you sound to me like a fairly reasonable person which means you should be able to appreciate the FACT that your black associates, friends and family do in actual truth, contribute far more than their statistically portion would suggest to the commission of violence and criminal activity…regardless of the ethnicity or race of the victims. You MUST acknowledge this if you want to ever have any validation of your claims, and you also need to persuade your fellow ethnic people to knock off the “oh poor me, you nasty folk enslaved me and I needs reparation” crap to be taken seriously. It really isn’t social science, it’s pretty simple actually.

      • You know, I’ve never had a problem with anybody asking me who I was looking for or where I was going. I certainly wouldn’t ambush them and start bashing their brains out on the sidewalk later just for having asked.I dunno.
        Maybe it’s a cultural thing.

      • Gwen says:

        Really? He bashed his brains out on the sidewalk…yet (most of) Zimmerman’s brains remained intact? Fascinating! Come on now, to the person who said he shot a black kid and felt good about it and all that jazz…can you honestly say that you didn’t approach said kid in a hostile manner? Do you really believe that Zimmerman calmly approached this young black kid? Would you have done it that way, or would you have done it in an accusatory manner? People expect the worst from black kids, it’s so sad but over the years I’ve come to realize how true it is. I have never experienced racism first hand, but I know some really intelligent young black men who are not thugs or violent and have been racially profiled. Why am I even trying to have this discussion? Ugh. I truly am insane. Also, what about white kids who act just as “ghetto” or rowdy as some of the black people you have encountered?

        Sounds like some of you need to take a trip to Oakland, CA.

        In all seriousness, white people do commit vicious crimes. It happens. Obviously you’re all aware of this. I wish that we all just agreed to shun people who commit those acts, why is race relevant? We should distances ourselves from murderers, rapists, and thieves. Not all black people fit into that damn category. I mean not all white men are serial killers. Treating black people as if they are sub-human is going to just continue the cycle of violence and gang culture. You aren’t helping anyone with your close minded beliefs. Oh and obviously all of this isn’t directed towards you rollingwriter.

        Oh and Karl, I don’t associate with criminals. I mean if I meet a decent human being who has happened to have spent some time in jail, I’m not going to dismiss them as soon as I find that out, but I try to stay away from violent maniacs. I also hate that “oh poor me” mentality. I truly believe that we should all be treated as equals and to do so, we ALL need to put the past behind us.

      • Youre not insane, you’re just thick as a fucking brick like the rest of your tribe. Answer me this Jr. Sheboon, what makes this thug in training who only got what he asked for any more important than the elderly white couple who were murdered in a home invasion robbery by criminal negroes that very same weekend but that there was not a peep about in the news because everyone was whining about that Trayvon asshole? The woman was 85 and she was raped by one of those vile subhumans. What did they do to deserve that? This kind of shit happens ALL the time and no one seems to care, but some drug addict, violent housebreaking nigger gets shot while assaulting someone and thats National headline news. You know, I think more people might give a shit about you losers if you had empathy for any one other than your own damn selves.

      • Gwen says:

        Why did I believe that it was possible to have a normal conversation with you inbred freaks (see, I can make generalizations about an entire race of people too)? When did I state that black people were above whites? I mean honestly, are you a meth head? I clearly stated that I believe we should all be treated as equal. If I believe that someone was killed for no good reason, I am going to say so. Do you also defend murderers like Ted Bundy, BTK, and Jeffrey Dahmer? I don’t care what color your skin is, if you kill someone for no good reason, you need to be locked up. Also, you have to be joking about stories of black people being killed getting more coverage than the stories about whites. I mean honestly. If a young black girl and a young white girl went missing at the same time, who do you think would get the most attention? Young white girls are always in the news, do you believe that black kids aren’t getting kidnapped? Actually don’t answer that, you don’t care. We’re all just mindless, wild, idiots. This shit is just insane. I mean you must be mentally retarded, either that or you are trained to block out any bit of what I wrote that made it clear that I do not believe that no race is better than another. I will say it again:

        I BELIEVE THAT WE SHOULD ALL BE TREATED AS EQUALS. WE ARE ALL JUST HUMAN BEINGS. I swear, it’s almost as if all racists were raised together in some underground facility. You’ve probably only seen photos of black people. What a sad existence.

      • This is genuinely funny, a negress trying to talk down to me. I guess you’re one of the more intelligent ones, IQs probably around 90, but still, apparently simple concepts are a little too challenging for you to firmly grasp in your diminutive, primitive brain. If you were capable of following a rational line of thought for more than ten seconds you’d see that you creatures are treated way better than you deserve, yet have the audacity to feel its not good enough. Maybe if you beasts could cool it on the violent criminal activity more of us would be willing to look past your myriad other glaring flaws and maybe give two hangs about any of you. But you assholes can’t, so we don’t!
        Also very typical of you pretentious negroes who come on here ostensibly holding out the proverbial olive branch to quickly chimp out the second you don’t get the reception you fantasized you would and start vomiting up your cultural marxist storybook stereotypes about Whites, thus showing your true colors and what nasty little monkeys you truly are.
        Thank you for reminding me why I have absolutely nothing to do with you vile animals. You are the trash of subhumanity.

      • If everybody was equal Zimmerman would not have been charged. He initially was not, despite pressures from black officers in Sanford. Then his parents got an attorney to start a nationwide, race-based media campaign. If someone is causing you great bodily harm- smashing your head on concrete qualifies- and you cannot escapt- Martin was straddling Zimmerman, “Stand Your Ground” is not even a necessary defense here- you are entitled to use deadly force. Unless blacks throw a shit fit of course, then you go to jail.

      • Gwen says:

        Yes, I made a typo at the end, “I mean you must be mentally retarded, either that or you are trained to block out any bit of what I wrote that made it clear that I do not believe that no race is better than another” that last part should actually read: “I do not believe that any race is better than another” still seems awkward. God my white teachers really screwed me over. (I am joking, chill).

      • Gwen says:

        You really are completely lost. I pity you. Have a fab life.

      • Not coming across aggressive, criminally-inclined blacks will certainly help with that.

      • Man, your blog set up is as confusing as hell. I’m trying to reply to that psucho gwen, but here it is going to you. Well, here it goes….
        It is obvious from the arguments you are attempting to make that it is, in fact YOU who are not in touch with reality. Clearly you get all your information and impressions from the main stream media, and everything the media presents us skewed. For instance Zimmerman is clearly Hispanic, yet because the media called him White initially, recently caving in a bit to coin a new phrase, “White Hispanic”, so we now have tons of crimes where black thugs attack and brutally beat innocent, often elderly White people, while ooking, “Justice for Trayvon”. One of the first things I learned about you people is that most of you think television is real. Yes, ya dumb bitch, I’ve known plenty of negroes. With section ‘8’ and Affirmative Action there is hardly anyone alive who has not been subjected to these monster men. I had to work with these incompetent idiots, and I volunteered at public schools for a while too. I’m very familiar with you scumbags and your ersatz “culture”. One thing that jumps out at me from your post is the references to 20 year old serial killings. Surely you realize that statistically speaking there are far more negro serial killers than white ones, but of course you don’t know that because that fact is not loudly announced on your precious television. Well here, allow me to educate you:
        Negroes are 13% of the American population, yet make up anywhere from 15 to 22 percent of convicted serial killers.
        I realize you generally fail at basic math, but what this means is way more blax are actually serial killers than whites. way more. Google “serial killers in Africa” if you really want to be blown away. Some real sick ass shit.

        Yes, I’ve no doubt you’d love nothing more than for everyone to believe blax and whites are equal, but that simply is not true. Maybe if you underwent a million more years of evolution with natural selection weeding out your many useless fuckups, but, if anything, your racial stock is getting progressively worse as the most pathetic among you is paid by the state to breed.
        White men made the world what it is, medicine, agriculture, architecture, everything. Africans never even invented the fucking wheel and to this day carry everything around on their heads.
        Please shut up. You’re an idiot.

      • Gwen says:

        “No intelligent person should have to waste their time wading through that shit.” Yet you did. Ha. I tried to have an intelligent discussion with you, but you had to resort to name calling. You insult an entire race of people and you expect us to just remain absolutely calm? You’re an idiotic hypocrite. I am done responding now, but thank you for the humorous replies (here comes you’re pathetic 5 paragraph shit storm, go for it…let it all out buddy).

      • Gwen says:

        Okay, black people are responsible for the majority of violent crime, what is your solution to this problem? I am genuinely curious. I can’t wait to hear this, because you seem to be such a scholar. I mean the way that you chose to spell “blacks” is ingenious! You are a force to be reckoned with.

      • Sarah Goodwich says:

        I truly feel as if race is just irrelevant.”
        Statistics say otherwise, and I’ve never seen a white neighborhood with a “no snitching” policy to police.

      • Steve says:

        Fuck you, you baboon-looking magic negro bitch. I’m GLAD Treeboon got his ass plugged by a HISPANIC dude. I’m GLAD he’s dead. You’re glad my country’s dead and I’m “powerless” to revive white prosperity and exploration. You’re glad my kids won’t be going to the moon because we have to put a coon up there who’s not qualified,so I’m glad that little black future rapist/murderer got his fucking coon ass popped. I hope you’re next,you fucking she-chimp,but it probably won’t be a Hispanic guy who does it. It’ll probably be one of those little niglets that you insist on foisting on the rest of us that rapes and murders your foul-smelling ape ass.

        I hope Treeboon is burning in hell, you jig bitch, and I hope you join him shortly.

      • Ha ha. No Steve, this monkey bitch isn’t ‘magic’ in the least.
        The deluded little humangutan spends most of her time trying to bug me on my blog so I can assure you she’s one hundred percent retard just like the rest of them!

  6. You people are fucking punk ass bitches who hide behind a racist web site & guns you hating on blacks when your fucking white priests are fucking your sons & your fucking daughter’s / wives are fucking and sucking the black mans Dick all you racist motherfuckers will be judged on judgement day & I hope God has mercy on yalls souls I dnt give a fuck if you’re white black purple or blue you do the crime you do the time fucking assholes

    • Nice chimpout.
      We’re all very intimidated.

    • Nice chimpout.
      I’m sure everyones very intimidated now.

      • kathytyrrell says:

        Here we go with the ‘ooking-eeking and muh-diking’ – blacks are like the monkeys in the zoo. If any attempt at honesty is made when describing black behavior, they throw poo – in this case the F-bomb – 10 times – allusions to raping white women, blah blah blah. And like the hapless clowns in Plato’s ‘The Cave’, will never know the truth, because their perspective and intelligence are too limited.

    • kathytyrrell says:

      …All I hear is , “OOK EEK EEK OOK OOK”, and of course the compulsory ‘MUH-DIK’ nonsense. Click-Click

    • I thought e e cummings was long dead.

