The Green City- A World Without Blacks

It’s Green Week over at Stuff Black People Don’t Like. Kersey’s thesis is that blacks create a great deal of environmental destruction 1)through their own dirtiness but more importantly 2)through causing white people to flee, leaving destroyed cities and creating environmentally suboptimal suburbs.

The environmentalist ideal for communities are dense cities, where people live in multi-family buildings, walk to local stores, shops, and restaurants, and take public transportation to other parts of the city to work, go to cultural centers and events and buy goods not available in their neighborhoods. Their horror is the suburb, “sprawling” tracts of single-family houses with large yards, huge malls with vast parking lots, served by often jammed freeways.

But for decades white people and middle-class people in general have preferred the suburbs. Dense cities have for a long time been the domain of the poor, particularly poor blacks. The only real exception was Manhattan, where the rich and professionals had neighborhoods. The Manhattan lifestyle seemed glamorous, as portrayed constantly in the media- parks, restaurants, theaters, top-level schools for high-achieving children, many more prosaic conveniences close by your building- but that was something for a tiny minority, not the average person.

The two different lifestyles have their advantages and disadvantages. The city has many conveniences, but personal space is expensive and driving a car is difficult. The suburbs have space, and car mobility is easy, but with less selection of amenities. A house with a yard is a blessing and a curse. It has space, and privacy for the inhabitants, even or especially from each other. But it is expensive to maintain; a yard needs a lot of work, and it is really only useful when the kids are small.

Obviously some people are going to prefer the one lifestyle, and some the other. The suburbs were actually pioneered by the affluent, who took the train or streetcar downtown to work. After World War II new suburbs provided housing for returning servicemen eager to settle down and start families; and if you had been living in a tenement, Levittown was a big improvement.

But even considering this, the concentration of middle-class white people in the suburbs is greater than would be expected. Why is this?

The official story is that they were seduced by consumerism, to buy cracker box houses in soulless communities, to be filled with color televisions and with cars with big tail fins parked in the driveways. And the new suburbanites were terribly racist, refusing to live with blacks in the newly “desegregated” cities or have their children bussed to black schools. The conservative counter-story is that they had legitimate reason not to want busing, and to avoid crime, and besides the ownership and maintenance of the single-family house was the foundation of the American dream, as was the consumer lifestyle.

Is there more to it? If you’re reading this you are probably open to “yes”. E. Michael Jones has written a history of “urban renewal” that posits that it was specifically aimed at breaking up the political power of white ethnics.

From the Booklist review of “Slaughter of the Cities“-

“The high-rise “projects” may have been a dismal failure, it is said, but urban renewal was done with good intentions. Not so, Jones argues in this immense volume that spans from the World War I era to the 1993 death of Philadelphian Dennis Clark, whose urban renewal career led him from Catholicism through Quakerism to agnostic Irish nationalism and whom Jones makes a touchstone of urban renewal’s moral quality. The redlining, condemning, bulldozing, race riots, white flight, and aggrandizement of federal authority at the expense of cities and states that accompanied urban renewal were, Jones says, the consequences of WASP elites fighting to keep hold of the reins of power. Those elites saw the potentially powerful Catholic ethnic neighborhoods, with the church’s influence animating them, as their primary political enemies. Armed with social engineering techniques, abetted by the subversive skills of Quaker do-gooders and military intelligence, and further empowered by fellow WASP jurists, they devastated Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, and Boston generally and the welfare of blacks in particular. But they maintained power, having gutted the Catholic ethnics, who fell into the trap of overt racism, and driven them into socially atomizing suburbia. Incorporating all the details into his sweeping narrative (the notes just refer to his sources), Jones makes gripping drama out of urban development. Unfortunately, the epic it recounts is tragic. Ray Olson
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved” 

The white ethnic neighborhoods of Northern cities were not just places, or even communities, but highly organized and politically unified communites, with churches, ethnic clubs, political clubs, lodges- a matter of great fun to Jewish sitcom writers, but critical social welfare organizations for immigrant communities- that had their own mind about things. They didn’t really represent a threat to the elite, other than through labor union organizing. They swallowed liberalism pretty much whole, as that was a requirement of membership in the New Deal coalition. But they had the potential to be.

