So What’s the Deal with Black People?

Moldbug has found out how blue-collar white people who must deal with ghetto black people feel about them and seems to be a bit shocked at the “racism.”

He mentions if the blacks were gone, then only the (white trash) methheads would be left to deal with, implying there is some sort of equivalence. But there is not. A white man bears the full shame and responsibility of his behavior. He sins without a huge chorus of government-paid enablers, justifiers, and excusers.

What’s wrong with “racism”, anyway? What is racism? Blogger Robert Lindsay- an unusual fellow, an openly pro-communist leftist, defines it as animosity toward particular individuals based on their race. He defines his own belief, that one can believe that members of one race behave on the average worse that those of another, while understanding that each is an individual, as “racialism.”

This is wrong. Lindsay’s belief is what almost anyone who is described as racist believes. Most lower-class white people come from cultures that however disparate (northern Scandinavia to southern England) that place a great value on politeness, courtesy, and avoiding social conflict. They would not be rude to a black person even if provoked and are willing to give blacks they deal with the benefit of the doubt.

Lindsay goes on to say not all blacks are like that. Of course, not all anybody is like that. I have been through Atlanta a few times and noted how friendly the black people there are, even when they’re not actually in customer service. Not all blacks are like that, but plenty are. So what’s the deal with black people?

Some of my rank speculations; there is some large portion of the black population, maybe 30%, that is simply highly sociopathic and violent. This is the population that we read about in the paper. The black population as a whole is inclined to be more aggressive and violent than whites, but the shocking and frightening behavior is focused in the 30% (or so) that makes up the ghetto population. Even after adjusting for such commonly cited factors for violence such as income, education, and intelligence blacks are still more violent.

What aggravates this- and causes the real problem- is that blacks have a strong group mentality. Blacks will not criticize other blacks, and protect other blacks to the extent they can. Blacks almost always excuse and justify the criminal behavior of other blacks. Occasionally dissident blacks go public- Bill Cosby did and was shunned, Chris Rock did and found white people liked what he had to say a little too much, and shifted to other subjects.

Blacks represent a unified front, politically, culturally, and socially. The nice, friendly middle class black people you deal with are arms linked and lockstep with the ghetto trash the Chicago cops are complaining about. There are a few conservative blacks, but they are a tiny percentage of the black population and looked at as cranks.

If you can’t afford to get into any kind of a beef with a black person- and a black person at your office is potentially much more trouble for you than a mugger- then blacks as a group are your enemy. The mugger might leave you without a wallet and some injuries, but the black person at your office can get you fired, branded as a racist, and made unemployable. Black people who appear friendly and affable will turn quite viscious if they feel they have been slighted, or in their delightful argot, “disrespected.”

In dealing with black people, one is supposed to tacitly acknowledge the superiority in all ways of the black race. Blacks strongly believe in this- black people love being black, as Steve Sailer has noted- and because blacks have trouble with the idea of alternate viewpoints, are hurt and offended if the white people they meet don’t agree. As we know from Brown v. Board of Education, black person with hurt feelings = victim of racism.

This accounts for the phenomenon of white people adopting black culture when around black people. It’s not, as progressive whites and blacks would insist, proof of the superiority of black culture, it’s simply a prerequisite for associating with blacks, or even living around them. (Anders Behring Breivik gives an excellent description of adopting hip-hop culture as a defense, although the violent, aggressive, submission-demanding minorities were Pakistani Moslems in his case. I’m sure his story applies the world over.) If you don’t want to adopt black culture, or acknowledge its superiority, you have to avoid blacks. This does not as Lindsay insists imply irrational hatred of blacks, although it could lead to quite rational hatred of blacks, as it did to rational hatred of Moslems for Breivik. Maybe you just like your own culture, mode of behavior, and dialect.

Frankly, unless you are a very powerful white person, you can’t win with blacks. Avoidance is recommended, but not always possible. The more distance you keep, the more you can avoid abasing yourself. Good luck with that.


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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17 Responses to So What’s the Deal with Black People?

  1. josh says:

    He’s using “racism” for humorous effect.

  2. Brandon says:

    Blacks are the manifestation of the intangible called envy. The blacks that are in close proximity to whites, that is. They have been given their own country, but have been brought here originally by YKW through his machinations.

    When blacks are near whites they show their own self hatred, which is envy of the white. Hence, the problem with black on white crime, which even their so-called decent/religious ones are facilitators and excusers of as they use the racism card, which was taught them by YKW..

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  4. baduin says:

    When dissent from the official view is considered morally repugnant and conductive to either legal repercussion or problems in finding employment, the common method of opposing it is using either argumentum ad absurdum or irony – ie expressing oneself in purely pro-establishment terms, leaving the anti-establishment conclusions to be drawn by the reader.

    There are other typical methods, ie accusing some group disliked by the ruling establishment (Muslims or Jews in case of Spinoza and Enlightement, Americans under communism) of the fault one wants to accuse the establishment of.