      • Bluff Bunny says:

        This post is a prime example of the IQ of blacks. Their BORING dependence on one or two words/phrases, repeated over and over until they become meaningless, is proof that they are unable to learn anything but the most elemental concepts. No wonder they cannot be considered employable by most companies – therefor relegating them to drug dealing, robbery and other crimes for which they ultimately get put in prison.
        Ironic. Their cousins end up behind bars in zoos, those walking among us end up behind bars in prison. Either way, real humans are protected when they are kept in cages like the vicious beasts they are.
        No matter what, they always blame someone else :The White Man, Slavery or some other feeble excuse for not being able to succeed in a civilized society.
        Just like their wonderful leader….let’s blame it all on Bush!

    • Leroy Jones says:

      Eek eek and ook said the chimp. Shocker, all it could respond with was its dick. Sad and pathetic race.

      • Bluff Bunny says:

        Too bad these creatures don’t spend more time thinking about improving themselves rather than thinking about their sexual activities and how badly they desire to force violent, unwanted sex on others. How sick is that?
        They are more concerned about their genitals than their brains. OOOPS! Do they HAVE brains? After watching a few episodes of ‘Bait Car’ tonight, it appears none of them can speak a sentence without using their limited vocabulary of curses, and after stealing a car and getting caught with drugs on their persons, the best they can do is parrot : “What I do?”????
        Studies have shown that they cannot seem to understand that their immediate, impulsive actions WILL have long term consequences. That is why their first response to any confrontation, is to lash out with fists or weapons – whichever they might have. That is why they are too dangerous to be around.

  7. Fuck you racist scum bag punk ass bitches no one deserves to be killed because of there skin color I pray that you never endure what the black man has to & I hope you never have to bury s loved one because some biggot decided their time was up & you people believe. In God you’re nothing but devil worshipers

    • You’re so worked up you’re not making any sense.
      Treat yourself to a few bananas and settle down, OK?

    • kathytyrrell says:

      You are what I politely call “willfully ignorant”. I have experience more black against white racism than anyone with good intentions should. I went to school and paid alot of money for my education in counseling – no affirmative action or free tuition for me. And you know what I wanted to do? I wanted to be a force for goodness and love for mentally ill people. Do you know what I found? 7 out of 10 of my clients were black, actively using drug addicts, unemployed, violent felons who bragged about using the system to get back their ‘reparations’. All they wanted from me was money or a recommendation for controlled substances. I have been robbed several times while travelling through black hoods to get to my clients. I was surrounded by a group of three black males one day, it was broad daylight near the Temple campus in Philly. My adrenaline shot through the roof when I heard them talking about dragging me somewhere. I do not recall what I did, but I went into a hysterical rage and managed to escape unharmed but for one broken fingernail. I work in administration now, and never stop to help blacks.

    • kathytyrrell says:

      Isn’t michelle williams the crazy bitch from the new pink panther party – I saw the video of that lunatic ooking and eeking about ‘pink people’. Good luck with all that/

    • How do you manage to operate a computer from the zoo’s simian exhibit?

    • Fredrick Williston says:

      “I pray that you never have to endure what the black man has to…” I hate to tell you, but everything the black has had to endure, he brought upon himself. You may blame whitey for making blacks slaves, but that is NOT the case. Slaves were bought from Africa. Guess who sold the blacks as slaves – that’s right, other blacks. Let’s look at something that right in front of everyone’s faces – let’s look at countries that are run by blacks. Can you name even ONE that isn’t a third world crap hole and/or torn apart by war? Probably not. The Africans have been taught (and not just by the U.S., I’m sure) how to plant crops, irrigate their crops, so on and so forth. So why can’t they farm? Because they either don’t care or they are just too stupid to realize the importance of self sufficiency. Here in the U.S., there are too many black people that think “dey owd reparashuns and sheeit” because of slavery. NONE of them were slaves, yet all they do is blame whitey when it was their VERY OWN PEOPLE that sold them into slavery. Obviously, we got the bottom of the barrel of the blacks folks because the ones that were captured and sold as slaves were too slow and/or too stupid to avoid capture. Blacks destroy everything, including each other because “dey need respekt and sheeit”. Too many blacks take for granted the easy life they have in the U.S., too. They like to talk proudly of their “homeland” of Africa, yet NONE of them are moving there because they’re nothing but the “punk asses” which you refer to. They couldn’t handle living in a mud hut and eating cow shit cookies, much less could they imagine life without ‘dey sail fome’. Shut up OR go back to da homeland. Enjoy the cookies and dirty water…

  8. CLAR says:

    @ the williams

    why is it that people who comment on criminality and violence are more racist than the ones perpetrating the criminality and violence?

    on topic: my concern is that pushed too far, whites in the US will eventually snap. much like the bullied kid who eventually snaps and shoots up a school, the reaction to such intimidation can be way, way out of proportion after having been withheld so long. i shudder to think what an eventual out of proportion reaction could be to the current trends.

  9. Remo says:

    You know Clar blacks really do not understand what happens when Saxons finally do snap. We (I am assuming you are white please correct me if I am wrong) don’t ‘chimp out’ and throw feces – we exterminate perceived threats. When and if whites finally tire of black aggression it won’t be a casual change in crime reporting but wholesale concentration camp slaughter followed by much rejoicing. For whites it will be like turning on a light switch and the vendetta won’t be easily satiated or quickly quelled. It will be a purge, an elimination, not simply a threat display with monkey shines and a rape or two. Blacks can’t conceive of this but if things keep up the way they are going…

    • John J says:

      Look at the French revolution. Up until the tipping point, the lower classes had been abused in roughly the same way for generations, but once pushed too far, once they collectively perceived the abuse as abuse, heads started to roll. And they laughed about it!

      • shantal2012 says:

        @John J not sure of your point here but the french revolution was an uprising and revolution by proletarians. If there will be a revolution it will be by the oppressed over the oppressor.

    • shantal2012 says:

      @Remo not sure what country you’re from but i assume it’s the U.S. I suggest that if you feel so strongly about supposed “black aggression” in a country priding itself on being a meltingpot you should leave. Might i suggest a country with a history of “wholesale concentration camp slaughter”.

      • Shantal, if you intend to be an actual journalist, you should try to learn about the world and what is going on. The concept of racial differences seems very frightening to you. I would suggest you start by reading “The Bell Curve” by Charles Murray and Richard Herrenstein. Try “Paved With Good Intentions” and “The Color of Crime” by Jared Taylor. These are not fire-breathing political tracts but careful, thoughtful compilations of the statistics of race, intelligence and crime.

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  11. shantal2012 says:

    It is almost comical (almost- it is mostly tragic) reading this blog- as well as your suggested sites. What is evident in your racist- yes, i said it-, trite ramblings is your fear of racialized groups. You hide behind your keyboard and computer screen as you purge your rants into a blog creating this illusion of security and intellect. You seem to me someone who, if not writing about his/her hate of “the black man” , is happily smiling along with his black colleagues/acquaintances as if to epitomize the image of progression- the very image you oppose so emphatically- necessary to keep a job in the real world- not in this fairy tale of “race realism”.
    You are all cowards.
    We all have the right to our opinions and our right to life but it seems no is more entitled to this right than someone who looks and thinks like you. How hypocritical and pathetic of you to cite your right to bear arms and revolutionize against the very existence of a group as deserving of these rights as you- unfortunately- are.
    I wonder where this anger and fear comes from? Ignorance, I would guess, but only you know.
    You justify your irrational fear and hate of people of color through your generalized, caricaturistic, and very limited understanding of other groups.
    I could go on but alas I am exhausted- which is dangerous when it is clear you are relentlessly fueled by your trepidation.

    • We’re talking amongst ourselves here. Who invited the pickininny?
      If we confront you you chimpout, if we discuss you we’re cowards, whatever. What you think is immaterial and irrelivant anyway. Your whole race is clinically retarded.

      • shantal2012 says:

        Very intelligent rebuttal. You should all be so proud. As far as I am concerned this a public domain begging public discussion, so once you post online you are inviting criticism- from both sides- otherwise it is not so much a “discussion” as a discussion is classically defined as the examination of an argument through debate. Nice “chimpout” btw, the theory of evolution states that all people, no matter their ethnicity, evolved from the same family of primate so you are as much capable of such an aggressive response as anyone else- don’t subscribe to the theory of evolution, take yourself as proof.

    • kathytyrrell says:

      Save all that Libtarded babble for the Al and Jesse show. There are truckloads of studies and statistics that back up the actual inferiority of black people. Real people know all about blacks. And real people are tired of feeding and clothing ungrateful, violent animals. It is no one’s fault that blacks are intellectually and socially inferior, black people lack the ability to think in abstract terms, which is why they cannot run their own countries, or profit from the richness of their land – Africa is a cesspool of death and stupidity, but is has the best resources on the planet/

      • shantal2012 says:

        These “statistics” did you find them in Mein Kampf? “Real people”? I suppose I’m just a figment of your imagination, in any case you sound like an incompetent counselor to me. As for this “free tuition” or affirmative action you speak of, if you spent nearly as much time researching these resources and a little less time pouring over your “truck loads” of statistics you would be well informed that I- and I am finishing my degree in journalism *requires a little more schooling=tuition=intelligence,- have had to pay every dollar on my own and have yet to receive this supposed job handout you claim all people of color receive. wouldn’t the latter contradict your oh-so extensive research? How are people of color handed all these jobs and unemployed at the same time? Kindly save your neurotic psychosis for your “real”=fake= self induced delusion “people”.

