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So What’s the Deal with Black People?

Moldbug has found out how blue-collar white people who must deal with ghetto black people feel about them and seems to be a bit shocked at the “racism.” He mentions if the blacks were gone, then only the (white trash) methheads would … Continue reading

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An America Without Black People

I have said before that I am not aiming to write here about HBD, or race relations, or immigration, or really any kind of current event. What interests me is the fundamental workings of leftism- what the talk radio crowd calls … Continue reading

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Anders Behring Breivik

I’ve never been to Norway. I’m sure the winters are harsh, long, and cold, but then summer comes, and everyone goes on vacation, enjoying long, glorious, mild days, out in the countryside, on the lakes and rivers. Specially nice it … Continue reading

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“Folk Activism”

With a hat tip to Moldbug, here is an article from the Cato Institute in which the author decries the ineffectiveness of libertarian activism. This goes back to my thesis that rightists can’t change the system because they don’t understand … Continue reading

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Chinese Racist Violence

One of the stranger things about the “human biodiversity crowd” is its Asiaphilia. These people like to point out while blacks are lower than white people, Asians are higher. They do this partly out of a desire to insulate themselves … Continue reading

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The Leftist Mentality

Conservatives, libertarians, reactionaries, anarchists, monarchists- all struggle with the ideas of the different kinds of leftists- liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, who are all pretty much the same thing- put forth, ideas that control the very basis of society. They see … Continue reading

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Limited Atonement and the Chosen People

There is nothing that enrages Jews more than gentiles who say they run everything. On the other hand, Jews among themselves, or among trusted “righteous” gentiles, will say, “Yeah, Jews run everything. We rule!” I will incur the wrath of … Continue reading

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