Physical and Social Isolation From Blacks

Paul Kersey tells us how an English mother has been arrested and had her child taken away for complaining about the non-English ethnic nature of her fellow transit riders.

Mass transit plays a big role in maintaining physical isolation from blacks. The murder of Danny Vega by three “urban youths” occurred right by a major stop on the Seattle light rail line. Buses are in Seattle as elsewhere scenes of a lot of black crime and aggression. Black people like to congregate in front of their residences and stores selling alcohol and cigarettes in their neighborhoods; loitering provides blacks with the opportunity to pass the time talking about stupid stuff, which they can do for hours and hours. It also provides an opportunity to meet and plan group criminal activity, and cover for the meeting and planning.

Mass transit provides both a way to get to more lucrative hunting grounds and a place where a group of black people standing around won’t draw too much attention. Many communities don’t want mass transit for that reason. Developers in the eastern Seattle suburbs of Bellevue and Redmond opposed light rail from Seattle for a long time, only relenting in the last election. If you hope to draw upscale yuppie shoppers to your mall or your downtown apartments or condos, groups of loitering black youth aren’t going to help. Being close to mass transit out to be a desirable thing, but put blacks in the mix and that ruins everything. The green city is a world without blacks.

If you want to discourage blacks from “hanging out”, it’s not hard to do though. Just play classical music. Convenience store owners have found it’s an easy way to keep the parking lot clear (example).

Blacks can go anywhere, especially with access to mass transit. The key is to go where blacks don’t want to go.

I haven’t done the research, but it seems to me blacks are highly dependent to being in an environment they find palatable. Something as innocuous as classical music- I turn it on in the car to relax- will drive them away from a place they find otherwise pleasant and comfortable to spend hours at. First and most important blacks want and need to be around other blacks. Black people find other races tedious and boring. Compared to the constant loud, boisterous behavior of blacks, other races, whites, Asians, even Latins are quiet and restrained. Blacks need a constant level of high stimulation. A group of blacks can go to a white area, but the stimulation of their own group isn’t really enough. They want to see other black people being loud also.

The typical ethnic cleansing begins with a few blacks moving into a white area. These blacks are of the more intelligent, restrained type who can tolerate a white environment and make enough money to be able to afford to live there. If it stayed there, not too much trouble would result. Unfortunately they provide enough leavening to attract more ghetto-style blacks, and the situation deteriorates.

But even higher-level blacks need a certain kind of environment. In the South blacks live in the country, because they have for centuries, but I don’t know of any place outside the South were blacks have come in and settled in the country. They also don’t seem to like more remote suburbs. They need to be fairly close to the city, to their government and big corporation affirmative action jobs. I suspect blacks have a strong aversion to car commuting because it means sitting by yourself for a long period of time, something that seems to be painful to them.

The people who run things aren’t stupid, and I suspect they have figured out how to design neighborhoods for themselves where blacks don’t want to come, while making sure that the neighborhoods of non-elite white people are more attractive to blacks. Supposedly in New York there are very clear lines between the elite white areas and the ghettos, even though they might be right next to each other. If you are a non-elite white, if you stay with places that are “dull”, “boring”, and “white bread”, and not at all vibrant, you may be OK.

But the most important thing is that the isolation has to be voluntary, from the standpoint of blacks. If they don’t want to go someplace, no one will make them. But whites can’t say, “We want to have an all-white area”, even if it is a lower middle-class or blue-collar area that blacks are in no way deprived by being kept out of.

The same thing applies to social isolation, a trickier issue. Mindweapon comes up with the example of a small church that voted to exclude interracial couples. The ban received worldwide attention and has been quickly reversed. Now, why would the Guardian, a left-wing paper in Britain, have the least interest in a tiny church in rural Kentucky with 15 voting members? There is no shortage of evangelical, Baptist, non-denominational and Pentecostal churches. They cover the ground thickly. There are many that are all-black, many with mixed membership, some with a few blacks, and probably many that are all-white but would love to have black members to prove their bona fides. No one is being deprived by being refused admittance to the Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church. And they don’t ban blacks from attending or joining, only interracial couples.

