I Don’t Care About Trayvon Martin

I don’t care about Trayvon Martin. I don’t really give two shits, to tell you the truth. Was his killing just, lawful, or necessary? I don’t know. Is it a horrible tragedy? For some people, certainly.

But the truth is horrible tragedies happen every day, and they pass on, unnoticed and unmourned. The death of Trayvon Martin- a black teenage boy- by George Zimmerman, a Hispanic adult of some Jewish ancestry- is a man bites dog story. Young black men kill non-blacks all the time, and the crew that is working itself into a righteous fury over Trayvon Martin yawns.

In the leftist mind, violence by the “oppressed” is legitimate payback for past offenses and a social signal that “injustice” must be corrected. But more than that it is purification, purification of the evil that is fundamental, as they see it, in non-elite white society.

George Zimmerman didn’t think he or his neighbors should pay for “hundreds of years of slavery!” by getting their stuff stolen by black boys. I don’t either, and I don’t want to be purified.

A further note- some poor slob over at lost a bunch of weight, but still a doughboy Coates’s blog-

“I am frankly stunned, not just by the senseless death of a young man, but by the fact that the moderators of this site are so intolerant of an even slightly innocuous dissent from their prevailing opinion – by merely expressing my opinion that their may be more to this case then meets the eye, not only was my comment deleted the moderator had me BANNED! from the site.   UNBELIEVEABLE.  I just so happen to be a fund raiser for Barack Obama and a liberal democrat who’s voted the party line for 40 years – so yes, ban me from the Atlantic site forever because I have the audacity to advocate for calm, and allowance for all the facts to be revealed.  Ok, you can ban me from the site again now, thank you..”

I don’t read all the comments, so I don’t know exactly what was said. But that’s the way it works with leftists. One day you’re a good Communist, a commisar at the Shoe Quota Production institute. Then all of a sudden you’re the subject of the party meeting, and you’ve been accused of sabotage and espionage. Defending yourself only makes it worse. It’s simply rock-solid proof you are guilty. Better to immediately confess and hope for ten years in the camps, which you might survive.

On a more serious note, I wonder if this person will get a clue. I’m going to guess they are a Hispanic Democrat, likely from the Sanford area or at least central Florida, who has a realistic view of black-on-Hispanic crime and other aspects of race relations in the area. Such a person might believe in all the pro-black and liberal stuff, and regret the shooting, but not want to see a fellow Hispanic run up the flagpole as an example. But leftism works on mass hysteria, and when a sacrifice is required, one must be offered. I hope this person will think about this and realize what they are involved with.


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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66 Responses to I Don’t Care About Trayvon Martin

  1. jgarcia says:

    I think your attitude is very disgraceful. Lots of crimes are committed by all races. You make what is a human tragedy into a left right issue. This is despicable, have some compassion for the family. Have you lost a loved one in your life to illness, accident or a crime? If you have then you will understand the pain his mother and father are going through. Losing a young aspiring student in this senseless way is why so many people are so angered.

    • I’m sure we will learn, that not only was he a student, he was an honor student! And helped old ladies across the street.

      When black people and white liberals can find compassion for non-black victims of blacks, I might find some compassion for his relatives. But I’m not holding my breath. Do you find the attitude about crime among liberals disgraceful?

      • travis says:

        We are all just people. Stop making everything about race. Stop drawing lines in the sand. We are in this country together. Their is no Africa American Hispanic American European American we are all just Americans. Moving on………… RIP MLKJ

      • utaukisses1 says:

        Okay so you’re saying every person that helps a old lady across the street makes them a good person. So say a rapist helps a woman across the streets he’s a good person??

    • Keith says:

      An aspiring student? Keep on believing everything the media says about that boy. The only thing he “aspired” to be is a lazy fuck

    • ron hyatt says:

      the young hopped up thug
      got what he was looking for

  2. Can I Have The News Back? says:

    Thank God. Someone’s on the same page. Can I turn on CNN without having to hear about some kid no one gives a shit about? Please give me the news back. I can’t even guess how many 14 year olds have been killed since Trayvon, but I guess everyone loves a soap opera.

