Trolls at the Atlantic

The ever-excreable Ta-Nehisi Coates put up something on the Herman Cain ad, which led to a meandering discussion that apparently included some comments he didn’t like. TNC is extremely thin-skinned, even for a liberal, even for a black race man “urban intellectual” liberal. All I can find in disagreement is one guy, disagreeing, but Coates seems to regard this as a major disturbance in the Force, and even uses a Star Wars clip in his response to all this.

Your basic comment thread at his blog- the other blogs at the Atlantic are a little better- goes like this:

Liberal- (addressing other liberals, because conservatives are too vile to be even considered, plus they are all morons)- “The only reason anyone opposes Obama (or other liberal nostrum) is they are a closeted homosexual with a tiny penis.”

Conservative- (unwanted interloper or “troll”, because everybody already knows what is good and true and any disagreement comes from deep-seated feelings of sexual inadequacy or other mental illness)- “That’s not very nice, and doesn’t address the substance of the issue.”


The first generation of the system built it, and knew how to run it; they had some actual familiarity with it. The second generation saw it built, and understood how it was supposed to work, even if they weren’t directly familiar with the country it was designed to control. The third generation just knew if you got into certain universities and parrotted certain things, you could get power.

This third generation- miserable, helpless twits and teacher’s pets- are the ones in charge now, and their lack of distinction at anything except getting good grades in high school and high SAT scores explains why they are so completely helpless in dealing with reality or political opposition except by calling out the thought police.

American liberalism is a culture, and rejecting culture is frightening and upsetting for all liberals and most conservatives. But challenging basic assumptions and taboos is just too much for most people.

UPDATE- I was banned, again, for commenting about trolls. If I was banned from the TNC blog, I would let it be, since it’s a self-reinforcing community of progressives who don’t have anything to say anyway. But his ban keeps me off the other Atlantic blogs, which are a little more tolerant. So I got another free email address, another Disqus account, and started over again. I’ll drop in on him at some point. I would bring up the point directly with him but he seems to have taken his email address off the blog.

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I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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One Response to Trolls at the Atlantic

  1. Matthew Walker says:

    That puffed-up little man banned me once, too. I almost came back to explain his error, but in his mind, the fact that he can ban you is the whole argument. He’s not a civilized adult. No sense letting him eat your time.

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