The later European immigrants- dubbed the “ethnics” in the 70’s when they began to support Reagan- had developed an urban lifestyle that environmentalists would have strongly approved of. My father grew up in a house, but in a dense neighborhood close to downtown. My grandfather took the streetcar to the mill. My grandparents had a car, but they only used it for outings on weekends, much as an urban SWPL family might do today.  This neighborhood is adjacent to one that while now expensive and SWPL, is well-known for its black street crime.

As I related in So What’s the Deal With Black People? I live in a once ethnic, now more SWPL/hipster neighborhood. It’s 90% white and fairly safe. All the black neighborhoods are far away, and there is nothing here to attract black people- no dance clubs, specifically. I see blacks sometimes, but only in ones. I walk almost everywhere, enjoy a variety of places to eat, a movie theater, coffee shops, bars, two supermarkets, and a park. For families there are houses and townhouses at not-outrageous prices, a good elementary school and a good high school. That’s all within walking distance; many more things are easily reachable by bus.

It’s a wonderful, and green, community. It is also a great aberration. The presence of any significant number of blacks makes this type of lifestyle impossible. The cities, in general, are not safe or pleasant. Even blacks don’t like them, and swarm over close-in suburbs and ruin them, in Kersey’s brilliantly observed phenomenon of “Black Undertow”.

“Community” is a fragile thing, and as sociologist Robert Putnam noted in “Bowling Alone” diversity does not enhance community, but degrades it. The saving grace of all this is that blacks are unwilling to too far away from other blacks. They like being black, and they like being around other blacks. On top of this they find whiteness quite dull and tedious. Convenience store owners who want to keep loitering blacks away only need play classical music over loudspeakers.

A city lifestyle can be great- a green lifestyle can be great- but your personal physical safety, as well as the physical safety of your family, come first. Beyond physical safety is the degrading effect any notable number of blacks has on the social atmosphere. The way negrification is sold as a consumer product on MTV is bad enough, but actual black people- goofy, clownish, childish, arrogant, dull-witted, unpredictably but explosively violent black people- ruin the social environment all that much more.

Green? It’s keen. But black? Stay back. White? It’s alright.


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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28 Responses to The Green City- A World Without Blacks

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  2. SBPDL says:

    Haven’t had time to finish all of green week (month now). Life keeps intervening. But it’s going to get fun. Thanks for the heads up and the plug. Love your blog.

    I’m going to busy writing about college football the next week, so you follow any team, let me know. It’s primarily going to be about the SEC, but I plan on discussing Notre Dame, BYU, Boise State, Air Force (all the academies), a look at the Big Ten, and Colorado. Maybe a few others.

    Oh, and “The U” down in Miami. Possibly Florida State too. It’s going to be radical.

  3. Rich Rostrom says:

    Your timeline is hosed up.

    Americans started moving out of central cities to suburbia well before the mass migration of blacks to northern ciites, and it happened in cities where there was no black influx, and in southern cities where a large black population is a fixed reality.

    It also happened in other countries where there are no blacks to speak of.

    “actual black people- goofy, clownish, childish, arrogant, dull-witted, unpredictably but explosively violent black people”

    Are you sure you mean “black” and not “Irish”, or maybe “hillibilly”?

    (I happen to live in a neighborhood with a fair number of “goofy, clownish, childish, arrogant, dull-witted, unpredictably but explosively violent black people”. I knew when Obama’s election victory was announced from the wave of celebratory gunfire. I can see that lot of America’s problems today come from refusing to acknowledge the deep cultural pathologies gripping most black Americans. But I object strenuously to any claim that these pathologies are intrinsically connected to black skin or African ancestry, when other groups have had them and grew out of them. That way lies enslavement or worse.

    No, I’m not stretching things. “…goofy, clownish, childish, arrogant, dull-witted, unpredictably but explosively violent…” is an almost perfect echo of how American slavery advocates described black people.)

    • I think I pointed out that the suburbs developed prior to the arrival of blacks in large numbers in the north. I think I also pointed out that suburban living is the desirable choice for many. If it is done out of necessity for safety, which represents a substantial part of suburban dwellers, it is wrong that people have been forced to do that.

      “actual black people- goofy, clownish, childish, arrogant, dull-witted, unpredictably but explosively violent black people”

      Are you sure you mean “black” and not “Irish”, or maybe “hillibilly”?