  3. jaimieandlisa says:

    Thanks God, I finally found a site dedicated to not giving a fucking shit about Trayvon Martin. I am not linking to my site but to my FB page because more people will see it and you’re bound to get some traffic, most of it negative but hey, there is no bad press. Fuck Trayvon Martin.

  4. jaimieandlisa says:

    Thank God I finally found a site dedicated to not giving a flying fuck about Trayvon Martin. Every time someone colored gets shot, beat down or arrested they all come pouring out of the projects making demands and always with the thinly veiled threat of ‘ or else we riot if we don’t get our way. ‘

    I’m linking to this site on my FB account.

    • Equality for ALL says:

      Seriously Louis? I clicked on your stupid link and it was a porn website. Take it elsewhere. I’m here for interesting conversation.

  5. Seraph says:

    Thank you. All I needed to read was the first line. Who cares? This was not a fucking bate crime against black people. The fact that Zimmerman was Hispanic and Martin was black makes no difference in the seriousness of the crime. Im sick of seeing it all over Facebook. Im not going political and picking sides but you better believe if some kid attacks me with his Arizona tea and skittles id shoot him with my gun, get out my face.. Talking about it doesn’t change the story. A kid was shot after attacking someone who was following him and he died. The end. Stfu. End rant.

    • Zonnique says:

      Zimmerman attacked Trayvon how does a little 110 pound kid attack a 210 pound man and Zimmerman was following him in a car so don’t you think he would had to get out the car before someone could attack him? If so why would he get it if he wasn’t planning on confronting the boy?

      • Zonnique says:

        Zimmerman attacked Trayvon how does a little 110 pound kid attack a 210 pound man and Zimmerman was following him in a car so don’t you think he would have had to get out the car before someone could attack him? If so why would he get it if he wasn’t planning on confronting the boy?

      • Zonnique says:

        Zimmerman attacked Trayvon how does a little 110 pound kid attack a 210 pound man and Zimmerman was following him in a car so don’t you think he would have had to get out the car before someone could attack him? If so why would he get out if he wasn’t planning on confronting the boy?

      • Equality for ALL says:

        Zonique, I just wanted to make sure that you have the facts. There was only a 36 pound difference between Zimmerman and Trayvon that night (not 100 pounds).
        This is a reputable source for the weight of Trayvon Martin at the time of his death. The information is taken from the medical examiner’s report, listing Trayvon as weighing 158 the night of his death.

        This is a reputable source for the weight of Zimmerman at the time of Martins death as 194.

    • Keith says:

      The real problem is that the media/left/liberals are labeling him as white, not Hispanic. So, this gives blacks another reason to riot and kill white people if he gets acquitted. They’re too stupid to realize the hate they are fueling- we all should be pissed about that and riot ourselves!

  6. Zonnique says:

    Yes I agree that there are crimes committed everyday with Black people killing other races but you have to think of it like this, just because it happens does that mean that we have to let it continue? This Trayvon Martin incident is just one hump we will have to go over until these kind of “incidents” are minimized. I don’t think you are understanding that this is not about a black boy being shot, this is about security in the African American race period. This is about the fact that when people see black they automatically see you differently and if you have a hoodie you are a thief. This is about injustice. If you were just walking down the street and shot don’t you think that your family would want to have the person who shot you arrested? There was no reason for Trayvon Martin to be shot. People were stealing in that neighborhood. Does that automatically make it Black people who were the people stealing? Does that give them the right to shoot every Black person you see ? Does that mean that every Black person becomes a criminal at that point?

  7. I agree with you… I am one of those who r looked down on just cause of my views aswell… I honestly do not care of this case because … well … of by what you said. Also, the fact that there are about 6-7billion people on the planet… and counting… and im pissed by the fact that if just ONE dies… they f-cking flip out. Omg… its just another human being dying… who cares? Do not come at me with that sh-t and that guilt trip sh-t… A human dies… he might be in a better place… move on. There are 7 billion others out there… many of which die every day… go care about the amount of daily deaths in other places than just ONE death of a teenager…

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  9. Jessie says:

    Thank you someone lisents I personly hate that he’s on the news I don care just because he is black but if it was a white person they wouldent even care I hate black people

    • NWA says:

      Well bitch fuck u too u can suck an ass u dont have to like black people but bitch u will hear us and see us everyday of ur fucking life white ppl brought us to america u should have left our asses where we were mfer

      • Better than you says:

        Actually your black kings in africa sold you to people looking for cheap labor… and the only reason you were set free is because your services were no longer required. Black people are takers, all ignorant, they get off on mutilating the English language, they really should be shipped back but they won’t go because REAL Africans don’t want them.