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  6. julia simon says:

    Anders Behring Breivik is not someone who represents a balanced or indeed rational view on race. The fact of the matter is, if African Asian, Chinese, aboriginal and many other ‘ethnic groups’ were left alone many hundreds of years ago, we would not have to deal with them now. However, if we had left them alone, we would not have the economy, wealth and privilege that we have today. The reality is that, without them, we would have nothing and, actually, given the scale and size of their nations, we would have been dominated by their greatness. When we go to war and lose several young men, the nation feels it. Consider if we not only lost our service men but our bankers, our doctors our cashiers, our pharmacists, our teachers, our politicians and the youngest, stongest, most healthy members of our society. Now imagine that this war went on for over 3 hundred years…. What would we be left with… As a nation what would our chance of growth and development be like? More to that effect, what if, as a direct result of our loss, another nation were profiting financially, developmentally and socially. How would we fair against them? What would our prospects look like? Reciprocally, if everyone was left where they originated from and we were allowed to grow, develop, etc, we would probably be no where near as advanced in the west as we are now. We all fight to get our children into the best schools and universities, to get them into an advantaged crowd because we don’t want them to be disadvantaged, because we are fully aware that disadvantage, ie staring from behind in a race has lasting negative effect. I doubt wether we would have survived as well as they have if the same had happened to us.

  7. Sweep the leg says:

    “…However, if we had left them alone, we would not have the economy, wealth and privilege that we have today. The reality is that, without them, we would have nothing and, actually, given the scale and size of their nations, we would have been dominated by their greatness…”

    This can not be serious. We would have been dominated by the greatness of Africa?? They still haven’t invented anything of worth, yet we would have been dominated? How? Why? Just because?

  8. dondiego says:

    The White Mans Burden is taking its toll all over the world. In my little socialist country down the asshole (we say arsehole) of the world the polynesian perpetrators of predatory TNB are pushing for apartheid.
    Maoris, the early settlers here in New Zealand have similar stats to your negroids. 15% gen. pop @ 51% prison pop.
    A large number wave their separatist flags about, and demand I pay for their self-governance. Had the Brits not stabilised the country starting 1840 the natives may well have eaten each others tribes to extinction.
    No gratitude-
    So many behaviour parallels I just told an asian girl not three hours ago I now believe skin pigmentation to be the best indicator.

    (p.s.I am NOT a fan of socialism and am shortly moving to Australia)

  9. lady says:

    I am a Black Female married to a wonderful white man. We are both great in our own right. I despise the ignorance and criminal behavior of some of my people, but I empathize with them because even though I have accomplished many things in life, I know the challenges I have faced to prove that I am not an animal- and that these ideas about my skin color sometimes make doing things others have the opportunity to do more easily-very hard. If people are blinded by my skin color, they will not listen to my achievements or hard work. They will not hire me. If I do not have the chance to make a living-I must demonstrate that survival instinct. For some who are more desperate and beaten down that means a life of crime and drugs, for me it meant starting my own business. Some black people contribute greatly to our society and go through many pains to do so. See them and acknowledge them for what they are and know that there is no genetic predisposition to being violent, angry, ignorant, or the like- but there is an ill in our society that hurts a good many people who don’t deserve it.

  10. JustWingIT says:

    When they’re in a group they can say all they want. But when there just one Of them, they’re quiet as fuck

  11. scotty says:

    Many don’t have the capacity to understand the challenges Africans have faced for the past 400 years and the fact that they are still living in the world of there captors where everything about your culture was savagely mutilated and shattered leaving little to no evidence of ancestry or history, before Europeans there were many civilizations in Africa dating far back as 9000 b.c, now for the first humanoids to have a genetic predispositions towards violence and savagery is an ignorant statement to say the least. Black people are genetically strong that they can handle such institutionalized oppression and still be a contributing group of people while many would falter under the pressure though the prolonged effects on the psychological mind-state have become more prevalent within the last 50 or so years. ironically it is humorous to think how blacks have become so violent and aggressive after so many years maybe the 40 acres and a mule would have calmed the tides.

  12. Sandra says:

    honestly this topic disgusts me. are you serious? i laugh at the nonsense i am reading. your upset at the color of my skin? besides the color of my skin, what other difference can you point out? . without us “black people” you would be nothing. we are the foundation that built your nation. remember that as you speak your bullshit.

    • Pratik Patel says:

      Sandra, I am not a racist person. However, I would like to know what drives most young blacks to commit crimes. I see bunch of young blacks selling drugs outside of my properties and they’re proud of what they’re doing. They’d also get high and beat someone up and forget it next second that they did something wrong. WHY? Again, I am not racist, but seeing all these hatred make question about culture they’re growing up.

      • PP, by simply noticing bad behavior by blacks and not immediately ascribing it to oppression and completely absolving them, you make yourself known as a racist by the official definition. I don’t make the rules, I’m just telling you what they are.

  13. chrysanthemum says:

    I live with black people as a non-black, and yes, I think that they do have a strong group mentality and in-group practices preferences and they just say if you can’t hack it, LEAVE. So this is part of why the world is getting more and more messed up. So much greed, inanity, and soul sold out for that bit of fame, fortune, and comforts of good living, fancy car. BET and all that to make sure that narcissism and megalomania is more important than kindness, charity, and integrity as in hiring practices. They can’t get people off welfare because there are not enough jobs, and whenever someone can work, there is just too much pride instead of memory. None of them are going to want O impeached. He is the black president even if he becomes a devil, they would just follow him to hell like the Pied Piper. Now that’s really sad. Really stupid, too.

    • meme says:

      but that’s black lol they really just are that dumb. a senseless folk. their sin is too great that’s why (envy murder abortion sodomy and blasphemy against Gods beloveds) and constant lying and fornication. never sorry “not indeed can they blush” just made different (conceived in lust by multiple “relations” theyre a plague. no reason to associate with a black womans creation.

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