The Employment Demographics Of Socialism

I would like to further develop something I said in a comment at Mangan’s. I have been thinking about this for awhile, and there are a couple of intertwined ideas here, that also relate back. I will have to carefully split these apart and write more on this, but I’ll start with the following observations.

The HBD, immigration, reactionary and “white people that SWPLs’ don’t like” blogs have gone on at great lengths on the contribution of racial politics and immigration to the political and economic situation. As I have said, socialism is an entirely white concept and does not require any minorities at all for its implementation, although they obviously help.

Changes in employment have have affected the makeup of society for decades. The racial/ethnic part of the demographic has been discussed at length; the employment part has hardly been mentioned, but I think it is just as important.

It used to be everybody was a farmer; farming became more efficient and now hardly anybody is, although there is plenty of food. Then many people were factory workers; manufacturing became more efficient (or was moved overseas) and now hardly anybody works in a factory although there is more stuff than ever. Even distribution and services have leaned way down; ever tried to find a helpful, friendly employee in a store? Good luck!

So where do all those people work now? I don’t have the numbers but I would say the growth sectors for several decades have been legal and compliance (including HR and other such administrative functions involved in following government regulations), education, and health care (why medical treatment is called health care is an Orwellian story of language distortion but I’ll leave that aside.)

Education is obviously a government function; all those new education workers are thus dependent on the government. Health care, too, is largely government financed so those new workers are government dependent. Legal and compliance? It’s not so obvious but all these people are effectively government employees, even though they may be paid by a private entity. Their livelihood depends on government regulation so they are government dependent as well.

So we have vast numbers of new workers who by the nature of what they do are not just liberals, but Obama liberals. The recession has only accelerated this trend.

These new members of the socialist regime fall into two basic categories- control, for legal and compliance; and amelioration, for education and healthcare. (Notice how “health care” often becomes “healthcare”, an entirely new word has been invented. Truly Orwellian!) This has its own significance but I’m not entirely sure what it means.


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I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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