And yet there is no corner of the earth, no matter how remote, where black supremacy will let things alone. Mindweapon makes an excellent and compelling case for white churches; that interracial relationships are very damaging to white women. But you can’t establish an officially white church, not even in a tiny town in a remote rural area of the Appalachians.

The only thing you can do is find a church that blacks wouldn’t want to join, and where no white woman would bring a black man. It might even be a liberal church. As we see with Canada, it is the whiteness of an environment rather than its nominal conservatism that makes it safe and pleasant. Beyond that keeping the poison of black culture- per Mindweapon, no TV and no sports except NASCAR. This is probably the worst. Kids who have grown up in lily-white upper middle-class environments love and worship blacks because of college and professional sports and MTV.

The key to creating effective white institutions will be to isolate the elements that repel blacks- the metaphorical classical music- and deploy them. Elite whites repel blacks somehow- it’s not hard to see why, they are pretty repellent- but non-elite whites need to repel blacks even more.


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I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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11 Responses to Physical and Social Isolation From Blacks

  1. mindweapon says:

    Yes! Of course.

    When I was at the Defense Language Institute, I was one of the top students, because I had already had 4 years of college Russian, and I acted a bit arrogant about it. I played classical music and opera in my room, i walked around with whatever I was studying. Nerd and proud! And being at a place dedicated to something I was good at — it was like heaven on earth for me. I realized later that most of the other people hated studying a foreign language, they were just there because it was cushy, and they lost whatever language skills they had acquired after a year or two.

    There were a few blacks, and they really hated the academic part of it. They were there to get white girls and have an easy year (except for the studying part). They really realy really hated my guts. At the time I didn’t understand why. Some of them were sergeants and looked for any reason to lord over me.

    I had a cute blonde girlfriend named Pamela from Utah (she hated Mormons, I didn’t understand why). She would ask me what I thought of race-mixing, and I would say I didn’t think about it one way or another, but I wouldn’t partake of it myself. I was sort of a intellectualist snob, though no one around me took my pretenses as a demonstration of higher value. I considered myself above the race question, though I was a “hardcore conservative.” So I refused to think about blacks or talk about the problem of diversity. I purposely blinded myself to the issue at the time.

    I wasn’t interested in the blacks, but they were interested in me, and not in a good way. So Pamela’s room-mate was a mudshark and she pressured Pamela to date a Negro like she did. (Pamela never did, she ended up marrying a good Texas redneck). The room-mate hated me; I didn’t understand why (at the time). The room-mate’s bf would give me a Negro hate stare, and one day he said, “If you and Pamela have children, there heads will be huge like this to fit thier brain” making a gesture outlining an oversized head. As an insult, it fell flat.

    Another DLI story, but first I must digress and tell you how I behave in school or the workplace.

    I try to be a friend to anybody, enemy to no one, because i want to always skate through the day without any drama. I especially don’t want race drama. I would never approach non-whites to talk to, but when they talked to me, I would always be friendly and helpful and encouraging, but I would never joke with them or socialize outside of the workplace.

    So I would often talk to an intelligent mixed race (half black half white) male fellow soldier after breakfast on the way to classes. Sort of a geek type, so he didn’t hate whites. For whatever reason, he had no one else to talk to, and since i said “hi” to everyone who didn’t look at me with hatred, I ended up talking to him on a regular basis.

    He ended up telling me that he was miserable and depressed, but wouldn’t say why. You could see it on his face. Every day in beautiful Monterey was torture to him. He wanted me to figure out why, and told me to take a guess. So finally I said,

    “Is it because there are so few people here who look like you . . . so few blacks here?”

