Pillar of the System- The Social Sciences or, “The Second Set of Books”

The strange and horrible story of Tom Ball- a New Hampshire man who burned himself to death in protest of years of abuse by the family court system- has come and gone, like any other tragedy. A blink of an eye in the media, a few days of anger in the manosphere, but now mostly gone. Here are some links-



This case has mostly been discussed from a legal standpoint. And as we have seen the legal system is quite arbitrary, consisting mainly of what the people in power say should be right or wrong at any given time. There is a whole intellectual system that supports this. And the power of the state was brought against Tom Ball by the legal system. But there is another very large part of the system that comes into play, what is responsible for what Ball called “The Second Set of Books”- the non-legal, non-statutory procedures that run most of the family law system. These are called the social sciences. They are neither social nor scientific, but among other things the people who run the system have masterful control of the language.

Ball was obviously an intelligent and diligent man, and did a lot of research into how things came to be. He found something called the Minneapolis Police Experiment, the conclusion of which was that arrest was the best way of reducing further domestic assaults. This was quickly picked up as the preferred policy by the federal government, even thought the author of the study himself said that wasn’t a good idea. But it was too late. Contradictory studies followed, but were ignored.

Another thing he found was the “no-drop” protocol, meaning once an arrest was made the prosecutor can’t drop charges. It’s one of many policies and procedures police, prosecutors, and judges follow in domestic violence cases. Ball never verifies where this all comes from, but it’s a safe bet it’s the same place as the mandatory arrest policy- various social science studies claiming to analyze and understand family dynamics.

A bogus psychological study was the basis of Brown v. Board of Education. The fundamental conclusion of the study, and the Supreme Court decision- that certain exclusionary practices harm the psychological health of black people, and so must be prohibited- is bogus. Here we see how the second set of books was made into the first set of books, which can and does happen at any time. The distinction Ball makes is clear, but can be erased at any time.

This is why Ball’s idea of collecting money to fund lawsuits is probably futile. Any challenge to the second set of books can just lead to a judge ruling that it is completely legal and constitutional. Now you have to deal with the first set of books, which is impossible.

If I gave a crap about anything like political activism I would say the problem should be addressed to local judges and prosecutors, who are politicians. Ball lived in New England, which being the devil’s lair of the system was never going to give him a chance. He might have done a little better in a more socially conservative jurisdiction, but not by much.

Huge portions of the academic establishment are devoted to such “sciences” as sociology, psychology, and education. Like the medieval scholastics, they are not searching for the truth but working to prove essentially theological ideas- mainly that of human neurological uniformity- are true. But science is the new voodoo, and the new magic, and by shouting or intoning the word “Science!” doubters are silenced.


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2 Responses to Pillar of the System- The Social Sciences or, “The Second Set of Books”

  1. Red says:

    I was frankly shocked at how little impact the immolation had. Generally someone burning themselves to death is a world wide new story but even drudge dropped it once he realized it was about the family courts. There’s a code of silence around this court system and what it does to men. No one wants to talk about it, no one wants to think about it, and if you bring it up they change the subject or tell you that you’re a liar.I guess it’s only good to kill yourself for a leftist cause.

    I generally despair about fixing the system at this point. Killing the judges doesn’t work. X-Husbands kill wives that screw them over in the family courts on a regular basis and that has zero effect on the system beyond getting even harder on the men. For the life me I can’t understand how women don’t get the idea that if you destroy a man’s life he might murder you for it. Hell even the OJ case was more about the games Nicole was playing with OJ’s kids than anything else.

    The number of suicides and murders linked to the family court system is very large and no one cares.

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