Serving the System- Jews and Other Ethnics

Half Sigma notes a female Jewish HBD/altright blogger, She is new and goes by The Tribe of Ice People. Welcome to the world of The Guy Under the Seats, Tribe, where we issue angry threats from our dark hiding places. It’s better than grinding our teeth as we rock back and forth hugging our knees, at least. I noted another example is Latte Island.

In reality I think most Jews understand HBD. They see how different races are in intelligence and behavior. They are very careful not to say it though, because Jews have a strong relationship with the system.

As John Derbyshire has said, you can’t say anything about Jews, good or bad, without being called anti-semitic. With that in mind, I will give my view on Jews in general. It is widely believed, and by no one more than Jews themselves, that the Jews secretly run things. I will tell you that the Jews do not secretly run things, for which anti-semites will think I am a Jew-lover in on the conspiracy, and Jews will think I am denigrating their lofty accomplishments.

The truth is, Jews have simply made themselves useful to the power structure in whatever country they were in, without ever actually running things or calling the shots. The closest they came was the early Soviet Union; they were very powerful and influential in it, but I’m not sure that you can say they actually ran it. When Jews got to America, they saw who was running things- the Puritans in shorthand- and made themselves useful to them. Jews like to be visible, and Puritans do not, so Jews look more powerful than they really are. Jews have largely adopted the attitudes, values and beliefs of elite whites, and more recently have intermarried with them, so they are even losing their status as a distinct group.

But how does this make them that much different than other post-Civil War immigrants? These immigrants and their descendents- white, but not Anglo-Saxon or Protestant, settled mostly in Northern or Midwestern cities and sometimes farms, and became a politically and socially distinct group or set of groups from the earlier English, German, and Dutch settlers. The Civil War settled the issue of what old American, English-descended group was in charge- it was the Puritans and Quakers, who defeated the Cavaliers and Borderers with the help of midwestern Germans and Scandinavians, and other groups that wanted a free-soil West. Any group arriving after the Civil War was going to have to cooperate with the group in power.

The Irish already had a toehold, and a share of power through urban machine politics. While the Puritans liked Jews, they had a deep hatred of the Irish, and the hatred was mutual. The two groups have never completely cooperated, but ultimately a disproportionately large number of Irish Americans came to support the liberal politics of elite whites, and join the system as lawyers, politicians, and teachers.

Italians had a more difficult position. The urban machines were already controlled by the Irish and Jews when they arrived, so many became Republicans- liberal Republicans of the northeastern sort, but Republicans nonetheless. But in the end the system had the power, and the majority of Italians- and other central and eastern European whites- cooperated with the system and in the process adpoted many of its values.

Scandinavians are a group as slavishly and reflexively liberal as Jews. Many were socialists and some communists. Their culture does not lend itself to gaining power in America though, so they have not had any significant influence on the system other than supporting it. Germans fall in the same category, although I don’t think they have been quite as liberal.

The great break in American politics came in the 70’s, when these whites- who were now dubbed the “ethnics” or “Reagan Democrats”- decided the elitist, progressive Democrats no longer represented their interests, and began to vote for Republicans. They hadn’t actually become conservative- the Democrats had become more liberal, too liberal for many to stomach.

The reasons for this- increasing violence by blacks, and the promotion of black interests by the system over their interests- caused some Jews to lose faith in the system, but they had always been the most loyal of the ethnics, and they remained the most loyal. Jews are the most Democratic and liberal of whites, and those that are not Democrats are usually loyal establishment Republicans- labeled with the misused term “neoconservative”.

Jews are loyal to the system, but it’s only a matter of degree- most people are loyal to the system to one extent or another. The system is unlikely to die or collapse any time soon, but it is becoming weaker and less able to take initiative. Jews, like everybody else, are going to have to decide where to place their bets as the world changes.


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I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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11 Responses to Serving the System- Jews and Other Ethnics

  1. Red says:

    You Nailed it.

  2. RVT says:

    All Jews are race realists, every last one, but their race realism is self taught. They’re well aware of the gaps between Whites, Asians, and themselves, but because they don’t much interact with blacks or hispanics they assume that our underclasses are just as intelligent as Whites.

    They are essentially a henchman caste.