      • shantal2012 says:

        I will, thank you. I can tell by your response that my “obscure reasoning” went right over your head. Read it over a few times and I will be happy to clarify the confusion. What I will say is judging by the years spent on this blog- this group is productive as well. *sarcasm

    • Fredrick Williston says:

      “You justify your irrational fear and hate of people of color through your generalized, caricaturistic, and very limited understanding of other groups.”
      Generalized? Really? Do you read/watch/listen to the news? Please tell me what percentage of the population (of the U.S.) is made up of blacks. Then do a little more research and tell me what percentage of ALL crimes are committed by blacks. (I WILL NOT give you the answers, you’re going to have to actually do something for yourself – so I don’t want to read some bullshit about how I won’t give you the answers because I don’t know the answers myself – I’ve done MY research). Then, you will explain to me how the individual that wrote this post is “generalizing” ANYTHING when it comes to blacks and crime. If you want an example of an irrational fear, look no further than the mainstream media. They have such a fear of nigger ass kissing liberals that they will incorrectly report news stories, they WON’T report black on white crime, they will blow white on black crimes WAY out of proportion, and when a criminal IS black, they sometimes won’t report the race of the individual (this is, however, more prevalent in Europe than the U.S.). The folks that work in the mainstream media are so scared of losing their jobs that they won’t report the news in a factual manner. Heaven forbid the truth about niggers comes out – if it did, the niggers wouldn’t be getting their handouts from the government, and the liberals would lose voters. The vast majority of niggers rely on the government for their very existence (be it handouts or tax payer support in prison). If they piss the liberals off, the “gibs muh dat” will stop and niggers will actually have to work to survive (the number of blacks I’ve met that actually will work hard I can count on one hand). It seems to me that you more than likely voted for barack obongo, and you probably voted for him because he is black (don’t try to fool yourself or anyone else on this one). If that is the case, then that means that you, too, are a racist – the very thing that you do not like. I justify not my hate, but my absolute MISTRUST of niggers through the very facts that I requested you research. You probably won’t do ANY research, though, because you already KNOW what you’ll find, and you CANNOT accept the facts as they are and/or you just too lazy and/or stupid to do any research. The only kind of reply I expect from you (if any) is a bunch of incoherent angry babbling, but it will be VERY interesting if you can develop a coherent, well written reply that actually challenges this reply. Good luck!!
      p.s. – granted, I came across this post a bit late, but if this issue really is important to you, you’ll check back every so often to set us “racists” straight, won’t you?

    • First of all, by you typing your meaningless and uninformed rant you are doing exactly the same as what you accuse others of, “hiding behind a keyboard”. And fear and hate are not irrational. They are natural instincts developed over thousands of years of evolution to protect one’s self. For people like you, everyone who disagrees with YOUR opinion is either stupid, a red-neck, PWT or racist. Have you ever once looked at the DOJ website to see how bad black crime is? Have you ever looked at the CDC website to see how bad the STD rate among blacks are? No, you have not. Because you fear the truth more than anything else. Have you seen Detroit lately? A City run by blacks, for blacks, and is now insolvent? Of course not. You probably blame the white people for fleeing as a way to escape uber-taxation and searching for a safe environment for which to raise their 2 kids in a 2 parent household. I could go on but alas, you are too stupid to be worth anymore time.

      • truth possum says:

        Evolution will ultimately prove who is the most fit to survive and won’t be the blacks unless we learn how to genetically reprogram them

  12. shantal2012 says:

    I’m certain there are a lot of things you do not understand. Your supposition that I personally “flip out” often, among others, is nonsensical and a testament to your character, as you know nothing about me. Your adamant insistence that your prejudiced reasoning is based in anything resembling fact is profoundly hindering your ability to become a knowledgeable person. Frank discussion is what I was hoping to engage in here, I see now that I really am in the wrong place; this is a forum for people looking to confirm their already asinine beliefs through your mindless submission to the instruction of others. It is clear here that black people are not the ones exercising your paranoid conjecture of “social control” you- and I’m not talking about all people of a certain groups- you are so weak minded and so socially inept that you are completely vulnerable to social dominance.

    • NoMarxismAgain says:

      “Frank discussion is what I was hoping to engage in here” – Oh really? Let’s frankly discuss the facts, then – according to statistics, the majority of U.S. crime (violent, property, etc.) is committed by BLACK PEOPLE. There’s no other way around that, a fact is a fact. Black people have little understanding of personal accountability and every time these issues are discussed, the Leftist response is generally stalled denial (just like what you’re doing) or that the bad behavior of black people is the fault of the “white man”. Ironically, the Left has only made black’s situation worse by the endorsement of welfare/handouts (i.e. Section 8) and the glamorization of criminal culture (through rap music). You’re accusing other people of being “socially inept?”. Social ineptness (or more like insanity) is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – aKa the Leftist/Socialist doctrine. Keep it real, yo!

    • Wow. I can tell by your convoluted sentence structure and obscure reasoning that you must be very intelligent. Too intelligent for me. You win. Negroes are peaceful, productive people. Whites are just jealous so they lie about them.
      Keep keepin’ it real mang!

    • sean says:

      what “prejudiced reasoning”
      i don’t think you even understand the definition of racism?
      racists claim that a race is superior to another
      we are merely admitting “DIFFERENCE” not “SUPERIORITY”
      but i guess when it comes to brainwashed liberal marxists anything they don’t like is bigoted
      it’s ironic when the “Champions of Diversity” get infuriated by anyone with a DIVERSE opinion.

      • shantal2012 says:

        I am not arguing against difference nor do those whose opinions I support on diversity refer to themselves as a “champion” of it. To claim to champion anything would imply that a person has conquered or, in this case, resolved this issue- this is obviously not true. You have hastily taken to your key board without understanding my position. Lastly, when you reduce an entire group of people to mere animals- as the author and many of your peers do when you liken the behaviours of human beings to the behaviours of “apes”- you are implying superiority and not merely acknowledging difference. *When I say I do not argue against differences I am referring to the varieties of people in terms of cultural groups and tastes, ethnic origins, religions etc. measuring the intellect of an entire group based on the color of their skin is not a valid difference (no matter how emphatically you believe it and in spite of “personal experience.” (The “intellectual superiority” of whites over blacks has been researched, tested and proven to be false.)

      • -The word “champion” is commonly used to mean “advocate”.

        -I have specifically stated that the phenomenon of the “chimpout” is not limited to blacks, but is also used by Moslems in Europe and Australia, people who are considered Caucasians. Its appearance would seem to be a combination of an inclination to aggression- which may be genetic or cultural- and a political environment where charges of oppression can easily be levied. Ironically, of course, if there actually was oppression the group engaging in the chimpout would be destroyed, not caved in to.

      • Please understand we don’t have the least problem with debating you. You can see I ban no one, while liberals will not allow me to speak.

      • Fredrick Williston says:

        Sorry, Sean, this one is for shantal2012 (I couldn’t find a way to reply to her about her post on White vs. black intelligence).
        please look at public school statistics (better yet, screw the statistics – look at the actually grades of ALL of the students). Please tell me, who generally gets better grades – blacks or whites? Of course, the answer we all know is “whites”. Now for the explanation:
        more whites look to the future, while most blacks look at the moment, not 10 – 20 years down the road. Niggers are distracted easily (as PROVEN by looking at all the cheap, worthless “bling” that entices them to waste what little money they have) and are VERY well known for disrupting class. Don’t give me the bullshit about “well, the instruction is better for the whites. Whitey has better and more opportunities”. Bullshit – the niggers and Whites are all in the same classroom and taught by the same teachers. And, thanks to the niggers, the majority of the public school system has been “dumbed down” to give the niggers what may seem to be a fighting chance. But it’s NOT a fighting chance, it’s dragging the White kids down (along with the Asians and Hispanics – and a lot of times, the Asians make better grades than the White kids do – because a lot of times the Asians put more effort into studying. You don’t hear Whites complaining because Asians get better grades, and that’s because Whites can accept facts, niggers can’t). Get the hell out of OUR school system AND OUR country. You’re only going to destroy it. Sooner, rather than later, if the jigaboo jaboonery is left unchecked, the U.S. will look like Africa, and you’ll be back to living in mud huts and eating cow shit cookies. The white man has worked hard enough to support you, the nigger, not only in the U.S. but in Africa, too in the form of financial aid of some form or another. Here’s something that will keep you busy for a while (IF you do it, which you probably won’t because you’re lazy and stupid OR you already know the answer and don’t want to accept it): name a country on the Earth that is run by blacks (no whitey involvement) and is NOT a third world shit hole. Good luck!

    • You negroes crack me up when you try to sound intelligent. Its like seeing some buffoon in full clown regalia pretending to be a professor or scientist. If youre trying to impress anyone youre clearly commenting on the wrong blog. Go over to black planet if you want to dazzle half wits with your assumed brilliance.
      They made me read a lot of books by you balck assholes in college, but all you motherfuckers know how to write about is what it is supposedly like to be ‘black’. Clearly youre no more imaginative than you are intelligent.

      • “(The “intellectual superiority” of whites over blacks has been researched, tested and proven to be false.)”
        Care to back that outlandish statement with facts? Its certainly news to me.

      • Sarah Goodwich says:

        ” Go over to black planet if you want to dazzle half wits with your assumed brilliance.”

        Or the White House: Obama has convinced fools that he knows more about oil than the petroleum industry, more about medicine than the AMA, and more about economics than Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mises and Adam Smith combined.
        And then there’s Global Warming, which is claims is caused by humans despite that it would be the same if we didn’t even exist.

        Half-wits now make up the national voter-base.

    • “You don’t KNOW me mang!” I’ve heard that hundreds of times from audacious negroes like you, however I beg to differ, I know YOU, your TYPE all too well, which is why I avoid animals like you religiously and my life is so much better for it. You people are a drain, a black hole, you suck the life out of everyone and everything around you and give nothing back save misery. Its the same throughout the world and history. You ‘people’ just don’t measure up. Sorry.
      Theres your ‘frank discussion about race’. I’m sorry if life sucks for you. I’m sorry you won’t take anything to heart from it, but its just as well since you people have proven time and time again that you have niether the ability nor inclination to change for the better.
      Peace out yo.

    • Leroy Jones says:

      When you wake up in the morning, you’ll still be a lying, primitive, dumb ass colored.

      • shantal2012 says:

        I would respond but I don’t understand the incoherent and daft ramblings of a chimp out. Please keep your irrational, primitive impulses to a minimum and i would love to engage in a dignified conversation- if you’re capable.

  13. I for one am not afraid to post who I am and what I believe, in lieu of any reasonable disclosure from the opposing liberal party.

    I too, know full well the social and psychological damage inflicted on whites who have no choice but to live among blacks.

    Yes, I needn’t have to declare it but we are different. What I will also declare is that we are too different to exist in this melting pot together.

    Over the past 6 decades the trend has been quite certain. Blacks are not welcome among whites, nor among Mexicans, nor among Asians. The major groups have to a larger degree coexisted while blacks have floundered on the skirts of western civilization.

    Mind, this is an observation of the trend. Don’t bring up your superman who has successfully navigated western society and found success in it. Rapping, dropping a ball in a hoop or making a living in some other exotic way is not traditional success in western culture.

    Traditional success in western culture has a prerequisite that you can succeed in an ever-challenging intellectual environment. Societies don’t just require intelligence. They require intelligence and the application of said intelligence within a needed time frame. So there is pressure you see. Pressure exists to succeed for every westerner.

    IQ trends therefore are extremely important. If a black child has an IQ ten or even twenty points lower than a white kid, and the society is geared to that white kid, guess what? That black child is going to know, at least, that he/she is not welcome in that society. Not due to overt racism, which the child may in a state of paranoia or parental teaching declare, but because the glass ceiling in society has made it obvious.