        How come whenever blacks move to a town it goes down hill but then they claim they are “forced” to live in the worst areas? Hmm… victim mentality on top of slovenliness. White people feel bad because of the plight of black people, oblivious to the fact that if the roles were reversed blacks wouldn’t give a crap.

        I’m ecstatic because I get to move out of the ghetto (aka “browntown”) and into a white community. Guess what the difference in crime rates is? Yep– astronomical. Sorry, is that word too big for a darky? IT BE BIG DIF YO!
        Please die nigger scum.

      • Big G says:

        You got dat right, about leaving you there. Then you’d have AIDS and Ebola and be starving to death. Yep, should have left you there.

  10. Jose L. Ortiz Sr. says:

    All Humans are Morons! Let’s blow ourselves up before the “New World Order” Takes place. They want us to kill each other. That is the big plan! Hate is everywhere! We are not invited to their club of Money and Greed. Let us all go to a different place where maybe we can start all over again! If not,Stay to yourselves while you can. Look at the big picture and stop worrying about the small potatoes. We are all but pebbles in the sand. Idiot Humans! Get a Grip,Get A Clue and wake the Fuck up! Sincerely,God!

  11. Prennis Stanley says:

    I wish all the dumb fucks that support Trayvon Martin would shut the hell up. No one gives two fucks and a blowjob about one out of thousands of black kids killed. im black but that dont mean i sympathize for a mother that didn’t even take care of her son. What the fuck makes Trayvon Martin’s case so fucking special? Kids are killed in New York EVERY DAY. But some random kid gets national coverage just because he had a bag of skittles? Give me a fucking break.

    • Equality for ALL says:

      Thank you Prennis. That woman did not care for her son for 14 out of his 17 years, but she was ready to grab whatever publicity and money should could. That’s the real shame.

  12. youngster2012 says:

    I cannot believe some of the ignorant comments I am reading. We all should care. If it were your kid that got shot, would you say the same thing? And as for uncle tom Prennis Stanley, you should be ashame of your stupid self man to make a comment like that. If someone killed your son would you want some one to protest to get the killer arrested? You have no idea what Trayvon’s parents are going through. Now I haven’t heard any comments about the killer George Zinmmerman. I suppose all you racist ignorant pigs care about him, right?

  13. youngster2012 says:

    I tell you, by listening to all these racist comments makes me think that Americans are ignorant, cruel, unintellegent racist. You see what the media has done? Made us all against one another. We know nothing about Trayvon Martin and here we are calling him a thug, a criminal. We have no respect for the dead nor the family. I can see why other countries are laughing at Americans

    • Booooooooorrrrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggggg.

      I’m curirous as to where all the angry black people even found this post. From Facebook maybe? Twitter?



        How old are you? 12?

        Unintelligent, cruel, and ignorant is correct. And why are you assuming everyone who opposes you is an “angry black”?

        Please. Why do people like you even exist?!

      • Typical name-calling response. How would you know my intelligence level? Is the truth cruel? Ignorant of what? Anybody who disagrees with you *has* to be bad and stupid, because you’re so wonderful.

    • REGGIN says:

      I was a not racist who became an open and happy racist when “racist” went from meaning “one who does not tolerate minorities” to “one who does not kiss minority ass at every turn and hate their own white ancestry”

      SELF LOATHING ****WHITE**** people are creating more racism in this country because they hate themselves and want other whites to be the same. I say nigger nigger nigger all the time because of the emotional reaction it gets. NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER. I don’t give one crap about race itself- but you know what? If my dad is killed by a black man I’m told not to hate all blacks for the actions of a couple… yet all blacks hold slavery against whites (none of whom were even alive at that time), so it’s all crap designed to tell you how to feel.

