Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You- Ugandan Refugees!

Poor Latte Island. The truth won’t set you free, and it won’t even make you feel any better. She notes her lack of interest in catching Joseph Kony and the ominous prospect of US military intervention in Uganda. But it’s all for the children. For God’s sake, won’t somebody think of the children? But of course they are. Money quote-

“I read that Uganda has a mineral that’s used in cell phones, and they also have oil. And they have an unlimited amount of adorable, rescued psychotic boy soldiers that need to be resettled in Vermont so they can go to public school and teach hillbillies about the real world. I assume churches of all denominations will help with this, and the Jews will be blamed.”

The Chinese will get the minerals and oil, and we will get the blonde-raping apemen. I share a bit of her bitterness. The people at VDare are on to the refugee racket, and they even see it’s run mainly by mainline Protestant churches, Lutheran, Methodist and Episcopal, and yet they blame all the evils of America on the later Catholic and Jewish immigrants. Nobody who works with the system has clean hands, but until people can see the role of reformist Protestants in creating the monster, they will be misdirected.


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I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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24 Responses to Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You- Ugandan Refugees!

  1. seedofjapheth says:

    The Lutherans are big when it comes to this stuff. I think one of the reasons the protestants are so into this is they spend so much time in Africa feeding them and due to their connections to various African villages they end up lobbying the USA government and setting up areas in America where they can transfer the Africans in those villages to America.

    • Helping Africans is a big part of Christian charities, especially Protestant. There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s best for everybody if they stay there. Being unemployed and on welfare in the first world is not helpful to the Africans.

      • seedofjapheth says:

        I agree there is nothing wrong with giving charities to Africa.

      • Rusty says:

        there is nothing wrong with giving charities to Africa.

        What do you get when you feed a million starving Africans? You get 10 million starving Africans. What do you get when you feed 10 million starving Africans? You get 100 million applying for refugee status to immigrate to every western country because Africa is so bad.

  2. Robert Cheeks says:

    Help me out here. I’m having a difficult time trying to determine if you are 1.) a racist, or 2). the ultimate anti-pc dude on the internet?
    I admire your challenge to the establishment re: race, religion, etc. and it does strike me as truth seeking, then you go and write, “..blonde-raping apemen.”
    I’m going over your earlier blogs from way back but I was wondering if, for a new guy, you could cut to the chase and tell me where, exactly, you’re coming from?

    • “Blonde-raping apemen” is hyperbolic but African refugees are responsible for a lot of crime, including rape, in the US and other countries that take them. A particularly offensive recent case involved a girl in New Hampshire.

      Am I a racist? Well, a racist is about the worst thing a human being can be in America, at least if he is white. Blacks can be as racist as they want. Browns aren’t officially allowed to be racist against blacks, but nobody calls them on it. Yellows can be racist against whites, but not browns or blacks- see Jenny Hyun. Whites can’t be racist against anybody. It’s a hierarchy, you see.

      I and lots of other people have a critical view of blacks, and I think I have good reason to. I was raised by very PC liberals, and was myself a fairly PC libertarian until the empirical evidence convinced me otherwise. The question is not, “Is racism wrong?” The question is, “Is racism true?”

      Plenty of people believe in HBD but profess not to be racists, Robert Lindsay and Mencius Moldbug come to mind. I think that’s disingenious, but essentially everybody believes in HBD, they just won’t say so.

      A good rule of thumb is that if person A is accusing person B of being a racist, person B has probably said something that is factually true but politically untrue or evil. The first thing you need to do, if you are going to be intellectually honest, is examine the statement of person B solely on factual truth. Unfortunately we have a society built around the idea that something may be factually true but not socially or politically convenient. We thus have a society built on numerous lies.

      Dealing honestly with reality is the first step in achieving sanity and social well-being. I think we should try it for a change.

      • formerly no name says:

        But I think everyone here would have supported Walter Williams for President over any major party nominee of the last 50 years.

        And I’m sure Moldbug as well:

      • Indeed NABALT. But enough are for purposes of categorization, which we must do. I take the position that not all Jews are like that, or more specifically the behavior of anti-social Jews is a symptom rather than the cause. You could say in the same way that the anti-social behavior of blacks is also the symptom rather than the cause, as they only do what they do because more powerful people provide them with the opportunity and encourage them. But for me their is an especially sinister aspect to black behavior, see “The Chase Response”.

  3. Robert Cheeks says:

    Well, your honesty is refreshing in these troubled times. The trouble I have is with what I perceive as your inclusiveness e.g. ALL blacks are thus and so. Of course, I know blacks who’ve worked jobs all their lives, paid their taxes, raised their own kids and never collected entitlements of any kind. I read many ‘conservative’ blacks who agree as I do.
    So straighten me out on that. However, your analysis is fascinating and requires an honest appraisal because of the excellent cases you make.
    I hope you don’t mind if I ask you to expand your remarks.
    I’ve put your blog on my f/b and some friends are very interested.
    I’m a student of Voegelin, a John Randolph republican (note the small ‘r.’) Also, I’ve not found any ‘form’ of gummint that works for any period of time outside of a republic.

    • OK, not all blacks are like that. Just as not all women are like that, not all men are like that, and dare I say not all whites are like that.

      But even well-behaved blacks believe in the right of blacks to behave anti-socially. They will defend and protect other blacks under all circumstances. A working, non-law-violating black will not testify against a black who has committed a crime against a white person, and probably not even against a black committing a crime against a black person.

  4. Robert Cheeks says:

    Sorry, I didn’t scroll down far enough and initially missed your last two paragraphs!