    A black child who is for example able to compete intellectually with white contemporaries will not experience the glass ceiling and so any overt racism smacks of comedy. The black child in this instance has confidence, in what it already knows it can do. Whereas the low function black child has rooted paranoia in what it already knows it cannot do.

    Research well the points above and the historical evidence we have of children going wayward when faced with a depressing situation that is so personal and so impassable that it manifests into violent paranoia.

    This, my friends, is what the black children of this country go through. They see us in our success, in our rewards and fathom the only possible explanation given to them by their low function parents. That is, the society they exist in hates them for who they are.

    Government has already known this for a long time. Hence why government declared affirmative action and to this day, forces employers into racial quotas despite the obvious limits of their token blacks. Also, look to the Harvard law review overhaul of the 70s to see how certain magic negros were made a possibility.

    All things considered, I know of black Americans who are intellectually a match for just about any white American out there. I have an IQ of 132 myself. To sit and speak with a person who has an IQ of 85? It’s not possible. Not honest discussion. So someone please explain to me what good it does this person with an IQ of 85 to try and befriend me or compete with me for the same advancing tech job?

    We aren’t being fair to them nor ourselves. It’s time to consider alternatives. AMICABLE alternatives.

    • NoMarxismAgain says:

      The Socialists in charge aren’t willing to accept any kind of “amicable” alternative. The best prospect is that states are given leverage in passing laws that give independence and identity back to those who haven’t transgressed the land.

      Arizona recently passed a “CCW-no permit” law, which undoubtedly scared many Negroes. One does not hear anything from ‘black advocacy” groups about combating black larceny crime because under the surface, they support it. Blacks think other races owe them “reparations” and stealing from or mugging someone, in their twisted minds, counts as getting back “a reparation”. So when a law-abiding citizen has enhanced gun-owner rights to protect their family and domain, blacks essentially see a sign that says, “Sorry, Bojangles, no mugging opportunities here at this time”.

      Affirmative action/reverse discrimination has not only enabled unqualified Negroes into professional employment positions, but there’s also been a degree of nepotism as the entitlement Negroes are also in the position to recruit their unqualified friends, children, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. When they loaf out on the job, employers are too fearful to fire them due to the possibility they’ll play the “ghetto lottery” and file a frivolous lawsuit. Ending affirmative action is probably just as impossible as serious tort reform – the overall ‘gist’ is that we’re supposed to just live our lives and feel “white guilt.”

      In some degree, the recession has been a blessing in disguise. Many states are insolvent, and at some point welfare services and public paychecks will have to be cut back (if that hasn’t already happened), which would remedy part of the problem. The “foreclosure” crisis exposed a great multitude of stupidity as we’ve seen many people – including a great deal of Negroes – spend money that they don’t have (part of the “society owes me” entitlement obsession).

      • I’m not so sure it depends on the economy collapsing. I sense now that things have reached a boiling point. The internet has helped this along. Story after story show the brutal attacks of feral ‘youths’ that the MSM has covered up for decades.

        As this becomes common sense for everyone, not just those stuck in ghettos, the call for self defense rights and gun ownership will soar. This will put all liberals in a precarious situation. Stand by gun rights or get out of the way. Simple as that. People are waking up to the disconnected, two-faced liberal who enjoys safety behind a gate and armed security while denying the same personal necessities to those who cannot afford the gated community.

        We’ll know more after the Zimmerman trial. Chances are we’re in for a hot summer and a lot more dead hoodies.

    • That is unfortunate, given my IQ exceed 132, and I’m not-white. I would lower my standards to try to understand you, but the ignorance is so overpowering I am forced to flee for my life.

      Cheers, I hope you find enlightement and shed the ignorance soon.

      • The mean black IQ is 85. So you are simply comparable to a white person with an IQ of 147. You are obviously intelligent enough to understand the truth of all this. Have you taken statistics? Read “The Bell Curve” by Herrenstein and Murray. Read anything by Jared Taylor. The truth is out there, no reason to be afraid of it.

      • Amuses me how nearly all of you are consumate liars. It is statistically very unlikely your IQ is anywhere near as high as that, and judging by the content of what you wrote I know it not to be true. Also people who do have high IQs don’t go around telling everyone what they are. Certainly anyone can see how tacky it would be to do so.
        There is NOTHING ignorant about racialism. The only people who try to convince everybody it is are deluded college punks who are stiull wet behind the ears and negroes who are likely hoping to quell awareness of their true nature to preserve criminal opportunity.

      • Actually, since the concept of ‘tacky’ is entirely lost to the negro, well, who knows. I don’t suppose thats anymore tacky that going on about ‘how big you dick is’ 24-7.
        I guess a whore isn’t gonna worry about the dramatically increased AIDS risk if you have a 20′ schlong, eh Sambo? :o)

      • An I.Q. of 132 and can’t conjugate a simple verb. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
        You forgot the decimal point, Sambo.

  14. Bluff Bunny says:

    My 87 yr old father was mugged and beaten by 3 ‘black youths’…SAVAGE THUGS, in broad daylight on a public street. Beaten and mugged for the $28 left from his Social Security check, and his jade ring. He never recovered from that mugging. There WERE witnesses, but they too, were black and would not testify against their fellow animals. The MURDERERS were never caught or prosecuted. Where was Al Sharpton and Jessy?
    This quote from Albert Schweitzer needs to be considered… “.A Real Humanitarian Speaks Out
    Albert Schweitzer was a true humanitarian, not a demagogue who simply wanted to ingratiate himself to blacks like so many White politicians nowadays. From 1913 until his death in 1965 Schweitzer practiced as a doctor in the hospital he founded in Africa in the jungle village of Lamarene. His ethic was “reverence for life.” In 1952 he received the Nobel Peace prize. Before it disappears down the liberal memory hole, here is what Schweitzer wrote about blacks shortly before his death:
    “I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all White men who have lived here like I must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the intellectual, mental or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with White men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: WE the superior and they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will destroy all of his work. Let White men from anywhere in the world, who come to Africa remember that you must continually retain that status: you the master and they the inferior like children that you help or teach. Never fraternise with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.”

    Also, Google ‘IQ of nations in the world’ and you will see how different countries score, as far as IQ testing. The African countries are ALL at the bottom of the scale….with Sub Saharan countries at a dismal score of 64. Koko the gorilla has an IQ of 60. We cannot change that.

    Affirmative action, special programs, forced integration and Political Correctness WILL N*E*V*E*R bring these creatures into civilized society. No matter how hard we try. It is just not possible for us to live together peacefully, nor should we be FORCED into that state.

    I, for one, object to the GENOCIDE to which white people are being subjected. I do not want my heritage to be diluted with an inferior genetic pool. I hope to have blond, blue-eyed children allowed to survive, but the continual pressure from bleeding-heart liberals is making that hope die. If you dare question their faulty logic, you will be crucified.

    My hope is that I will live to see the cleansing.


    • I’m very sorry to hear about your father, my condolences.

      • Bluff Bunny says:

        Thank you for your sympathy. Every time I look at one of them, I wonder if THEY have attacked white people, too.
        Most people will not initiate a ‘conversation’ about the black issue, but if the subject comes up MOST of them do not like being forced to accept all the trappings that go with diversity and multi-culturism
        I can’t understand why- if they hate us so much – they want us to be FORCED to live with them, work with them, send our kids to school with them, marry them, etc.
        I believe the old truism “Birds of a feather, flock together”, and prefer to be among my own kind.
        If that offends them, so be it.

    • Wow. Sad post. But really to the point. Sorry about your dad.
      Actually I remember Koko’s IQ was closer to 90, actually more intelligent than many negroes.

      • Bluff Bunny says:

        Thank you for your mention of my Dad. Unfortunately, that incident has colored (oops!) my view of blacks ever since. I do not feel comfortable around them.
        As for Koko, he also does not play the ‘race card’ at every opportunity and seems pretty contented!
        The facts and statistics do not lie – most black races fall at the bottom of the IQ charts. Asians are at the top, and yet I don’t hear white people complaining about that. Also, Asian countries are not as ‘diverse’ as the U.S. is today. I wonder if the reason we score some 10 points lower than most Asian countries, is because we are now 25% minorities. Could it be that adding so many blacks and Hispanics to our population lowers the comprehensive IQ scores……

    • Well, of course all those abysmally low test scores bring down the national average, same as considering all hispanics as White for the FBI crime stats significantly raises our figures, otherwise the gap between our figures and those of negroes would be even more glaringly contrasted.
      People always talk about how harmonious Asian countries are and how much lower the crime rates are. “Much like how our countries were before all the blessings of ‘diversity'” I always think to myself.

      • shantal2012 says:

        “Much like how our countries were before all the blessings of ‘diversity’”. I am not sure of what time you refer when you refer to “before the blessings of ‘diversity'”. From your comment I am sure you know no better but Black Americans inhabited america before slavery. In fact “black” and “white” people (i use these terms loosely as it is evident you do not comprehend humanity beyond such terms) held equal economic positions in society during the feudal era.It is as simple as reading a book. Not that this proves that we are worthy of respect, but what this does exemplify is that for this particular group of individuals greed and monetary gain is enough of an incentive to forfeit your humanity. (Not that this means much to you, but please do not speak of morality- as one of your cohorts had- with such conviction when YOU do not have any.

      • still trying to pretend you’re intelligent? Heres all I hear from you:

      • I’d like to think that’s a parody but I fear it may not be.

      • Eh, sure. He’s ‘mocking the genre’. Thats always an easy escape…

  15. Bluff Bunny says:

    Along this issue, have many of you noticed the growing blatant BRAINWASHING on TV these days? It is so obvious it is insulting! Notice how the white man is portrayed as a moron, a stupid loser, a clueless dummy, while some minority tells him what to do? It’s disgusting! One commercial has a black ‘nurse’ telling a white male brain surgeon how to book vacations, another shows A CHIMP showing a white man what kind of cold medicine to buy!
    Every social group MUST include ‘them’ as part of the party, group or gathering….but no one I know or associate wit, has them included , at least where I live. Maybe its different in the big cities? Start noticing and you’ll see what they are doing.

    • Yeah, tons of people have noticed that. I stopped watching TV altogether 7 years ago when I started noticing it even though it was a little more subtle back then. Its gotten worse since the HNIC got elected.
      And no, we never had a cool or bright bruthuh in any of our social groups and we never missed them either.

      • shantal2012 says:

        Yeah TV is evil. The 1:30 black to white ratio is indoctrinating within us a progressive mindset that’s sure to destroy the white man! *sarcasm*

      • Whose talking to you Matoombo? Leave us alone and go roast some beetle grubs or fuck a goat or something.