      Groan. In general leftists regard poor whites as worse, much worse than blacks- blacks occupy the highest reach of the morality spectrum, poor whites the lowest- see “To Kill A Mockingbird” which I am writing something on. The equivalency of poor whites and blacks is usually made by mainstream conservatives, with the idea that with the right social conditions blacks will improve their behavior. I reject the equivalence, and I find it insulting. European immigrants generally adapted immediately from a peasant environment to a free environment, without any outside help. Blacks have had two generations of heavy-handed protection and sponsorship from the government, without any real change.

      But I object strenuously to any claim that these pathologies are intrinsically connected to black skin or African ancestry, when other groups have had them and grew out of them. That way lies enslavement or worse.

      Or as the pigs said in “Animal Farm”, “Do you want the man to come back?” False choice, false equivalence. “That way lies enslavement or worse.” It does? Why? How? By what mechanism? Lots of people are stupid and violent, likely genetically so. But if they aren’t black or brown we don’t try to pretend they can be fixed or changed or that the way they are is the fault of somebody else.

    • Blacks are not growing out of dysfunction, but as a group are regressing. At minimum, Whites diverged from Blacks 70,000 years ago and possibly as much as 300,000 years ago. That is more than enough time to produce significant differences in intelligence and behavior. Blacks have greater bone density than other groups, more receptors for testosterone usage, lower IQ scores and, with few exceptions, have not prospered anywhere on the planet, but almost invariably contribute to social destruction.

      I was a left-leaning imbecile, at least re: the Black problem in America, until last year. I finally had to conclude, at age 56, that we are not all the same. I have seen Blacks destroy two neighborhoods in which I used to reside, neighborhoods that were relatively prosperous and crime free. We see the same old story throughout the U.S. For freak sake, they even commit the majority of crimes in London.

      The last thing I want to believe is that we are not all the same. It distresses me to no end. However, I can no longer deny the reality around me. Not all Blacks are criminals, of course, but a very large percentage are indeed hood rats and gang bangas. They destroy every neighborhood they infest in numbers. If this trend is not stopped immediately, America will be a 3rd world nation in a few decades. It already is 3rd world in almost every inner-city area in the country.

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  5. lizzyjkae says:

    A world with out Blacks!!! Talk about a Xanadu

  6. Steve Sailer says:

    My in-laws lived in the Austin neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago until 1970, and it was much like you describe your father’s neighborhood: very green. My father-in-law took the El to the Chicago Opera House where he played the tuba for the Lyric Opera when he wasn’t leading a strike against management. His children walked to school and played on the sidewalks after school. They had a VW microbus for weekend outings.

    Then integration started in 1967. They joined a liberal Catholic pro-integration group of local homeowners who promised each other to not sell out and flee to the suburbs. They were about the last to flee (after their children were mugged three times) and lost half their life savings.

  7. JMG says:

    There is an extreme irony here when you are talking about a World without Blacks, when the only thing that has ever been a connection of Black people and a “violent” culture was how many of the Black people you speak of ended up in the social structures they are in. For example, the Slave trade brought Black people to the land to cultivate and mold it, only to then complain when how slavery left those same people generations to come was a problem. You take away the opportunity for a person to have a sense of class, culture and identity, then the result will be ignorance. That holds true from a social AND scientific standpoint. But nothing has ever link a specific culture pattern to someone’s genetic make-up. If there has been such a study, maybe you should share that instead of just a bigoted opinion backed by skewed facts. If you knew History, there has been entire civilizations made up of people of color whose personalities reflected nothing remotely close to the stereotype you are broadcasting. So, if this is something YOU choose to believe, great! You are actually living in Hell if this clouds your thoughts, because Black people aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and if you want to blame anyone for some of what’s wrong with their culture, blame yourself. Until you devise some type of master plan of Genocide (good luck!), then blogging fantasy based on bigotry is a waste of time. I am sitting here at work, Black, wondering how I did not fit into the “genetic trap” and wondering how people like you make it everyday if you hate the people around you so much….

    • Blacks can blame a lot of their dysfunction on historical factors, but not all of it. The inability of black people to take any responsibility for themselves is the problem. I can’t change the world, so I just do what most non-blacks do, avoid dealing with blacks as much as possible.

