The Chase Response and NAM Aggression; Or, How I Became a Racist

OneSTDV talks today about how he used to be a “color-blind” conservative and how every accommodation of blacks just leads to more demands. I too was once a color-blind conservative. This is, really, the story of race relations in America.

Logically, if someone has a grievance, and you address that grievance, and make things right, he is satisfied and the matter is settled. But that rests on the assumption you are dealing with a reasonable, rational person. To assume that NAMs were reasonable, rational people in the early 60’s seemed like a valid viewpoint. In this old post I talked about how Northern and Southern whites saw things at that time.  To Northern whites, black demands for voting rights and employment non-discrimination seemed reasonable, and the Southern insistence that segregation had to be maintained seemed unreasonable.

In 1964 and 1965, huge legal victories were won by blacks. They had officially equal legal status and the legal weapons to enforce it. Northern whites looked forward to living with blacks peacefully and respectfully. They thought Southern whites would soon get over their discomfiture and the South would be at peace.

But that was not what happened. Having achieved big victories by non-violence, blacks exploded with violence, especially in the North. The violence was sometimes just street crime; sometimes it was riots and looting; and sometimes it was organized terrorism. And the more blacks got, the more violent they got. In the general social panic of the era, it was assumed that blacks were only justifiably angry about unjust treatment, and a few more concessions would satisfy them.

What whites had actually done was trigger the “chase response”. When a predatory animal sees something it might want to kill and eat, it has to evaluate whether it is strong enough to be successful. If the potential prey sees it and stands its ground, the prey does not fear it and may fight back and hurt it. If however the prey runs, it is telling the predator it cannot resist and if the predator can catch it, it will be able to kill and eat it.

This is not a conscious process; predatory animals do it automatically. When whites gave blacks legal rights and protections in the mid-60’s, blacks did not see that whites had debated the matter with themselves, decided that the correct and beneficial thing to do was to ensure blacks could achieve social equality with whites, and modified their own legal system by their own initiative. What blacks saw was that whites were weak and afraid, and that having gained much by non-violent insistence, they would gain even more by violent aggression.

Another example of this is if you try to buy something in a Middle Eastern bazaar. If the seller offers a price, and you agree to it, he may immediately demand a higher price- because if you agreed without haggling to the price he asked, you are probably willing to pay more. Paul Kersey calls this the “and then?” response. Any concession to blacks only signals them you may be willing to give up more.

The only way that blacks will ever understand they are not getting any more is to tell them they are not getting any more. Goodwill and reciprocal, positive sum outcomes are completely foreign concepts to non-whites. They only see things in zero-sum terms. What you have, I want, so I will take it from you.

But- there is always a but- you will say, not all blacks are like that. Most don’t actively engage in race-baiting politics. Most don’t engage in violence, or even crime, although a large minority of young black men are actively engaged with the criminal justice system.

That is true, but almost all blacks support and protect those blacks that are actively aggressive against whites. Almost all blacks are racist against whites, and believe blacks are entitled to commit crimes against whites as revenge for past injustices. Blacks will not report other blacks for committing crimes or testify against them in court. They support racist black preachers, entertainers, athletes, and politicians.

Blacks were offered on a silver platter the opportunity to become equal members of American society. They knocked it away, grabbed the platter and then started beating the bearer and demanding the rest of the silverware. They got that, and looked for other houses to rob silver from. They made no attempt to conceal their contempt for their victims.

Liberals thought blacks just needed more silver, and they would stop being angry. Conservatives thought blacks could be taught to work, and earn money to buy their own silver. They are both wrong. Blacks are only interested in extorting or manipulating through shame and pity as much as they can possibly get from whites. They will never be satisfied, and nothing useful can be made of them. They will always be a parasitic burden on whatever white society they inhabit.


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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9 Responses to The Chase Response and NAM Aggression; Or, How I Became a Racist

  1. RVT says:

    The solution has been joked about for decades. Offer every black a contract ostensibly for reparations but actually for repatriation. The ~5% who don’t sign won’t cause many problems.


  3. finndistan says:

    Changing a few words would make the post define the exact situation the Europeans are finding themselves in.

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  5. Richard A says:

    It’s difficult to tell if you write with an ulterior motive, but you are a interesting writer and make me think.
    I believe that you are in large part wrong in your arguments, but I agree with some of what you write, through my own hard experience.
    I left the Army in 1978, after 3 years, which I consider my growing up years (17-20 years old) and I wasn’t a racist then (and I’m not now) I don’t see how anybody (at least with my experiences) could be a racist after spending 3 years with ‘races’ (I heard a black guy say once, that there were only 2 races, male and female) of all types. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t experience racism in the Army then or after, and that I didn’t despise being treated as a ‘cracker’.
    I think that racially, we Americans are more divided now than ever, and if somebody would have asked me this in 1978, I would have been firm in my belief that we were destined to become less race conscious in the future. Of course obama, the ‘Rev’ Jackson and ‘Rev’ Sharpton and similar people are for this race ‘consciousness’ and have always been for it. I believe many others want ‘repairations’ too, and blame whites for all their problems.
    But not everybody, and this is where I disagree with you most. Tom Sowell, Larry Elder, Walter Williams are just examples I immediately thought of (with help from looking at Drudge’s page)
    This black ‘disease’ (repairations, automatic deference, etc.) can be fixed with education (I hope and think) and if you want race separation or something (I haven’t read you enough to know if I’m wrong) THAT (IMHO) isn’t going to happen, we need to get people educated on all sides (a cliche I know)

    • Liberals think blacks are OK because they only deal with educated, well-behaved blacks. In my military experience, blacks seemed to behave much like whites, while Hispanics were quite different- and better soldiers for it. But again these are carefully screened blacks, and I still saw specifically black bad behavior.

      A race neutral world would work OK. You wouldn’t have the affirmative action blacks gumming up the works or informing political correctness. But the idea that blacks can be educated out of their behavior has failed. I used to be a “color-blind” conservative, but I’ve gotten plenty educated since then.

  6. Pandemonium says:

    It seems, from a cursory read here, that blacks dislike things that Whites find beautiful, that Whites consider to be high culture. Perhaps it is as simple as saying “blacks hate beauty”. But wait,you say, they certainly seem to like beautiful White women. But that could be seen as social aggression. More often than not, those relationships end in a bad, bad way for the White woman.

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