Evolution and the Hard Hand of Nature

H/t to Instapundit, here is an article on a horrible parasitic disease in Africa.

Aren’t the cold and snows of the northern latitudes a hostile environment for man? To an extent, yes. But the tropics have both large predators, such as lions and tigers, and large grazing animals like elephants that won’t eat you but will stomp all over your crops and knock down whatever fence or wall you might put up.

Even worse, microscopic parasites, bacteria and viruses attack the human body mercilessly. The death rate for Europeans in the tropics before modern medicine was astronomical, and even today it’s unhealthy and dangerous.

We have to remember that Africans are simply adapted to a much different environment than Europeans or northern Asians. Their adaptions simply do not transfer to environments outside sub-Saharan Africa, a relatively small and isolated part of the earth.


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4 Responses to Evolution and the Hard Hand of Nature


  2. Jeremy says:

    Cuckoldry, in the ordinary vernacular, of whites by blacks is about as much of a problem as is cuckoldry of a male with blue eyes, mated to a female with blue eyes, by a male who has homozygous dominant brown eyes.

    It just isn’t that much of a problem. The female will get caught when it matters most.

    What is a problem is a generalized form of parasitic castration arising from vertically transmitted parasites that have been around Africans longer than those “out of Africa”. The low jealousy of the African alpha can prove deadly to populations outside Africa and may, indeed, induce literal cuckoldry by Africans of other populations which, of course, is rationalized away as a sexual “variation”.

  3. Jeremy says:

    1.Since Africans have evolved in a tropical climate which naturally hosts many various parasites, they’ve co-evolved with parasites that they are host to

    2. Many of these parasites are transmitted sexually and can parasitically castrate those susceptible

    2. Thus when they move into other non-African populations without co-evolution with these parasites, their promiscuous lifestyles end up resulting in these populations being infected

    3. And this infection is further increased by them not really being sexually jealous and allowing former sex partners infect the population even further

    In ordinary parasitic castration the parasite itself renders the host infertile so as to route reproductive metabolism to feed the parasite. What’s happening here is a more generalized form of parasitic castration.

    Female farming increases harem size thereby bifurcating the males into a few alphas and many sneaky betas, some of whom are bisexual. This is horizontal transmission heaven for the evolution of virulence of all kinds. HIV, for instance, is so sophisticated that many doubt it could have naturally evolved! But even they under-estimate its virulence as it is likely to differentially attack the amygdala which is a known metabolic pathway to induce promiscuity (Klüver-Bucy Syndrome). It is easy to imagine all manner of sexual “variations” arising as extended phenotypes in the “independent female” situation.

  4. Jeremy says:

    I would expect something like cuckold envy (or some other disease, such as homosexuality) to be an evolutionarily unstable state unless there were something preventing the alphas from vertical transmission — which is very unlikely as they are the primary germ-line.

    Vertical transmission is oppositional to horizontal transmission in terms of co-adaptation, so I would expect that once a pathogen evolved that induced cuckold envy — thereby selecting out the susceptible male population — the remaining male population would be in vertical transmission heaven. Cook for the required number of generations, export to a monogamous culture and its time to start rationalizing all those strange limbic impulses in “the arts”!

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