      • JMG says:

        You know what, there is some truth to: “The inability of black people to take any responsibility for themselves is the problem”. But what is anyone trying to do to curb the path of those who cannot? How many “ghetto restoration” programs do you know of? There are minions of poor, impoverished Black people who don’t want to be where they are and even for those that embrace it, what of their children who are more a product of their environment than anything? I mean, there is enough blame to go in many directions, because Black people did not go out and create their state of being. That is the part that I think any person who goes around sharing negative views on an entire race of people INTENTIONALLY don’t want to see. If we all started the same and ended up differently, I would understand a little more. But you have to be mindful of saying certain things in these blanket statements. I could say “all White people are racist” based on this blog, but why, when I have met a lot of White people who aren’t? Why does that drive so many people…race? Again, I am a Black man who is self educated and came from some of the same conditions of the people you fret upon. Meaning, it’s not anything indicative of just one’s ethnicity that creates behavior patterns. But honestly, I think you know that, but just don’t care. It’s just easier to hate Black people, even if how you view them doesn’t really apply to all of them, but out of laziness you still lump them together. Isn’t that pure irony? You are as lazy as you say we all are…. That to me is sad, but…c’est la vie. You are entitled to your opinion, which is what I use as inspiration to try and change that perception by giving back to my community. So congrats on a job well done. 🙂

      • A great deal of effort has been made since the 60’s to help blacks, with very limited success. Anyone who wants, for example, to get an education can, and a black person with a little education gets hiring preference.

        The cancer for blacks has been the hostility they have towards whites- against lower-class whites, encouraged by upper-class whites, and the sense not of their equality, but of their superiority. This causes a great of friction. What is called “racism” today is mostly the anger and resentment that lower-class whites have toward blacks for criminal and other aggressive behavior and the preference they get from upper-class whites. Wanting someone not to hurt you and not to get a bigger share of resources isn’t hostility. Nor do almost any whites wish blacks ill, only that they leave us alone.

  8. JMG says:

    That is extremely easy to say from your walk of life. I know people personally who “want” to change their lifestyle, but are surrounded by an innumerable amount of factors making it difficult to change. And do not act like systematic racism is also not still an issue as well. In the general sense, a lot of what you are saying is right. But here is something to consider. Why do you think there are so many poor and uneducated Black people? Because they all choose that and wanted that? You ever follow the crack epidemic and see that not only was it brought TO the ghetto, but plenty of white people were ok with it because they profited from it? That is the problem I have with again targeting whole groups of people. Classism stems from a caste system of sorts that when it targeted lower income, there was a common connection between that and the kind of people involved. The programs you mentioned from the 60’s were poor attempts at “I’m sorry we enslaved you”. You know that is the truth. Not an excuse, but very true. All the while, the other side of the story is, like I say all the time, too many Black people looking for excuses and accepting a lesser standard of life. Chicken and the egg basically. So if we know it is a psychological issue, how is a “hand out” going to change that? You ever seen a rape victim for example go on to self overcome their fear and have loving, caring relationships afterwards? You don’t and you won’t. It takes a lot of psychological fixing. People who are mentally subjugated, despite their race, color, or creed, don’t just “overcome” their problems. I just hate that you feel like YOU are the victim for being on the other side of people who have been victimized. I don’t wish you any harm, and again, I am Black and grew up pretty poor my friend. But I could sit down and have a cup of coffee with you today and be willing to talk about solutions. I think THAT is how you address what we are both talking about, not just throwing a rock and running to hide. That means it has to be looked at as a HUMAN problem first and from there I believe wholeheartedly, the things we both dislike from our different perspectives would and could change. Until then, we are just using our time to blog and solve nothing. I don’t want to change your mind, I want you to either let go of the disdain or help to try and change it. That’s all…

    • Education is free or very low cost up through the first two years of college. Anybody who wants to become educated, and has a modest amount of intelligence, can become educated. The primary problem with education is badly behaved children who ruin it for those that want to learn. Kick 10% of the kids out of school and watch the rest have fun and achieve. But that is not the purpose of the education system, it is there to brainwash people.