      By the way- when you regurgitate the same things that society wants you to say over and over again (i.e. ignore differences in race under the delusion that we are all the same– we have equal rights and opportunities… no two people are the same), you are only turning your brain OFF. I know ALL the reasons you will say racism is “horrible” and “ignorant” I know them and disagree. I make the choice WILLINGLY based on my experiences.

      The moment it became wrong to be me, it became wrong to be you.

      Because as soon as it becauser

  14. joshua says:

    Fucking kill all niggers!!! I’m sick of seeing niggers Bitching about shit. Fucking stop stealing shit from people and doing drugs, and raping woman. Then maybe you wouldn’t be get throw. Jail and killed dumbasses!!!!!!

    • NWA says:

      There are 1000s more white rapist than blacks. Wasnt jus a white boy who shot up the fucking theatre all bc he was bullied. Really bitch. I have really close caucasian friends have even dated caucasian but ur kind i will knock ur fucking ass out in a heart beat. Go lick ass an calm yo redneck ass down. Maybe if u smelled sum pussy u would calm down. I bet ur parents abused u as a child. I bet a black person whooped ur ass before. Im willing to bet ur dick is little. I bet ur gf or wife was fucked by a hung black man kmsl. Now i see y u upset got back in the pussy an knew it didnt belong to u anymore. Fuck off pussy

  15. joshua says:

    Fuck niggers

  16. David says:

    It looks to me that the Martin case is the latest rally call for whatever side wants to support it and sees things from that point of view,it wil not be the last. As a white male I can agree with many of the statements written here against black people no matter the degree and level of racism and that in many of the pubilc forums is how whites are supposed to be. I imagine if you ask just about anyone about racists the common answer would comeback as the klan or skin heads (whites) not
    black panthers or other groups/cultures. I truly feel that due to events in history white people are doomed to be painted with the racism brush, and even if you give up any honest thoughts and feelings to be politically correct you are a racist. It seems in not being politially correct we are simply just living down to the expectations of how whites are preceived.

  17. aleshia says:

    I bet all you people who don’t care are white. Lol. Really tho I don’t think he did it because he was black I think he did it because Trayvon looked like a thug…but that’s no reason to kill someone PERIOD. no matter what race you are.

    • David says:

      I think that there are many different groups who might not care aside from whites. I think it is just convenient to put that label on whites. Like the endless banter on the Presidential election people might have been tired of it being very covered in the media
      almost constantly when the story was developing. Viewer apathy.

  18. wulfgang klauswryte says:

    I have but only so much compassion to go around and have found it impossible for me to donate any such regard for people outside the the white working class. For the highest law of nature is the preservation of ones own race. And I don’t have a dog in this fight I say arm the black youth and let them go crazy on the Hispanic community and sit back and let the racial cest pool slime eat its self . I urge other white racially conscious folks to take a similar position. This would be great o it caused such an event as to set off the leap forward into social collapse oh how I welcome the day . 14\5
    Wulf klauswryte.

  19. Unimportant says:

    Fuck trayvon!

  20. ashley says:

    THANK YOU !!!! . I though i was the only person that change the channel everytime this case popped up. Its not that I dont have compassion for the family but there are more important things in this worls to worry about . And this society just wants to care about a kid from the hood being shot, while we have kids dyeing of hunger, mothers being raped , global warming ..etc. C’mon people open your eyes . Why just focus on one little thing ?!

  21. Keith says:

    Finally! Someone who has the guts to say what most are AFRIAD to say! Totally agree, first off, and really beside the point, Zimmerman is just as much Hispanic as he is “white” The left just chooses which race to ride with e.g Obama is half white but he’s always regarded as just black. This situation is just another example of this fact. I truly wonder what would have come of this if Trayvon would have ended up killing Zimmerman- I would bet the farm that it would have made Sanford’s local news but no further. So sick of hearing how whites have to basically give up their heritage and pride at the risk of being labeled racist the rest of their lives. Because of the left/liberals we are constantly reminded we’re scum and we owe blacks for things that happened long before most of us were born. I don’t owe them jack shit, and I’ll be damned if someone’s going to tell me I do! Maybe some of these jobless, lazy black boys ought to get a damn job instead of walking around neighborhoods at night in the rain while high on pot! This won’t ever be a concern, because we “owe” them their livelihood, and as long as the left keeps reviving racism, this won’t stop. I used to think this country was a very special place, just can’t deal with the direction it’s heading in, thanks a lot Lefty’s- you’ve begun destroying this country, and who knows if it can ever be fixed.