      • Bluff Bunny says:

        It’s not just that there are too many blacks on TV, it’s because they are NOT PORTRAYED truthfully. Proportionally, they are not shown as drug dealers, pimps or car thieves, but as doctors, scientists or successful business executives.
        We do not see them using their gutter language – but talking like normal human beings (a fallacy)
        They are not shown as droopy-drawered , hoodie-wearing, cap-on-backward thugs, but as normally-dressed, EMPLOYED BUSINESS people. Another fallacy.
        And, they seem to have plenty of money to buy lots of gaudy jewelry and gold plate their teeth- yet constantly complain that WE are never giving them enough FREE benefits. What’s with that?
        When I see them in positions of authority, I always think about “Affirmative Action” and question whether they are really qualified for whatever position they hold. For instance- I would NEVER accept their proficiency as a medical practitioner of any kind! Not as a doctor, dentist, nurse, etc- if I am scheduled to be treated for ANY physical procedure and I see BLACK- I don’t go back.

        I see that some ‘famous’ basketball player has changed his name to “World Peace”….should he be addressed as ‘Mr. World” or “Mr. Peace”???? And that makes me think about changing MY name to “Proud White” , but I am open to other suggestions…..

      • Thats just the powers that be exploiting their gift of mimicry to create the false impression that they are “just like us”.
        Sure, they can imitate our behavior more or less believably when they want to, but they are nothing like us at all. And I’m with you, I would NEVER trust any of them as a doctor or whatever. I’ve read about some of the blunders they have made. Horrific stuff.

    • Jacob says:

      Clear white bluff bunny your full of shit your probably some fat white ugly chicken, or a drug using racist that gets passed around at skin head gatherings. You are a miserable white bitch a dirty white bitch at that that would not bust a grape. A BLACK WOMAN would slap the taste out of your spineless jellyfish behind and i you would do is call the police. Your a red devil bitch go back to europe talking about this your country you haven’t contributed a damn thing you piece of animal shit. You belong in hell bitch were your going to end up you stupid white whore. you probably want some muh dick. You call yoursell bunny i will slap you bitch you’re like a RAT BLUFF RAT thats who you are you pathetic white clear trailer trash lesbian.

  16. Oynk Johnson says:

    For five decades I have been watching these over-induldged and constantly coddled miscreants turn into what the bleeding heart (and stupid) “we are the same” assholes want them to be. For some reason (insanity?) they just can’t accept that these beasts have the IQ of children, the desires of children, the morals of children, and the restraint of children, therefore they must be treated and dealt with as children. Multiple studies have proven this fact beyond the doubt of an intelligent person. I also realize that I will be demonized and castigated for bringing to light evidence that Homo Erectus for some reason progressed beyond apes in that they have the ability to speak, though not very well, and by a fluke of DNA, interbreed with humans. I offer the conjecture that they can interbreed with apes as easily. Will I trust my safety or that of my loved ones to a species with such a low regard for life or lack of morality? Not in this lifetime. Berate me to your hearts desire, but I leave you with this: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, or quacks like a duck, IT’S NOT A FUCKIN DOG. White people are ‘racist’? In my life time I have never seen anyone so quick to scream RAYCISS as this absolute parasite on humanity known as “Africanus Americanus”. Let me ask you whiny sacks of dog-squeeze this, “If you hate white people and your life in America so damn much, why do you not just GET THE FUCK OUT?” Oh, I forgot, you have it FN made here. An earlier poster said that when the Anglo-Saxon finally snaps, the carnage and decimation of the black population will be beyond the belief of your feeble imagination. I talk to older black people and they have told me that they are scared because these young stupids that keep poking the bear are going to get them all killed. Do you want the war? Keep poking the bear. Not all white people are afraid of you.

    • shantal2012 says:

      “Will I trust my safety or that of my loved ones to a species with such a low regard for life or lack of morality?” Very ironic when this is the very question I ask myself. I find it far more ironic that a person who so condescendingly refers to a group of people as having a “low regard” for life and morality, then remarks about instigating the “carnage and decimation” of an entire population. Very high grade of morality you encompass. *sarcasm*

      • Oynk Johnson says:

        Please point out where in my statement I said that white people will instigate anything against anyone. This approaching war is now being and has for years been instigated by blacks. They have been given everything they want and it still is never enough. It’s always,”racism, this, YT be holding the black man down, that.” Everyone is responsible for their actions, whether they take responsibility or Karma forces it on them. No one escapes.

      • Look up “chase response” on this blog and you will see how I explain blacks’ response to being given the most rights and privileges and financial benefits of any group.

      • You clearly have substandard reading comprehension Jemima. May I suggest reading posts two or three times carefully, then thinking about them for a spell before submitting your comments?

      • shantal2012 says:

        Might i suggest you take your own advice. I invite you complete your inquiry and explicitly note in what way i might have misunderstood the comment. then i will be happy to clarify how your substandard analytical abilities have led you to misinterpret my response.

      • Ha haa. Negroes are so entertaining.
        Dangerous as all hell, but still funny never the less.

      • Actually I’m wondering just what the fuck you’re even doing hear at all niggering up the place? Are you trying to prove to us negroes aren’t criminal, murdering scum? Are you trying to tell us you’re all misunderstood and offering us advice on how to get through to you?
        Clearly its nothing as well intentioned (misguided though all that would be) as all that. Clearly you’re only doing what negroes do best, what you all enjoy doing, being assholes and making Whites uncomfortable.
        I think you’re funny though. I think you should hang around. You’ve actually become kind of like our mascott. Like a lawn jocky or something.
        Make yourself at home Sambo!
        (You always do anyway)

  17. GostDaTrey says:

    F yawls, i lie’k me sums of dat tray’von jenkum payz. You eider beez in its or gainst it ha ha no limit spigga

  18. Something Even A Nigger Will Understand says:

    Jingle bells… niggers smell.

  19. budd mann says:

    Anthony Williams you bubble lip punk are you on the down low like the half breed Obama ? Oklahoma just passed open carry law down the primates wont be the only ones armed , cant wait to see their chicken and rims infested brains popped….

  20. I thank you all for your hateful anti-black comments. It makes me proud to be a hard working American living up to the dream Dr. King and my parents left for me.

    Cheers, I hope the ignorance fades eventually and the bigotry and name calling here will eventually be bred out of the American consciousness, or rather underbelly or dingleberry of American society.

    • See the recent John Derbyshire article on VDare. People get more, not less racist as time goes by as they see with their own eyes the reality of what blacks are like. Racism is enlightenment, not ignorance.

    • Hermann? You must mean the statue?
      I really don’t know.
      My IQ is probably under 132.

      • You may do better to ask our genius negro friend.

      • I looked it up, it’s actually of the Hermann monument in New Ulm, Minnesota, not the one in Germany. Hermann was a German leader who led an ambush of Roman invaders in the Battle of the Teutoberg Forest and wiped out three legions. The Romans stayed out of Germany after that.

    • You want to do away with racism and stereotypes? Tell your friends to teach their chillins to act like humans instead of retarded apes and the ‘problem’ will go away.
      We are not holding our collective breath.

    • sin(1/x) cracka says:

      Awwwww, it’s using about 12 of the white mans inventions to tell us we are the stupid ones. He could tell us on the black mans inventions by smearing peanut butter on a rock, but I guess writing and language are white too. You should use some white people’s inventions to look up how MLK plagerised his his doctoral thesis. Tell me how it feels to discover that the best and brightest of your race are phonys and cheats…I’ll never know for myself.

      • sin(1/x) cracka says:

        My intension was to insinuate that in the USA correct writing is considered by many blacks to be a white thing. I did not intend to discredit Chinese with the invention of writing.

  21. Knowledgeispower says:

    Most of you people commenting have to be some of the most ignorant, pathetic uneducated, and scum on this planet! You hide behind your safe little computers like scared school girls commenting like you have balls! I dare the lot of you to go to any busy intersection of a populated city and talk your trash! You would get your ass kicked or killed by not only Blacks, but Whites, Asians, Indians, Hispanics etc. Your President is African American, wake up you idiots! You waste your time with your racial prejudices on a blog instead of making the World a better place! You talk trash about Blacks yet major Corporations like Nestlé rape our natural resources and poison the earth with plastic bottles, killing thousands! Corporations like Monsanto genetically altering your families food, soil, causing Cancer and a host of illness yet your trash talking African Americans? Pick up a book, learn about World problems! White people in the pursuit of money and greed have been the root cause to most of the Worlds problems! You didn’t see Indians trying to own the land, carrying venereal disease, genetically altering mother nature for a profit, and for what? At the rate we are fucking up this World by practices such as fracking, nobody will be able to live on this Earth in the next 100 years….

    • Knowledgeispower says:

      Half you pieces of shit probably lost your crappy little shoe-in, good ole boy jobs to a person of color and don’t have guts to dust yourself off and try again. To be honest, I had to work very hard like many people to realize success and comtinue to reap the benefits of dedication and struggle. I’m one of those people who creat the American toys children play with, maybe the shoes your wearing or the lights inside your home. Sorry they don’t have a label that says designed by an African American. I don’t waste my time bitching about social inequalities. I contribute to my planet in the most sustainable way possible to minimize impact on our Earth! It disgusts me to see comments like these from Adults who waste there life’s work on truly ignorant debates. Hope your
      Children are proud of your contribution to society.

      • Wow. You talk like a real piece of shit yourself asshole boy. If you can’t handle our firm grasp on reality and the lessons of our life experience you are perfectly free to go fuck yourself.
        Have a nice day fuckwit!!

      • typical shitskin says:

        Ooook oook oooook eeeek eeeeek. Gibs me dat. Dat bees racis. Yalls dont no nuffins cuz yalls aint been nowheres. It aktuallie be yalls be da stoop it one. Muh peeples done bees the building dis cuntree and sheyit. YT dints haves muffins if it aint for afferkans. Ooook eeeeek

    • Ummm, correct me if I’m wrong, imbecile, but I think you are hiding behind a computer screen just as much as anybody else here.
      Oh, and brilliant point you make, genius, that none of us would go up to a bunch of those violent, homicidal apes and tell them how violent and homicidal they are, because we’d likely get beat, raped or killed. I guess you won that one. We must be wrong and they must be peaceful creatures. Hahahahahahaaa!
      As for the rest of your idiotic rant, no intelligent person should have to waste their time wading through that shit.
      Have a nice day moron!!!

      • Knowledgeispower says:

        RollingR, you are clearly the “Imbecile.” Your ranting amd name calling is idiotic. It derives from the Latin word Imbecillus which means “weak minded.”

        If your so intelligent, why are you doing truly to help the World you live in? Keep alive the term “Imbecile”? Haha, we’re so proud of you mate, keep up the good fight. You are truly worth your salt!