    • dondiego says:

      It’s all about logic…
      Your blacks believe the white man (all of them) owe in perpetuity for slavery, or racism or ‘scrimminading etc. -Therefore it is only fitting that all blacks are seen as rapists, murderers.
      Same deal in my country- all taxpayers must cough-up forever for breaking a few eggs (read: stopping slavery and cannibalism) when fixing the islands.
      So all the browns/blacks I co-exist with get to share in the guilt of infanticide, home
      invasion, rape, robbery etc.

    • Rusty says:

      Robert Cheeks,

      Is it OK that whites have their own spaces, their own autonomous territories? Liberalism says that it is good for Asians, Africans, Indians, etc., to have their own spaces, committees, charities, PACs, countries, special legal and social preferences, yet these very same things are denied to whites. Whites who dare even mention the unfairness of this arrangement are somehow evil in the minds of liberals/leftists. Everyone else is allowed to belong to an ethnic group of his choosing if he so desires, yet this freedom of association is forbidden to whites.

  5. Ryu says:

    Well, not all sharks are man eaters. That is a prejudice! Therefore, everyone who discriminates against lions, tigers and bears are racists. They must judge each shark and lion as an individual…

    There are 7 billion people on this planet today. The average man knows 100 people well. Going through each and every individual will take many lifetimes. Thus, a need for shortcuts. You don’t jump in a tank full of great whites. Don’t talk to cops. And around blacks, never relax.

    It comes down to loyalty. A black will almost always back another black, even OJ. The only time whites do this is in prison, with hesitancy. It wasn’t always like this, and any white man alive 100 years ago would be called a neonazi racist today. Your inheritance and group belonging have been stolen from you.

  6. Interesting article. I wish you put up links to respected mainstream press to illustrate your points. Especially about Uganda and boy soldiers, US intervention and them being brought to to the US, I admit I never heard of that one

    In the case of boy soldiers you could probably elaborate further on the fact that these were trained to be fighting, killing and raping machines and probably suffer from all kind of traumas, PTSD etc.

    By the way, did you notice that Brazil officially accepts Haitian refugees while turning away everyone else?

  7. By the way, check out Human-Stupidity, especially the Race and IQsection. Feel free to comment.

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  9. Lonnie says:

    ummmm….Hitlerism…blue eyes, blonde hair.

  10. Rusty says:

    Is White Genocide Real? Whites as powerless minorities in their own countries:

  11. RS says:

    > I take the position that not all Jews are like that, or more specifically the behavior of anti-social Jews is a symptom rather than the cause.

    But you have to admit that these protestants working away at bringing us rapacious apemen are dolts, whose conversation on abstruse questions you would and do roll your eyes at infinitely. Can you deny it? That’s not really an insult to them, just an observation that they are very ordinary people, salt of the earth — whereas the type of academicians you or I would condemn are floridly talented… as, frankly, are you and I. (Cochran being even more hopelessly clever and alert.)

    Is it any wonder that I conclude that the ugandamania of joe blows is like 85% determined by real bricoleurs, whether it be the likes of Moldbug and yourself or the likes of Lewontin? There’s a hierarchy, and people at IQs of 150+ (not to speak of 160) control most of what happens. You or I could hardly overawe Greg Cochran with our profound thoughts, and regular good folks, despite such virtues as they do possess, are even less able to overcome the propaganda they receive that ultimately originates from people fifty-five clicks up the IQ ladder from them. We’re talking about bunnies vs wolverines.

    • RS says:

      > Is it any wonder that I conclude that the ugandamania of joe blows is like 85% determined by real bricoleurs, whether it be the likes of Moldbug and yourself or the likes of Lewontin? There’s a hierarchy, and people at IQs of 150+ (not to speak of 160) control most of what happens

      What I meant was ugandamania or the lack thereof, since of course you and Moldie would of course be pushing a lack thereof.

      > Is it any wonder that I conclude that the ugandamania of joe blows is like 85% determined by real bricoleurs, whether it be the likes of Moldbug and yourself or the likes of Lewontin? There’s a hierarchy, and people at IQs of 150+ (not to speak of 160) control most of what happens

      This is kind of a shorthand which I ought to have expanded — IQ is most important but there are a lot of other talents that go into exerting potent control over a culture. Creativity/psychoticism probably being #2, Conscientiousness probably being #3, and charm and aesthetics #4, but there are more.

    • RS says:

      > dolts, whose conversation on abstruse questions you would and do roll your eyes at infinitely

      As opposed to an intillecshual man’s man — Lewontin, Boas, Diamond among many more — whose text would never induce eye-rolling with a side of compassion, but frustration and anger at the spectacle of formidable horsepower detached from ‘intellectual conscience’. (Or in many cases attached to a compulsive, ‘daemoniac’, and skillfully-concealed ethnocentric conscience.)

      Of course I admit that our opponents include no mean number of dynamos, bricoleurs, geniuses — people with or without true genius who are in any case able to control and be responsible for their own intellects — who are nonJewish Whites. I have never denied this obvious fact.

    • The Protestants don’t have the intellectual power, necessarily, but they have the cultural power, which may be worse. Most people are at least nominal Christians. So if an organization called Lutheran Refugee Services, fronted by nice church ladies, tells them the Christian thing to do is have a few hundred Somalian Moslems move to their small town, they don’t have any basis to which to resist from.

      High IQ Jews tried to sell atheist communism, and people wouldn’t go for it. Elite Protestants decided to sell Christian socialism, with the help of high IQ Jews, and succeeded wildly. Northern Europeans have a highly communal culture that goes back genetically and culturally pre-Christianity, and when you put Christianity on top of it they become completely helpless.

  12. Anon says: also covers this as well, and there are resettlement agencies of pretty much all religions. Helping refugees is lucrative business(90%+ of their funding comes from the taxpayer).

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