      Reasonable solutions are not in the interest of the people running things. The mainstream conservative argument is that blacks would be better served by a different system, if only they would understand that. But blacks like the way things are now and wholeheartedly support it, so whether from somebody else’s viewpoint things are bad, blacks seem to like the power, privilege and status they enjoy. That these things benefit only a small number of blacks doesn’t seem to matter- somebody from their team is getting something, so that’s good.

      • JMG says:

        Well hey, I just want to say again., I am not trying to change your mind and appreciate the conversation. Always a learning and reflection tool for me. Have a good one.

    • JMG,

      Once you google “Anthony Johnson and John Casor” to find out who it was who was really responsible instituting Negro slavery in America. Let’s see if you have the stones to come back here and apologize for spreading the Negro Slavery libel against Whites. This country WAS built, but by the rich, on the backs of slave labor, but those backs were White, Black and Indian.

      Whites and Blacks have so much history in common that it’s scary. Rich Africans and Europeans saw America as the perfect dumping ground for any poor population that might threaten their own power hegemony. The term “kidnapping” is English in origin, but the truth is, that the rich of both continents allowed their poor to be kidnapped for the purposes of enforced servitude in the New World.

      Regardless of race, all labor that was originally shipped to the colonies was made of indentured servants. “Nigger” came from the Nigerian indentured servants that were first shipped here. Like their White counterparts, the Black indentured servants had to survive seven years of servitude and then they were free to acquire their own property until Anthony Johnson changed all that.

      The issue of race remains the same tool that the rich created to divide and rule White and Black after The Bacon Rebellion (which saw White and Black former indentured servants unite against the Plantocracy who cut side deals with hostile Amerind tribes to keep them chained to the plantations rather than acquiring their own land) scared the crap out of them.

      Thanks to Anthony Johnson’s greed and lack of honor, the rich stopped trying to coerce White freedman into remaining on the plantation and used Johnson’s Precedent to expand Negro enslavement. To what should be the everlasting shame of Whites, the Whites fell for it instead of keeping faith with and maintaining a united front with their Black comrades.

      Nowadays, Blacks behave badly, because the rich not only allow them to get away with it, but egg them on with Anti-White indoctrination, knowing that their own gated communities and security police will protect they themselves from the monsters they have created. Whites who cannot afford these amenities resent Blacks for it.

      A social compact is broken when a neighbor violates the home and endangers the safety of another neighbor. That is why Whites don’t put up with or excuse violent, dysfunctional Whites in their midst. At least, they have more latitude to banish violent dysfunctional Whites from their neighborhood. Thanks to HUD and Fair Housing ordinances, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum, they don’t have the same latitude to deal as harshly with Blacks. Hence, White flight.

      Instead of intruding themselves into White neighborhoods that want nothing to do with them and then feeling angry, victimized and oppressed, because the Neighborhood Welcome Wagon never shows up on their doorstep, Blacks should show zero tolerance for violent, dysfunctional Blacks in their midst. If the New Black Panthers and the Black Muslims would stop ranting about Whitey long enough to give ignorant little Black thugs the long overdue beat-down they deserve, Black neighborhoods would be safe, pleasant places for Blacks to live in, too.

      Once Blacks and Whites secure their own neighborhoods, maybe we can unite and start up Bacon Rebellion II where together we can deal with the Nation-Wreckers at the top.

  9. Your only black advocate says:

    Both your argument and logic are entirely flawed. Anyone that speaks in as many blanket statements as you do without personally researching the entire group with which they are referring is flawed from the start.

    My neighborhood is a suburb and quite mixed between black, asian, and white. Everyone here is just fine. There is pretty much no crime, I can’t remember the last time I heard a report on it, everyone is safe, we have an Ikea up the street, Barnes&Noble, a bakery, a mall, tons of restaurants and theatres, and life is literally just fine around here. But I live in LA, and it sounds like you are from the midwest. I never really understood the mindset of midwesterners. You guys have a tendency to think ill without understanding.

    We all club together, bar hop, those of us that have yet graduated Uni still attend class together and carpool. I would put the percentage of interracial couples in the community right around %45 to %50.

    We are surrounded by extremely eclectic, artsy, and safe neighborhoods, some of them are majority black, and none of the problems you speak of exist. My korean ex girlfriend called me over to my iMac to see this article actually. She told me that some idiot asshole “sorry” was making blanket statements and she found it entertaining. After reading it, I found her humor, but was more disturbed than entertained. Yes, I will blame the bliss of suburban LA for training my thought process and clouding me from the knowledge that people like you continue to, well, be people like you, but it doesn’t make your silly opinion that you propose as fact to be an actual fact.