      • Ha, you’re a real commedian. You accuse me of ‘ranting’, yet I was to the point. Then you accuse me of name calling, yet I recall one of the first things you wrote here was you calling us “pieces of shit”, and ” ignorant, pathetic uneducated, and scum on this planet!” Well, at least we’ve cleared up whose the hypocrite here, and its YOU!
        Hahahahaa! Man, you are truly stupid!
        Have a nice day idiot!!!

    • Stay the fuck in London or Sydney or whatever dumbfuck place your ghetto is located, Sambo. Don’t come to our country.

      • Gwen says:

        Sambo? Really? Are you guys all about 80 years old? I hope so. You’ll be dead soon. I don’t know why anyone from a beautiful place like London or Australia would want to come to a shit place like America anyway. I’m guessing you live in some hick state? Sad. Perhaps if you traveled a bit you’d realize just what a sheltered life you lead. You are all so impressionable. You’re like school girls on the playground. Yes, all blacks have cooties (that’s called sarcasm by the way, too difficult for you to comprehend?) so stay holed up in your log cabin and rot, because there is no place for you people in society. Black people are not going to anywhere, EVER. So why waste your life hating an entire race of people? It’s beyond absurd, and frankly, idiotic. I mean your IQ must be so low…I can’t even fathom how someone so stupid can even function. By your logic, all whites are monstrous, serial killers, and sociopaths.

        I’d take being robbed over being butchered any day.

      • Knowledgeispower says:

        By the way Karl, I was born and raised in the States! I’ve traveled all over the World. Something you shit bags need to do. How can you see a different view if your scared of heights? By the way the World is round! Some people had enough balls to actually leave there home, families and put their life at risk to further educate the masses. If you had any formal education, white people raped and murdered thousands of Indians to acquire this land, which is
        Being thoroughly ravaged by mindless idiots like yourselves. Take note

      • Ha. More of your Cultural Marxist B.S. Is that why negroes rape 100 White women everyday in this country alone?
        Well, these negroes and liberals are undoubtedly firmly plugged into the MSM, as evidenced not only by their prepackaged, fluffy, feelgood ‘political’ views, but how, predictably, the second the media renews it’s Zimmy Tray Tray narrative with new footage (i.e. new Zimmerman interviews), they all feel worked up enough to again assault the forums with their ill thought out garbage. One expects this kind of behavior from negroes since this media feeds their victim mentality, puffs them up on fabricated propaganda and empowers them, and, full of themselves, they take what they see as the moral high ground as an opportunity to attack their enemies, who are, basically, anyone who is rightfully wary of their proven behavior, and flood the articles and blog posts with the crass abuse they are known so well for. I suppose the White liberals are reacting to the same percieved moral stimulus, only I can’t help but wonder what major wires are crossed in their heads that they have obviously become blind to common sense. Assuming we all accept the same scenario for what happened, and theres no reason not to since all the facts that can be checked out have been checked out, what we are left looking at is a clear case of self defense. “Z” had been overpowered and was being violently assaulted by a young negro afflete, hopped up in drugs, who had already stated his intention to kill him. I think anyone who was armed would have squeezed off a shot while having their head repeatedly slammed against the sidewalk by a drug crazed negro. I know I would have.

        The media has been caught tampering with and altering the evidence it has submitted to the public, so this alone should call attention to their unforgivable bias. Apparently all the media drones out there lack the basic sophistication to even suspect when they are being played, or the self respect to resent it when they are.

      • Jacob says:

        Your angry sorry whitey clear person.

  22. Knowledgeispower says:

    Okay there pal. Cheers

    • I see you cracking open another can of ‘Country Club’ malt liquor as you say that. LOL!

      • Jacob says:

        Whitey. i see your pretty intelligent i have to admit your video on black serial killers were interesting however your still a clear person i hope your not one of the ones trying to get a suntan to get some color to your clear self. I like people like you who do not hide their opinions it will futher our cause to wake the black race up and unite i’m working very hard at that, so thank you, however i woud’nt care if all you clear (white people) dropped down and died thats how i feel about you people anyway..Every white person in America should be doing well you have the advantage.but if your not your white trash scum don’t worry honky things are going to change with all the hispanics pouring into the country. you will soon be the minorties and thats what you white devils get good luck on your plight you dirty white clear devil and by the way im a nigger as you would put it.

      • All the black race ever united to do was murder a few unfortunate shopkeepers and demand more welfare. Even the liberals are getting sick of you people.

  23. bluff bunny says:

    I hesitate to even write the word ‘knowledge’ in connection with whomever is mis-using that to submit the perfect example of a ‘CHIMPOUT’. As others have said before me….You need to take your bananas and go home.

    • Knowledgeispower says:

      If you were not aware, we are home! It’s called the United States comprised of many nationalities. I’m sorry that some of you missed the bus to school. I’d love to further entertain your ignorant rant but I dont like debating with fools, I’m not as experienced in foolishness, so I will lose every time. I dont drink liquor and Please come up with a more clever reference than bananas and primates, truly that is getting stale. Quit ‘bluffing’ yourselves and realize your ignorance will get you nowhere in life accept a few jeers from other racist hermits who are scared to probably leave there small pathetic world u call your home.

      • One of the many annoying, and amusing things about the B.S. P.C. movement is the mindless rhetoric. People who are concerned about violent negro crime are ‘ignorant’, ‘out if touch’ and ‘living in the past’. One always hears some high yalla, college edjimicated, pseudo intellectual negro join the chorus of outraged liberals whenever someone betrays any common sense regarding the “race issue”, “I can’t believe anyone still thinks like that in the 21st century!” As if the march of human progress has any effect on negroid savagery. What century it is according to the White man’s calander makes no difference as the vast majority of negroes still behave as though it’s one million B.C. when we had giant Carnosaurs roaming the earth eating people. The D.O.J. and the F.B.I. crime stats plainly show that that negroes are thousands of times more likely to commit violent crimes than any other race, especially violent crimes. Census reports tell us that they are only around 12% of the population, yet these stats tell us they commit nearly 60% of the violent crimes. Given these facts, it is clearly the left wing loonies who are sorely out of touch with reality.
        Please see the Jared Taylor clip from B.E.T. I posted here yesterday

  24. “Gwen” isn’t even smart enough to figure out who I was addressing. Just more proof of the desiccated nigger brain, obviously. I’ve been to exactly 42 countries, I’m a commercial pilot and aeronautical engineer so I am perfectly well equipped to recognize an inane rant from some subhuman with a Thesaurus.

    • Gwen says:

      Clearly you weren’t speaking to me…seeing as I’m not from London or Sydney. Did I ask about your pathetic excuse for a job? My dad could buy you and your family. Who’s the nigger now? You rode on a plane to 42 countries, impressive. Also, why are you even replying to us if we’re subhuman? You guys are so funny hahah I tried to speak to you in a civilized manner but you’re all clearly mentally disturbed.

      • Tell your “dad” (are you actually suggesting you know who your father is?) he missed a spot in my lawn.

      • Gwen says:

        Your father mowed lawns, didn’t he? You need to stop projecting. Actually…maybe you’re the one who never knew your father, so you’re jealous. Is that it? I bet your dad fits all of the black stereotypes…yet he’s white. He beat you and your mother, didn’t he!? I get it now Karl. I get it.

      • If we’re all such worthless white trash why do you come here and argue? Do you think you can shut us up?

      • Gwen says:

        I honestly don’t remember how I ended up here, but I read the comments and I just felt like crying. I genuinely am curious as to why you people feel the way that you do. I just don’t understand it. I don’t believe that you’re all worthless white trash, because I don’t know you. I am making assumptions about you to try to illustrate a point. I don’t believe in censorship, believe and say whatever the hell you want, I’m just trying to understand. Do the successful and intelligent black people in this world not exist to you? I can imagine you watching the news and hearing that a black man shot and killed someone and you all just nod and say, “Well, of course…that’s their nature.” so how did you react when you heard about the shooting in Aurora?

        I don’t generalize, in my eyes we are all just people. We are all capable of doing horrible things. Perhaps you live in a place where black people are just insanely annoying, loud, and out of control…but I grew up exposed to a lot of different people and cultures, so I just see the world differently than you. I suppose we should just agree to disagree.

      • I was raised by liberals, to be a liberal. I was always a libertarian from a young age, but a racial liberal, assuming that treating people equitably and fairly, without regard to race, would produce a tranquil society. The trouble is we have not only treated blacks as equal, but as more than equal for close to 50 years. The response by blacks has not been to live as equal members of a multiracial society but to increase criminal and political aggression against whites. Upper class whites don’t mind this; it doesn’t harm them and in fact helps them maintain political power over lower class whites, who suffer as victims of crime, taxpayers, and losers from affirmative action.

      • Gwen says:

        But what changed your point of view? Was there a particular incident that made you decide, “That’s it! I’ve had enough.”

        “The response by blacks has not been to live as equal members of a multiracial society but to increase criminal and political aggression against whites.”

        Not all blacks are criminals…you know this. You seem like an intelligent person. I truly believe that the black people who continue to do absolutely stupid things are ridiculous. However, black males are often treated unfairly. If a white cop pulled my dad over and assumed that he was some “animal”, he would be making a mistake. A lot of people have preconceived notions about blacks and that isn’t going to solve the problem. A lot of the kids who are in gangs and who commit these crimes are angry and lost. Killing them is not the answer. However, I am an extremely liberal person and I don’t believe that murder is ever the answer to a problem. I just wish that we could all coexist but that will never happen.

        Also, about the Zimmerman issue, if some black guy had done the same thing and shot a white kid, for what I believe to be no reason…I would still feel that he should be sent to prison. If Martin really did smash his head into the pavement, that sucks, but he should not have approached the kid! If a black guy had done that I would be thinking, “Gee, he’s a fucking moron. He should have listened to the police and stayed the hell away from the kid.” Why would you even want to put yourself in that type of situation?

      • Ha ha, So you say your dad is an affirmative action baboon director like Spike Lee? Hohooo! I’m so impressed! I’m impressed with ALL your little monkey fantasies like your perfect SAT score and your admission to Harvard. This is why you spend all day online bothering people, huh?

  25. Bluff Bunny says:

    i am left wondering if, someone who uses a name with ‘Knowledge’ in it is smart enough to understand that this was OUR country before you claim it as your country! As far back as I can remember, your people have been squalling about being ‘taken’ from YOUR country and forcibly brought to MY country. I would happily donate to sending you all back, to YOUR country.
    Unlike you, I do not associate ANOTHER COUNTRY WITH MINE….I am an AMERICAN – not an ‘AFRICAN’ American, and since you think ‘bananas’ are getting stale, would you prefer fried chicken or watermelons?
    And speaking of stale – you people have used and MIS-used the words ‘racist’, ‘bigot’, and ‘disrespectful’ so often they have become meaningless. How about you finding some new scare words to keep the Real People feeling guilty about…..something?
    Better use your – intelligence – and realize that those you call racist hermits VASTLY outnumber your group. Do we call you people a gaggle of gorillas, a MOB of monkeys, a cartload of chimps, or what, without you chimping out?
    Start watching for the bright blue buttons that say ‘RACIST BIGOT’ in yellow, printed on them. That’s so the Real People can identify with each other, proudly.
    Coming soon to YOUR neighborhood!

