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The Model Citizen

Mindweapon and game blogger Roosh both recently mentioned a cultural condition in Scandinavian countries called the Jante Law, a norm by which each person is expected to conform to the group, not make waves, and not try to place or lift himself … Continue reading

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I recently read something- I don’t remember where- about “kayfabe”, a term that may have originated with carnies but has more recently been associated with professional wrestling. Kayfabe refers to the maintenance of the illusion that professional wrestling is real. Everybody knows it’s not, … Continue reading

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Defecation and Civilization

There was an old play called “Steamroom” a version of which played on PBS thirty or more years ago. One line I remember vividly was Bill Bixby saying “I’m really not interested in hearing about your bowel movements!” Decline at … Continue reading

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I Expose A White Supremacist Group!

Did these vile scum think their perfidy would remain hidden? I was reading SPLC Hatewatch- news blog of the Southern Poverty Law Center, linked on the sidebar- go on and on about the evil Leif Parsell, fired for his evil … Continue reading

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Blocking on the Internet

I’m at a hotel in a foreign country, that uses something called “ClarkConnect” as an internet filter. It blocks everything, surprisingly not this but anything remotely race realist. I just tried “Second City Cop”- which is only incidentally race realist, … Continue reading

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