George Zimmerman’s Real Crime Against Trayvon Martin; or More Crimethink, Less Crimestop

Blacks are outraged, outraged that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin to defend himself against Martin’s aggravated assault. But had this not occurred, would they be less outraged? Did Zimmerman’s crime, as viewed by blacks, not start before then?

Zimmerman actually became a racist, and committed crimethink*, when he thought Martin might be up to no good. To think ill of any black person, or to suspect they may have any ill intent, is racist, but it is not so much racist as simply unacceptable. Blacks, however, are generous masters. If we will only practice crimestop* and immediately suppress such thoughts, without any action or expression, we will be let be.  

Zimmerman failed this and confronted Martin both indirectly- by calling the police- and directly, by attempting to question him about his identity and activities. Understand this- for blacks and the system, this was in the end the real crime. Shooting Martin was a crime only as it was a consequence of this confrontation.

You will say this is bizarre and can’t possibly be true. The system, however, has many bizarre attributes and rules. The killing of a black person as such is of no matter to the system. Black people kill black people all the time, and not only does the system not care, black people are actively opposed to the most effective efforts to prevent it, which is put black criminals in jail. Even a white person killing a black person, as long as it is in a non-racial context such as a robbery, either as perpetrator or in self-defense, is not a problem. Blacks don’t recognize the right of lethal self-defense but the system does, although it is more restricted in the most liberal jurisdictions.

Black’s fundamental right within the system is to go unchallenged in any matter or any situation, especially by whites but even by blacks. This evolved in the context of the civil rights movement, in which any satisfied demand was immediately met by a new and greater demand. This comes partly from the chase response and partly is just basic gangster behavior you would find among more sophisticated criminals. That explains it from the black standpoint, but what about the system standpoint?

From the standpoint of the system- or BRA, or YKW, or whereever you’re coming from, it’s not really important- the role of blacks is to create chaos. Black aggression creates fear, disruption, and confusion among lower class whites who have to cope with it. The most immediate beneficiaries of controlling black chaos would be blacks themselves. Imagine a world where blacks could go to peaceful, orderly schools dedicated to learning. Where they could live in their neighborhoods free of the fear of black layabouts. Where they could go to work, and white people did not fear them and deal with them passively but they were engaged as workers and human beings. Sounds great, doesn’t it? I don’t hate black people, I hate the system that uses them as a tool to hurt others. A paternalistic white regime could make this happen in a couple years- that’s what most white people thought was happening in the 60’s- but the white regime we have is not paternalistic and not for the benefit of black people, which is why it’s not really BRA.

White people wrapped up in the double-bind of coping with black aggression can’t oppose the system. Waiting until a black person is engaged in a crime to tell him to stop the monkeyshines is too late. We need to develop a culture of confronting black people and holding them accountable. Think about how you react to black people. When you work or deal with one, and you find out he’s not a stupid thug, you probably treat him pretty well, right? Even if you’re a white nationalist. You are relieved that you’re not getting jacked in some way. This is how intimidation works. You’re not getting strong-armed all the time, you’re getting charmed most of the time, and give up what is wanted out of relief. Once in a while, like an abused wife you’ll forget your place and get checked, but not too often. That’s how intermittent reinforcement works. The sword of Damocles works by dangling, not by falling.

But it does fall sometimes, which is why we’re having a massive chimpout over what should not even be a front-page item. Rest assured any self-defense shooting of a black, even in an aremd robbery where he fires shots, will lead to an arrest and a grand jury from now on. Unless we break ourselves out of this response cycle- black aggression, white defense, black chimpout, white retreat. We need to get in the habit of questioning blacks, not avoiding them.

A suggestion is to greet blacks you wouldn’t normally. Or at least make eye contact, nod, and smile. That’s deferential, you say? No, you’re letting them know you are there, are aware of them, and are observing them. And you can’t be accused of racism for being friendly to a black person! Blacks would like you to keep your eyes down and only speak when spoken to, like a servant in the old days. They then have the opportunity of ignoring you or dealing with you with kind condescension, like a lord in the old days. Be the black’s cool white friend, the WN who is kind to good blacks, not the white doofus who feels honored a cool black person is being kind to him and not jacking him up.

More crimething, Less crimestop. Let’s let blacks know that we are keeping an eye on them, they are not keeping an eye on us.

*Crimethink comes from “Nineteen eighty-four” by George Orwell, and is usually rendered “thought crime” or “thoughtcrime” but the actual Newspeak term is “crimethink” which matches with its just as important companion “crimestop”.


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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13 Responses to George Zimmerman’s Real Crime Against Trayvon Martin; or More Crimethink, Less Crimestop

  1. baduin says:

    One must hold in mind that the change (progress, from the point of view of the elite) goes always in waves. There is action, there is reaction: Crime grows, the Law Enforcement grows in response. But the final result is always more power for the elite.

    The natural, but erroneous mode of thought is to extrapolate. More crime now, even more crime in the future. But this is not how society operates; in large part it is a homeostatic mechanism, and disadvantageous trends will be eventually opposed – because they have to be.

    Obama’s election is a fairly good sign of the wave cresting.

    That does not mean that this reaction will be good – but it will come, and it will be used by the elite to increase its power.

    In Eastern Europe there is a proverb: “The Negro has done his work, the Negro can go away.” This is what we are seeing now. Blacks, their criminality etc, have done their work. Now comes their turn under the bus.