    • Knowledgeispower says:

      It’s obvious most of you are unhappy and bitter. Maybe you should all organize a shoulder to cry on circle. I’m thinking you lost children need hugs. Maybe I should mail you guys some blue and yellow teddy bears and a DVD copy of American History X.

      • No. I think thats something you assholes need to do at your next new black panthers meeting. As for your idiotic movie suggestions, only morons like you watch that trash. I never go to the movies or watch TV. thats for the brainwashed minions.
        Clearly it is you losers who are on the prowl for hugs judging by the fact it was YOU pricks who crashed our party uninvited. I think all you trayvon supporting scum need to get together and have a soul cleansing circle jerk over his photoshop ligfhtened portait.
        Have fun!!

      • Gwen says:

        Oh so you don’t watch movies? That explains your misery.

      • No. I read literature, write and make art.. Movies are for morons like you. Your addiction to movies and, I’m sure, all manifestations of the MSM explains your overly simplistic, naive world view, and also demonstrates why you are not familiar with certain basic facts.
        Don’t let me keep you from your television! I’m sure some of your FAVORITE shows are on now!!!

      • Gwen says:

        I actually don’t watch television…but you do love to jump to conclusions. Movies are a form of art, but I wouldn’t expect you to be able to comprehend that basic fact. Why are you so angry? You haven’t responded in a calm manner to anything I’ve said. I would expect you to be more…tranquil, seeing as you write and make art. Writing is a stress reliever for me. Maybe you should write more often. Posting on here doesn’t count by the way.

      • Well, I suppose if not having any patience with clueless mediadrones who want to curtail my right to defend my life against criminal scumbags defines me as ‘angry’ in your little cookie cutter world view, than I guess I’m furious with rage. I have to laugh at your abysmal negriod ignorance in that you actually consider Hollywood cinema to be anything worthy of the name “art”. These films are made by giant multimillion dollar corporations based on tried and proven formula and to show a profit. Art and creativity doesn’t even enter the equation. Naturally since the same people that own the movie studios own the politicians they use cinema to disseminate their political propaganda as well. Of course I realise that’s all a little much for a little colored girl such as yourself to wrap your head around, but hey, welcome to the big city kiddo!
        ha ha haa! :0)

      • Gwen says:

        Well my father is in the film industry…so trust that I know more about it than you. I’m guessing you’ve never heard of independent films. You really do live underground. Hollywood cinema hahaha priceless.

      • Gwen says:

        Oh and here, this is just for you:

  26. Gwen, you just don’t get it. The reason so many of us lifelong liberals have lost our empathy for your “people” is because most of the young male members of your tribe have turned into violent thugs. As long as you continue to deny this simple fact, you’re only exacerbating what you perceive as ‘racism’. I happen to like Obama quite a bit and I plan to vote for him in November as I did 4 years ago but he is a RARE exception to the blacks in America. The thuggery is not ‘profiling’ or imagination, it’s simple fact: Check in at on a fairly regular basis and you will discover it is news when some black thug has NOT terrorized or armed-robbed some citizen minding his own business. You want to put an end to profiling and racism? Easy…just get your chillins to behave like Obama instead of some crazed ape…the ‘problem’ will vanish.
    (By the way, you do NOT know what happened between Trayvon and George…and neither do I but I can damn well formulate my own conclusion based on history and typical behavior.)

    • Gwen says:

      You say that you can formulate your own conclusion based on history and typical behavior…but not all black kids are thugs. I don’t associate with the ridiculous kids who wear their pants so low you can see their boxers. I’ve grown up surrounded by civil people of all races. I know a lot of black people who are just as chill and well mannered as Obama haha. That’s why I “don’t get it”, because I’m not around the thugs and hoodlums. You can’t lose empathy for an entire race based on the actions of a bunch of stupid and/or misguided individuals, if everyone did that, all whites would be sociopathic serial killers. I know that, that isn’t true, but your lack of empathy is…startling.

      • It’s simply a matter of statistics and probabilities. I don’t expect you to grasp the mathematical intricacies of “per capita” because they’re above middle school level. You appear to be every bit as disgusted with the types I mentioned as I am so what’s with the ‘holier than thou’ nonsense? Are you really prepared to claim that being suspicious of a young black kid prowling around in a hoodie is unreasonable? If so, you are even more delusional than I originally thought, the odds are far better than 5 to 1 he’s up to some kind of mischief. When your tribal mates riot after Zimmerman is acquitted will you be apologizing for that too?

    • Gwen says:

      Also…the first thing I saw when I went to that website was a photo of a white man who apparently sexually abused a student. Yikes. Why is that such a common problem amongst your race? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a black teacher having sex with a student, of course it must happen, but I’ve yet to see it on the news. Does this mean that all whites are creepy perverts? No. Of course not. Things are not that black and white (pun intended). Come on, how can an Obama supporter have such a narrow view of the world!?

      • It doesn’t make the news because it’s not news. Jesusfuckingchrist, you’re not even smart enough to figure THAT out. And your “not that black and white” comment is NOT a pun.
        I rest my case, you’re a typical “African American” (What the fuck does that even MEAN?)
        illiterate idiot.

      • Gwen says:

        It was a pun haha now you’re just embarrassing yourself…and frankly, you’re trying too hard. Why do you feel the need to insult me? You truly are pathetic. Good day, you cretin.

      • Gwen says:

        Oh and you should love the term “African American” because it doesn’t make any fucking sense.

  27. Jacob says:

    Rollinwriter, you sound like a animal your not human.probably sub-human and i bet you live a miserable exisistence.Your also a coward i can detect this from your posts. I pray that someday you do something stupid and get locked away and let your ander and racism flourish in the prison system then we will see how tough you ar i hope African American people flourishall around so you can die an angry person and then go on to hell where your probably going to end up and your still going to ba around a lot of NIGGERS.

    • Typical liberal. “People who don’t agree with me are losers.” John Stewart does this every night, and it was played out long ago. You can shame people for so long, then it has no effect on them. “I hope you go to prison and get raped by black people.” Blacks rule (the weak and isolated, not the strong and united) in prison because blacks are criminal scum who fill the prisons.

      • Gwen says:

        Why is it so hard to say “some blacks are criminal scum” SOME. That is the only reason why I posted here in the first place, I was trying to understand why you all continue to state that all blacks are criminals when that obviously isn’t true. If more of them are in prison, then fine you could argue that the MAJORITY of them are criminals. However, it’s absurd, and frankly, stupid to suggest that every single member of a race is “scum” and in prison when you know that isn’t true.

        I don’t even know anyone personally who has been to prison…

  28. Jacob says:

    I’m glad you miserable white trash people are upset it keeps you emotonally sick.Black people are making major strives and there is nothing you can do about it hahaha we even have a BLACK PRESIDENT couldn’t stop that either so shut your racists traps up and accept what is going on in this great country of ours and stop brow beating a single race if you don’t like it leave go back to where your ancestors came from oh i forgot you got kicked out of there by the high society whites, because you were white white trash low lifes. Im sorry i forgot.

    • Black people have peaked and receded- see “Peak Negro”. The EBT card is running out soon.

      • Jacob says:

        Honky your something else I wish intergration never happened seperation is what need to come about. I figure your probably a atheist too most of you are because you can’t accept the fact that everything that took place in the Bible did not have nothing to do with you clear people. If we derived from apes as you we think have,where do you come from ? i will tell you out of the ocean some time of SEA CREATURE (spineless jelly fishes) oh thats what you are so please do not ( jellyfish out on me) clear white jellyfish of a devil you. you darn embicle rapist, liar, and nigger hater.

    • “strives”? Well that pretty much exposes your nignorance.

      • Jacob says:

        You Racist clear person how are you i hope note fine you white devil.

      • Jacob says:

        Clear person your a devil disgusting your hair stinks, your full of lust and your stupid too you know what adolph hitler and the third reich thought of you he thought you were scum. hitler seen the might of the BLACKMAN at the 36 olympics JESSE OWENS remember that do you white clear devil your not human i know it your beasts from the ocean or spineless jelly fishes you have to be one day science is going to prove it.I hate you and your people not because what you done to other races no just because i wish you people never existed your arrogant and full of vanity and your homosexuals and lesbians. Your vain enough to think your loved around the world but in reality your hated your money and power will come to an end and hope its violently so go ahead start your race war your going to lose.

    • Gwen says:

      Oh Jacob…please just stop. I know you’re angry but you seem to just be rambling on about nothing. I’m referring to your response about jellyfish…or whatever the hell. Try typing your thoughts out somewhere else before posting here. They’re trying to prove how stupid black people are and you are not helping our cause. I’m sure you’re not completely unintelligent, but you’re making yourself out to be. Calling someone a “honky” just makes you a racist too and…that’s not cool.

      • Jacob says:

        Your right im not going to engage in this nonsense but i can be just as nasty. THX Gwen it was just name calling. I wil stop i don’t have to prove nothing to anyone.

      • Hey GWEN, why don’t you just go away and maybe, I dunno, DIE or something? Don’t you get it? We don’t like protohuman creatures like you. You things seem to have an absolute OBSESSION with going where you just aren’t welcome or wanted.
        So just please just go away you unpleasant sheboon.

  29. cracklins says:

    Jacob, its easy to see that you are nearly retarded. It’s not your fault though, just as its not my fault that i can barely jump 3 inches off the ground. It is just a result of our genetic makeup, our unique racial differences. You did say one thing that i found profoundly insightful, “I wish intergration never happened seperation is what need to come about.” Wonderful Jacob! You were actually using that thing in your head for something other than rape, drug use, killing, etc. You just left out one word…Forced. Its the forced integration that causes so much racial tension. We should all have communities where we are allowed to be self segregated so you don’t half to deal with me and I don’t half to pay taxes to raise your illegitimate children. You can govern yourself much better than YT can and YT will not be parasitized by sub human primates. Those who wish to integrate can and those who choose not to participate can find a place where they can live segregated. Unfortunately there are laws prohibiting such ideas. Jacob, there is one thing I would like to teach you and your liberal chimptard friends. Please send this message to everyone you know, they aren’t smart enough to figure this out on their own. Integration destroys diversity! Try to stink about that for a while then try to figure out why some people want to shove it down our throats so fucking hard. What do they care, why are they so concerned? In conclusion, you are a stinky baboon.