  22. gg says:

    I honestly don’t give a shit about both sides just tired of people trying to blame it racism its self defence learn the law and educate yourself

  23. Transient Dissenter says:

    Who gives a shit. The media has obsessed over this case all day, every day. We’re sick of being,”spoon fed” the same de/re-constructed garbage over & over. One person killed another with a handgun. It happens hundreds of times per day in the US. How about a positive human interest story. Break the mold, do some investigative reporting on an overfunded charity, look at the scum who stepped down from elected office in disgrace only to make a “triumphant” return after NOT finding a real job and contributing to society. Try to look around at all that can be reported on instead of the SAME LAME Trayvon garbage.

  24. lil jim says:

    Niggers remind us of their hatred for us everyday, They are the ultimate racists period. The fact they blame the white man hundreds of years later after white people died to free them proves the point. Elect a so called black pimp for pres, still not enough to lose the racist accusation, Remember OJ and that fucked up jury? The heat was on to set him free when everyone knew to this day he did it – How many times have you burnt down your own liberty city?? Fuck you African American fucks – sick of your shit!

  25. Althor says:

    I do not rejoice over the death of Trayvon Martin or that of any other human being, but as this post points out, the truth is that similar tragedies take place every day, and neither the media, the civil rights race-baiters, or much anyone else other than those involved and their families, give a crap about it, especially when it is blacks killing blacks, or blacks killing whites.

    Look at all the violence and shooting deaths taking place daily in Chicago, L.A., and elsewhere in the country, and yet the media and the very same people who are now so outraged and incited about the Trayvon Martin shooting, are generally indifferent and apathetic about it because this ongoing carnage doesn’t fit their “oppressed blacks” narrative or their political agenda.

    Yet they seized upon the death of this troubled black teenage punk Gangsta-wanna-be, known to have been using and dealing drugs and selling illegal guns, and have made of this incident a media frenzy and a rallying cry to polarize and racially divide the nation; white-washing (no pun intended) him, and portraying him as an innocent, cuddly, black kid, on his way home, who was “profiled” and set upon by a predatory and “racist” cop-wanna-be “creepy ass white craker” (though George Zimmerman is in fact Hispanic) outn for blood that night.

    It is amazing how in this supposedly “post-racial” America of today – “where so many whites have been so brainwashed with “white guilt” that they voted for Obama, our first black president, even though Obama does not have their best inerest at heart and disdains them as uncouth xenohobic unsophisticates that cling to their guns and Bibles; where racial integration has been promoted to such a “politically correct” extreme, that the majority of TV programming and commercials nowadays, regardless of the roles, portray males as black, females as white, inter-racial marriages as the norm, and it is almost expected of white women that they should preferaby pair-up and mate wth black males, and where being back has become a “Status Symbol” – such washed-up, increasingly irrelevant, civil rights race-mongers, like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and their ilk, would still be playing the “race card” and polarizing the nation along racial divides in order to keep promoting their “eternal black grievance” agenda!

    What is even more shameful is that our media, which is supposed to be our watch dog over government, is so in the tank for the left, and so servile to Obama and the democrat’s agenda, that instead of reporting objectivley on the Trayvon Martin incident, they launched themselves into a campaing of sensationalist racial incitement, stoking the fires of racial tensions, calling for the prosecution of George Zimmerman after the Sanford police had not found sufficient evidence to accuse him of wrong doing, and convicting him in the court of public opinion even before he had been indicted!