    “Yes, that’s it!” he shouted. He was so happy that someone said what he was thinking. I wasn’t sure if I was somehow culpable; if I should feel “white guilt” over this. He left DLI shortly after, and I never heard of him again.

    The point of these anecdotes is to say — yes, you nailed it on the head. It’s possible to create an environment that blacks want no part of. A Mindweapon environment. Muscular intellectualism. That’s how we can attain a regime of protection for our offspring, to create a safe space for Whites to exist.

    • It’s safe to say that if it was not the military, with full pay, there would be no blacks studying foreign languages. The military as a whole, especially the Army, is a great place for black loafers. I have thought about an organization to dissuade young people from joining, or at least keep them out of the combat arms. Why should whites die so blacks can have cushy REMF jobs?

      The problem with churches is they are frequently run on headcount. Especially the Baptist type churches, the pastor is judged by how many members he has, so they will bring anybody in. These churches cater to lower-class people, so that means a lot of minorities. Church is a place to socialize for blacks and have their self-esteem boosted- no matter how high, a black person always needs more self-esteem- so a tough church with member discipline should keep them away.

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  3. RVT says:

    Living in NYC, I can say that traditional or Victorian architecture plays a huge part in keeping blacks out the upper class neighborhoods You also want lots of trees, grass, and hedges. Flowers are most important. One flower repels more black people than four trees.

    For example:

    Now we need to figure out what Mexicans don’t like…

    • Fascinating! Anything else you’ve observed? Blacks don’t like the country, and these things must subliminally remind them of the country.

      Mexicans don’t seem to dislike the country, but they seem to love physically colorful environments. They like to paint their houses garish colors. I have noticed upper-class neighborhoods in Latin America don’t have any bright colors.

      • RVT says:

        In general, the upper class neighborhoods:
        -Have more plants, as I’ve mentioned. I don’t think your explanation is correct. Blacks despise trees and grasses, but they can tolerate them. They abhor brightly colored and/or exotic plants.
        -Have “old fashioned” buildings. I have no clue why blacks hate old fashioned buildings, they just do.
        -Have pets, particularly, dogs. Dogs make black people nervous.
        -Are generally farther away from public transportation than poor or middle class neighborhoods. Except in Manhattan, where it’s impossible to live far away from public transportation.
        -Have grocery stores which don’t stock the shitty foods that black people eat.

        Most of this is common knowledge to anyone who wishes to avoid blacks. I’m surprised that no one knew about flower power. I guess they’re the elite’s secret weapon.

      • This may be unofficial or folk knowledge in New York; but most whites don’t live in high density areas close to blacks, and don’t really understand much about actual black behavior. Especially the flower thing, that strikes me as bizarre.

  4. ski says:

    Hmmm great stuff.

    I guess that’s a big part of why not so many blacks are Catholic, or for that matter high Church Anglicans. The Anglican/Episcopal Church has lots of blacks but virtually none in the high Church, Anglo-Catholic leaning parishes. High Church music, liturgical style, and probably even architecture repels them.

    Another thing is that a lot of black people believe in ghosts, so if you can somehow spread a rumor that a place is haunted they’ll steer clear of it– not sure how one would go about spreading such a rumor though.

  5. Al Svensen says:

    A large, well trained, working breed guard dog like a Shepard or a Rottweiler is a joy to behold when walked on a lead in a black area. Blacks will literally part like the Red Sea as you approach. I used to actually walk my girl’s 100 pound Rottie in an all black park for just to watch them scatter.

    It works like magic.

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  7. Pandemonium says:

    Pandemonium says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    May 30, 2012 at 10:58 am
    It seems, from a cursory read here, that blacks dislike things that Whites find beautiful, that Whites consider to be high culture. Perhaps it is as simple as saying “blacks hate beauty”. Butwait,you say, they certainly seem to like beautiful White women. But that could be seen as social aggression. More often than not, those relationships end in a bad, bad way for the White woman.

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