    It will take some time, but the reaction is inevitable. And blacks have absolutely nothing to oppose it. Their whole society, leadership and mode of organisation, from the top down, is existing only and exclusively at the mercy of the elite: race hustlers, community organizers, government-employed middle class, human resource clerks, rappers, sportsmen, small time criminals, flash mobs.

    In the Sixties, Blacks had a badly functioning, but real social organisation, with real leadership – ie black pastors etc. Now there is nothing. They have been socially annihilated.

    They are a brain-dead patient, kept alive by the very expensive hospital machinery. The costs are growing, the money is running out.

    In other words, the costs of black criminality are becoming too high for the voters and the society to bear. People are getting tired of it. Blacks had a great capital in the form of the social feeling that they were treated unjustly and that justice requires that they should be repaid. That capital has been spent. The top-down propaganda is still going strong, but it is very different from the real thing, and will gradually lose traction.

    The cost of keeping the apparatus going is becoming too high. But, of course, it will not be turned off. This would be too merciful. The humane tradition is to starve the patient to death.

  2. Tiny Arton says:

    this post. this is what I want you to SPECIFICALLY address: 911 operator said not to follow Trayvon. Zimmerman got his gun, got out of his car, called Trayvon a coon under his breath, and then chased after him. Those are the FACTS. Doing that means he went to pick a fight, with a gun. He legally has no right to do that, that is why we have cops. Doesnt matter what happened after that. Trayvon could have had a gun on him, an ounce of weed, doesnt matter. Once Zimmerman leaves his car with his gun to go after him, all bets are off and Zimmerman is 100% wrong. And the reason its a race issue is because Zimmerman MADE it a race issue. He called him a coon, its on tape, we all heard it. And he chased that coon with his gun. Zimmerman deserves the death penalty. If you fully understand what I am saying is indeed fact, then you cannot in good faith defend Zimmerman, and the only reason you would then defend would be if you were a racist. So choose your words wisely. All of you. Because all of you will potentially be targets by people mad and not taking it anymore.

  3. TR says:

    By the way, the original Facebook pictures WERE the wrong Trayvon, but here are some ACTUAL recent pictures of Trayvon Martin, with his gold teeth. Not the cute little kid the media portrays.

    You can also see on his Facebook, one of his friends saying goodbye, but also mentioning something in passing, that Trayvon was a frequent drug user.

    Hmm, not quite the little 12 year old looking angel we are shown.

    Here is a link to his ACTUAL Facebook, where you can find all these things above:

  4. Tiny Arton says:

    How am I making a threat? Explain where I made a threat? LMAO@ you. Reading is fundamental, moron.

    Those are the FACTS 100%. We heard it OURSELVES. What, are you now disputing what you heard on the 911 call? Are your ears lying to you? See, you racist pricks can make any excuse you want, but its all because you simply dont like black people. YOU are the problem, and always will be the problem. YOU.

  5. Kevin C says:

    Come on, strip all the racial crap away, stop trying to play anonymous philosopher/sociologist on your blog and the fact is the operator told Zimmerman to not follow Trayvon and to let the police know where they could meet him. He didn’t and he took an innocent boy’s life, ruined his own meaningless life and ruined his family’s life for the time being. It’s a lose-lose outcome and when you try to defend or explain it as a rational act you make yourself look like a fool.

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  8. Tiny Arton says:

    It doesnt matter if Trayvon was a gang banger, if he was a thief up to no good or the head of the KKK. When Zimmerman decided to ignore the 911 operator and take his gun and get out of his car and chase the guy, HE BECAME THE AGGRESSOR. He went looking for trouble and found it.

    Zimmerman is 100% guilty no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT.

    • franklovesfl says:

      CHL holders ALWAYS have their gun with them. This time it was in an ankle holster. Thank God he had it, or Martin would have bashed his skull in and no one would know who killed him.

      • I never carry and my feeling is if I thought I was going to a place where I needed a gun, I would seriously reconsider. Zimmerman was very lucky he had it in an ankle holster and not a hip holster, where he would not have been able to get it when he was down with Martin on top of him.

    • Zimmerman said (and there is no particular reason to doubt him) that he was walking back to his car when Martin came up behind him. He kept walking away, got out his phone and Martin punched him. More and more facts are going to come out, and it’s going to look worse and worse for Martin. He attacked a guy who had a gun. Don’t attack strange people, you don’t know what you are dealing with. Attack an old lady, and maybe she has a knife and knows just where to stick it. Attack a little Asian guy, and maybe he’s really good at martial arts.

      Martin was unlucky as well. Most people who carry guns have them in a hip holster. If Zimmerman had, he wouldn’t have been able to get to it. But another commenter says he had it in an ankle holster, so Zimmerman, while getting his head pounded, was able to reach it and shoot Martin in the chest.

      A fight may not end the way you planned, so don’t start one, and if somebody else wants to start one, clear out.

    • Li Ikanma says:

      Three points. (1)The 911 operator said “We don’t need you to do that.” She didn’t tell him not to, and (2) 911 operators and dispatchers usually aren’t police. They can be but usually aren’t. It’s not cost effective to have a highly trained police officer riding a desk. (3) I have listened to that tape repeatedly. With the crap quality he could be saying anything, Some members of the media want it to be a racial slur, so they reported it so.
      I, personally thought he said “It’s f*#&ing cold” Maybe I just thought it was more in context since a minute or so earlier he told the dispatcher “It’s raining” and seeing as how the listed temperature for February 26 in that part of Florida was 63 degrees, it just made more sense to me.

      Zimmerman shot Martin. This is true. What the circumstances were surrounding that shooting and whether or not those circumstances justified that shooting is, in my opinion, a matter for the courts.

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