    It is simply fact for you based on your upbringing. You are after all, as everyone else, including blacks, a product of your society, and more importantly in my eyes, your home environment, leading me to believe your parents have done a great job of raising you to be intellectual, but a horrible job of exposing you to your own culture. Accept it or not, blacks and asians built this country, whites just cracked the whips.

    I actually do agree with about %80 of what you said in your post, but your ideology is wickedly off, and your horrible habit of blanket notions about different sub groups in America are ridiculous. I think it’s more where you are from then what you look like. a poor white kid and a poor black kid, both coming up at the same time in the same class in Detroit, Michigan are going to act, dress, and oddly enough, even look alike. And the same applies of said children both grew up next door to one another in a suburb. And again, I’m not talking about one of those suburbs harboring the next columbine child, “and isn’t it something that literally almost every domestic terrorist is a white person?”, but a suburb that actually respects humanity and quality of life.

    See, in a proper suburb, you get all of the benefits that you are talking about, like we have here in my neighborhood, but you also get the amazing and beautiful diversity of our country. Racial diversity is never a bad thing. Social diversity however, is.

    I am a hybrid child. The son of a french/black father and a jew/japanese mother. My skin is the literal equivalent of a holiday mocha frap at Starbucks. My current girlfriend is a Korean American. Should her and I marry and have children, we would raise them in a neighborhood such as the one in which we live now. Why? Because we enjoy the safety, the cleanliness, and the convenience of a social setting without the urban crime rates, violence, and so on.

    The difference between you and I, is that I am not foolish enough to think that urban and suburban equal black and white.

    You are an intelligent guy, that much is obvious. But it won’t be until you find the courage and humility to get over yourself that you will actually see that it has nothing to do with complexion, and everything to do with geography.

    • Accept it or not, blacks and asians built this country, whites just cracked the whips

      Now that’s racist, and far from the truth.

      The difference between you and I, is that I am not foolish enough to think that urban and suburban equal black and white

      I didn’t actually say that. I was comparing a white community against a black community, urban or suburban. Paul Kersey has written about the black suburbs of Atlanta. You can have a nice black neighborhood if it is affluent- some places in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and maybe some others. The tipping point at which a working class neighborhood goes bad seems to be about 20% black. I don't know what the exact makeup of your neighborhood is, but probably not a large percentage of affluent blacks, so it stays liveable. I don't think there are many like it.

    • Drink the koolaid says:

      Very racist comment.

    • Drink the koolaid says:

      Very racist comment. Extreme projection. No one believes this except SWPL media screechers.

      I advocate black inner-city repatriation into SWPL zones immediately. Give them the diversity they want. Blacks don’t want to live in Davenport IA, they want to live in Hyde Park. Let them in you racists!

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  11. Truth says:

    N1ggers gonna n1g.

  12. gossamer says:

    The thing that gets me, is people say crime in the black populated big cities is due to poverty. Appalachia Kentucky has the highest poverty in the country but their crime rate is on average.

    • Criminal behavior is found in all economic levels. The immigrants who came here a century ago were dirt poor, many could not speak English, yet the vast majority did not resort to crime. Most improved their lot after a generation or two or three. Blacks, on the other hand, continue to regress. No, not all Blacks, but a very high percentage. For god sake, they commit more than half the murders in the U.S. yet only comprise 13% of the population. They destroy almost every neighborhood they inundate. Ignoring the problem or making b.s. excuses for it only worsens the situation.

  13. b. wagner says:

    a lot of black people blame white people for their problems. but the last thing that they (blacks) would ever do, is to move to a black country, like haiti, somalia, or congo.

  14. Bari Yates says:

    Im so called black myself & i agree with you man. I choose to live away from black communities on purpose because i dont want drama or problems. I have lived in white communites for over 20 years & i treat ALL folks the same, with respect… & with that the white community has embraced me as a respectful human being…. im with you my friend.

    • K K says:

      Bari, I’m right there with you. I’m a black race realist, (but I’m not disrespectful of anyone-just real). I cry when I look at the cultural Marxism destroying this country.

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