    Now that George Zimmerman has been acquitted by the jurors, in spite of his case being politicized by Obama and the Attorney General, and of having the state, the politicians, the prosecutors, and even the judge in the proceedings, stacked against him in order to placate “eternal black grievances”, the response from the black community, as expected, has been one of “rioting ad looting” much as it has been in the past.

    As this post points out, it seems that as with leftists, in the mind of many American blacks violence, rioting, and looting, by the “oppressed” is indeed legitimate payback for past offenses. And so, it seems any pretext will do to riot and loot! Rodney King? Riot & loot! Trayvon Martin? Riot & loot! Shakespeare’s Othello? Riot & loot! Even natural disasters like Katrina! Riot & loot! What else could have been expected!

    Perhaps Walmart will eventually get tired of so much “riot & looting” and go open their stores elsewhere, so that the only busineses thriving in our black communities will be the drug pushers and the pimps! As the old aying goes: “You make your bed; you lie in it”…

  26. Equality for ALL says:

    Youngster, I agree. There is real injustice occurring in the U.S. daily, but the media focuses on this case. No one cares about the mother whose son was ran over by a drunk driver who didn’t even stop. And then she got arrested and convicted, she actually received more time than the drunk driver who fled the scene.

  27. Black on White in Georgia says:

    I am 18 years old, WHITE, from a well disciplined family, and I have never seen such racism at the school I recently graduated from. The black students would literally pick and tease at this poor white teacher who couldn’t calm her class down. It damn near broke my heart when I saw her crying. I had to literally get another teacher help me calm her down… I mean the teachers at that highschool had it horrible… Black highschoolers would call them names and cuss them out. Only reason they never messed with me is because my original family owned the county and the school. Sure they would get all in my face and try me, yet they never threw a punch. They knew that I had literally beat the shit out of some smart ass nigger and would do the same to them. But I never said a f******* word. Because they are all talk, and then when you beat the shit out of them, they get pissy and scared. My general opinion is: The Blacks ask for it, and when they get it they start thinking twice, Abraham Lincoln was nice enough, only for our divided nations to reunite. As for Trayvon Martin, he looks like he would be one of the niggers that would pick and humiliate the teachers at my recent school. IT pisses me off that he is all on the news and when recently a white man was victim to a gang member attack; and he was killed. Ran over. What I want for the niggers to understand: We don’t like you, go swim back to Africa to the people who sold you out. Ugh, for all the blacks in the state of Georgia that are fucking racist: GO FUCK YOURSELVES, do the world a favor and stop producing babies we don’t need anymore excuses for your welfare. For the blacks that are not: It must be really bad to be apart of a race that gives you a really bad name, keep working hard. 🙂

    • Black on White in Georgia says:

      Also, I am currently going to college for Nursing so don’t pull that: “Oh, you are a redneck ass, unintelligent, dumbass, no morals” yadayadayada….enough with that shit

  28. John says:

    I am going to ask this simply… What the fuck happend to the US… like seriously… when did we lose common fucking sense?

  29. James says:

    I simply dont care about Trayvon Martin getting killed. There are many black teens getting killed every single day by other black teens but we dont hear anyhting about it. How many black people use the word nigger on a regular basis? How many rap songs constantly use the word nigger in them?

  30. James says:

    Blacks wont let racism die because they keep it alive through there actions and words.. Al Sharpton and Trayvons parents were just looking to make money from this entire thing. They wanted a fair trial which was heard by a jury which was half white and half black but didnt get the outcome the wanted and cried injustice. So, Al sharpton and company only think a fair trial is the one which the win? Fuck you

  31. James says:

    Dont be a fucking stereotype. Speak like actual human beings, Na Wut Um Sayin, Nigga? Get educated and do yourselves a favor.

  32. WhoGivesAShit says:

    Who gives a shit about anything anymore/

  33. So many educated whites or educated Asians wander into black ghettoes and are viciously harmed, even in daylight. Where is the outrage about that? I am sorry Trayvon died, but no,I honestly do not care specially. And don’t give me all that crap about the history of how blacks suffered. In today’s world that is exactly like claiming that Hitler is persecuting Jews, or Japan is still bombing Pearl Harbor, in the 2010’s. I feel sorry for Sabrina Fulton, but white or asian mothers cry just the same.

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