  3. dana says:

    as a resident cranky HBD Juden, id like to add that jews are less henchmen so much as ADVISORS–if im not mistaken that was a very common court position for jews in monarchies in europe. we tend to be aspy good at amassing fields of knowledge and imparting it, and at criticism, ie. spotting patterns to such an extent that we can identify better where things are wrong in a system. thats our skill set. we are NOT leaders and a culture of leadership doesnt exist in traditional jewish communities. the rabbi is a sort of first among equals, not the leader of his flock. the one thing jews run solely by dint of the fact that they basically invented it is hollywood, which from what i can tell is an inefficient clusterfuck infested with extraneous value transfer workers and a proliferation of flacks which shows me at least that if jews actually RAN anything else from the top down it would fall apart pretty quick. israel is probably only as ran as well as it is, comparatively, by dint of the jews running it being largely american and american influenced, not by them being primarily jews

  4. Stosh says:

    This seems to be Mencius Moldbug’s basic thesis. There are others who have made similar arguments, such as Paul Gottfried I believe.

    Have you examined any criticisms of this view? Like the ones at

    • Moldbug represents an extreme position. He goes so far as to say the Puritans invented and exported communism. This is too much; what they did was permit or encourage it where they thought it was appropriate (i.e. any place not ruled by English Protestants.) But he is right to say that the people who developed and run the system are Puritans. The Jews were hardly in a position to do it themselves; but the Puritans saw the Jews were busy, eager beavers and set them to work.

      My thinking is that Puritanism, and the English Protestant sects that arose after it, were specifically intended as religions for an urban population of merchants, traders, and bankers; that is, a sort of nominally Christian Judaism. These people have always loved Jews and felt a kinship with them.

      • JT says:

        I’m not sure about your claims about the Puritans. They tried to keep Jews and other immigrants out of the country and then out of their elite niches. Of course they were ultimately unsuccessful.

        Also the English Protestant sects were predominantly rural. And I wouldn’t say that they have always loved Jews. Modern Evangelical Protestants love Jews but that is a relatively recent phenomenon. The traditional Protestant sects had traditional anti-Semitic attitudes and tried to exclude Jews. Anyone with their views and attitudes today would be considered an anti-Semite and Nazi. Some of them focused heavily on the Old Testament and looked to the Old Testament Hebrews as a model, but this didn’t entail loving Jews.

      • Oliver Cromwell liked the Jews. Britain had a ethnically Jewish Prime Minister- Benjamin Disraeli- at the height of the Victorian era.

        I haven’t been around Jews in the environments you described, but they seem to be low key about it in others.

      • Stosh says:

        Here are some “Basic facts concerning Oliver Cromwell and the resettlement of Jews in England”:

        Court Jews have existed in various societies – Catholic Royalist, Arab, Ottoman Turkish, Protestant, etc. – all of them ‘anti-Semitic’ by contemporary standards. Their existence wasn’t necessarily indicative of great love and kinship. Disraeli represented the Tories who are generally High Church Anglican or Recusant Catholic and represent their interests, rather than the Low Church English Protestant sects such as Puritanism.

  5. RS says:

    > but because they don’t much interact with blacks or hispanics they assume that our underclasses are just as intelligent as Whites.

    That’s not plausible… Jews (non-Orthodox) know all about Western cultural, intellectual, technical, and sociopolitical history – they consider it to be their own to quite a considerable extent. They consider themselves to be an important part of it, which is of course true; they’re a few dozen times better than aboriginal Europeans in modern physics, though they are very little better in the arts. They listen to ‘our’ classical music. They know all about all of this, and surely don’t equate it with black or mestizo history.

  6. klaos says:

    Funny how US presidents don’t have to wear a kilt and kiss the Blarney stone. Or speak at the American-Irish Public Affairs Committee, declaring themselves “friends of Ireland.”

    Funny how people all over the world, for hundreds of years haven’t accused the Irish of subverting sociocultural standards, or engaging in predatory, fraudulent business practices.

    Funny how there’s not a term for when the locals get angry and chase the Irish out of town.

    What’s the word for the completely baseless, irrational hate of the Irish?

  7. FTM says:

    Jews dethroned Protestant culture, says U.C. scholar

    “Jews, says Hollinger, forever altered a racially and religiously homogeneous society in which Protestantism held a central and uncontested position.”

    “”They advanced cosmopolitanism and affirmed a universalist perspective. It helped bring Christian culture under scrutiny,” Hollinger says.”

    “In the early part of the 20th century, Protestantism held a central place in American culture, Hollinger pointed out. Even after World War II, Jews were kept from teaching at many of the top universities.”

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