  30. cracklins says:

    Correction, think, not stink. Please feel free to stink about it also. I also left out that you eat termites with a small moist stick.

  31. Reformation says:

    Wow we have a rare thing here, a nigger that wants segregation! PLEASE segregate, thats the issue. But you never hear niggers wanting to be apart from YT, thats because as stupid as he is he does know that without YT he’ll be living in Somalia like existence in no time. YT has all the nice technology, houses, section 8, the list goes on.

    But niggers you just dont get it, soon all this will be over and when you bleed a system dry, it collapses. Then what happens to all your gubiment gibs?

    As someone else said i would happily contribute for you to fuck off back to Africa, i’d even endorse setting aside billions to get you off to a good start. It’d be a 1 off payment as a gesture of good will, so long as you all went and left my country (i dont live in America) and disappeared . Inside 3 months the entire country you’d be given would be torn to shred as idiots try to run the show. It’d be Liberia very quickly, but at least we’d be rid of you!

    I mean why not? You always complain how racist YT is towards you, how horrible we are. If we’re that bad then leave, you can go somewhere else. What conceivable reason could there be for remaining among people like that?

    • Gwen says:

      You guys aren’t very creative…adios.

      • Reformation says:

        But its true though, why do you remain among us when we’re horrible to you? Evil white people that we are. You hear blacks complain about a lot of things, but you never hear them ask for separation, why is that do you think?

        Lets look at South Africa, now its back in black hands. What a delightful country that turned out to be, what did it take 20 years? Its only sinking further and further into the dirt until one day it’ll be like a mad max town. Why is that Gwen, seriously WHY is that? Did the evil white man not do something, did he hold them back, what did the evil white man do to South Africa thats making it fail in black hands?

      • Gwen says:

        Okay I’m going to say one last thing, maybe, my willpower sucks…not all white people are bad. I’ve never been a victim of racism and most of my friends were white growing up because I grew up in Southern California and I’m what they call “white washed”. Also, I’ve never met an openly racist person here. I would go insane if I was surrounded only by black people. How absolutely depressing would that be? I’d go insane if I was surrounded only by white people, asian people, hispanic…etc., I need diversity. Life is so lame without it. When I visit my family in Pennsylvania it’s disturbing how everyone there, for the most part, is either black or white. There are a few asians but that’s about it. It’s weird as hell. That’s why I posted here in the first place. I don’t understand your mindset and I guess I never will. This isn’t about race to me, of course I’m not “colorblind” (that’s just closet racist bs in my opinion) but if anyone is being a racist jacka*s, including black people, I’m going to call them out. I’m one of those stereotypical tree hugging liberals who truly believes that we are all just human beings. Race is not irrelevant but it’s so absurd and frankly, childish, to immediately look down on someone because of their race, sexual orientation, religion, culture, or class. It is 2012 and I’m just ready to move forward. Yes there are some insanely ignorant and annoying black people out there, but there are also some really tacky and unpleasant whites out there too. We all have our faults, and the best we can do is to separate ourselves from those who refuse to change, or to try to help people who are less fortunate than ourselves.

        Rant over.

  32. Jiggy-Boo says:

    Well Gwen it sounds to me like you’ve led a very sheltered life. I hope you will educate yourself about everything you’ve been reading here. WT has had just about enough of the chimp outs your kind are so well known for. I will admit that some blacks lead normal productive lives and truly contribute to society. That is the exception however and not the rule. for every single black “person” who is reasonably intelligent, honest, decent, law abiding and doesn’t expect a handout from someone else there are a hundred other blacks that fit most if not all of the stereotypes your species are so well known for.

  33. AIR MAX 95 says:

    You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to
    be really something which I think I would never understand.
    It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

  34. Sarah Goodwich says:

    Like any competitive territorial animal, blacks are also extremely confrontational and in-your-face to whites, using any opportunity to force a challenge and “draw a line in the sand” with a perpetual chip on their shoulder; and so most whites don’t know how to deal with this, or don’t want to by calling the police, so they are forced to back down, yielding the black victory.
    And if they don’t back down, the black keeps escalating the situation until a fight ensues; and if the black loses, it howls for the support of its fellows– or in the Trayvon Martin case, they attack in revenge, showing no regard for the law but rioting if the white’s not prosecuted.
    Result: no-win situation for whites, ghetto-wasteland for blacks since it’s easier to destroy than to build.

    Blacks do this to expand their territory of social dominance, and this is what Trayvon Martin was doing, giving a message that he could do whatever he pleased, wherever he pleased, and if anyone got in his way they’d face intimidation and assault, or worse.
    If he had injured or killed Zimmerman, Martin would have just disappeared, and that would be the end of it, and we would never hear about this case.
    But likewise, when Zimmerman fought back and killed Martin, millions of blacks across America rise up in a mass chimp-out, and railroad a prosecution via lynch-mob in a clear case of self-defense– just like Mike Nifong did to the Duke University la crosse team because the black mob accused him of allowing rich white boys to rape black women.

    So again it’s a no-win situation for whites, since if they stand on their rights then they get blamed.
    It’s a Catch-22, like the kid in school who doesn’t give up his lunch-money to the bully and so he gets expelled for “fighting.”

    So this just shows that the cards are stacked against non-blacks, i.e. if they live by the law then they’re screwed, since that’s like following boxing-laws in gunfight.

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  36. “Trayvon Martin and the Chimpout- Question and Confront
    | Deconstructing Leftism” was a remarkable blog post and therefore I personally was in fact pretty happy to come across the article.
    Thanks for your time,Rayford

  37. Undercover Brother says:

    Two things I ask of thee; take not favour from me before I die. Remove far from me vanity and falsehood: and give me not wealth or poverty; but appoint me what is needful and sufficient: lest I be filled and become false, and say, Who sees me? or be poor and steal, and swear vainly by the name of God.
    Proverbs 25:7-9

  38. truth possum says:

    Like Huck Finn said”you can’t teach a bigger to argue”

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  40. canada looks good says:


  41. Robert says:

    Amazing article. The social and more sypathetic side of my brain that has been totally brainwashed by a politically correct mass media thinks you are a racist animal. But the logical, thinking side of my brain that knows facts and statistics don’t lie agrees with almost every word you said.

    • Look at it dispassionately, as power relationships between groups.

      • Most people have been conditioned such that they are incapable of seeing the different races in this country as competing populations, rather they believe we are all happily stewing and marinating in a big jolly melting pot of divine diversity.
        That is, they do until soulless, wacist jerks like us come along and sow our satanic seeds of disharmony with our stubborn insistence of pointing out inconvenient “hate facts”!
        Unless everybody believes the magic just wont work!

  42. Brad Read says:

    I think “Gwen” should spend time with the people she is attempting to defend. Spend time with some hood rats and gang-bangers….how long? IDK…a couple of months and see if your hygiene goes south, you feel stupider, you don’t mind stealing (because everyone else does it), or you’ve taken part in hurting someone different from your color simply for that reason. This is a tribal mentality of the blacks that they’ve never lost because it’s in their DNA. This is evolutionary processes that we will not change. Gwen…I know your race has been done wrong but I think it’s probably true or highly probable that the negro race would’ve become extinct without the other races to lend their strengths. Is that it? Do we all have strengths that we should play to like for example the bees? There are certain bees who are suited to certain jobs and this hierarchy is adhered to. I think this is why bees have a productive and organized society. You don’t see the members of a hive trying to fuck each other over—the offending bees would be swiftly dealt with as a threat to the safety and prosperity of the hive as a whole. This is what needs to be done in the USA. The offending parts need to be purged so the society as a whole can survive and thrive.

    • All those bees you are talking about are closely related. They don’t have wasps or hornets living with them in the same hive. We, however, do and THAT is the problem.

  43. allkindspersonbutsickof blacks says:

    I am a white male, do not like black people in general because i’ve personally seen them in their dispicable ways and have been embarrassed for them. I do have a cousin who dates a wonderful black female and I would never hurt or allow her to be hurt. I’m talking about the chimpout cases. It’s getting so bad that I’m feeling when they do that a bullet in the head would be just fine. Seriously i’m losing my sense of caring for their humanity or their feelings. When this happens to an entire nation of white people who have been nicely putting up with the trespassing into what we cherish then the war will be on and I would not like to be a black person then. Then you will see the rage, the resourcefulness, the utter destruction that this intellectually superior race will do to this mostly still primitive race. Chimpouts won’t matter anymore. They will not happen as this race will learn through the only thing they understand…intimidation and power over the weaker. Make no mistake…the black race is substantially weaker and I don’t know what can help them when white, hispanic, asian…etc…have enough of their bullshit and decide to open up on them as they have done to us. Feel very sorry for the future of the black race because it will come down to them or us and the more intelligent races will line up to demolish the less intelligent trying to bully their way throughout history. It’s coming…I already do not have a problem with the n-word and vow that if a black ever hurts anyone I care about I will get a weapon and go to wal-mart and take out a hundred or so then have my day in court and proudly take whatever punishment the court sees fit to name.

    • truth possum says:

      Please do not say or even think such things as go to wall mart and take out blacks first of all it is wrong second of all u will bring the law down on all of us who don’t agree with u the solution is permanent irreversible segregation not violence all people have a right to exist but we all should have the right of association u may be an agent provacatuer trying to get us peaceful separatists thrown in the slammer either that or ranting out of emotion which is a bad thing to do so think before u post because u just put urself on a watch list

    • truth possum says:

      The more I consider what u just posted the more I think ur ur a dumbass u just made all of us that read that accessory before the before the crime if I knew how I would turn ur ass in

    • truth possum says:

      Would someone please turn that idiot over to the authorities before we are all visited by the law for not reporting terrorist threats I’m new to the whole computer thing and don’t know how please do it all of our freedom may depend on it remember u read it also if u don’t wanna get thrown jail with very people we are trying to separate from inform the authorities

  44. OlWhiteBoyee says:

    Damn! This Was One Of The Most Entertaining Threads I Have Read In A Long Time! Anyone Who Posted Here And “Were Offended” Should Develop A Sense Of Humor And Grow A Thicker Skin. And Some Of You Are Real Asshole’s … Black AND White .. Ha! Best Acquire What Is Known As “Situational Awareness” .. And “STAY OUT OF “THE HOOD!” Theirs .. Not Mine. Jesus H. Fuck …

  45. Bond007 says:

    Look. Its easy. Just start findin old black women and start beating their heads in. Leave a message for the niggers who do the same to your white grandmother

    Then get a Jeep, but off the top, mount a rotating machine gun and install your favorite swivel chair next to it.

    Get a driver and go out at night and where you find a bunch of niggers hanging, just drive by, stop, open fire, drop the bunch and go home and crack a beer.

    Job well done

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