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Black Evil, Yellow Hatred, White Rage- Cruelty, Wrath and Judgment

As our leftist Sunday school teacher, Father Ignacio has explained to us, violent rage is the natural product of cruelty and injustice. The resulting violence, possibly at a shocking level, can even be seen as God’s wrath punishing evildoers, and … Continue reading

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Ta-Nehisi Coates is a Gutless Punk

The good people at the Atlantic celebrate the departure of Patrick Buchanan from MSNBC. This isn’t a terribly surprising development; Buchanan has drifted right over the years, going from a middle class, sympathetic to blue-collar issues conservative to someone who … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day! The Moral Elite and the Renorming of Sexual Behavior

The governor of Washington State yesterday signed a gay marriage bill– subject to rejection at referendum- but in spite of that, there is general celebration among the good people. How did it come to this? Isn’t Christian morality the generally … Continue reading

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Gays Are Exactly Like Blacks

I have been meaning to post something about “Degenerate Moderns” by E. Michael Jones, which posits that modern culture exists largely to justify sexual license. But I saw something today that touches on that, because his first example was the … Continue reading

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The Jews Are Behind It! But, Who Is Behind the Jews?

OneSTDV recently asked, are Jews behind vegetarianism? As I have explained, no. It is a product most obviously in our society of 19th century reformist Protestants. He bases his speculation on the Gary Taubes book Why We Get Fat: And What … Continue reading

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The Red Model Crumbled, the Blue Model Is Crumbling; The System Here and There

I read two related things today; via In Bona Fide a long article by a BBC blogger about cultural dissent in late communist Russia. The pivotal figure in this story, Eduard Limonov, spent sometime in New York but ultimately came to … Continue reading

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