What the Hell Happened to Liberalism?

Many years ago, while I was working one of my hare-brained business ideas out of my dad’s house, I was preparing a mailing, which required a rather unusual and peculiar stamp, one denominated at $0.52. As it happened, the figure on the stamp was Hubert Humphrey.

My parents were traditional New Deal liberals but I have been right wing since as long as I was conscious. I’m told, although I don’t distinctly remember, I had a Barry Goldwater poster up on my wall when I was 4.

Still, sitting there at the kitchen table slapping on the stamps, I knew there was something wrong. I asked my dad, “Dad, don’t you think Hubert Humphrey deserves better than a $0.52 stamp?” to which he answered yes.

I was watching a video of a Saturn V launch, in all its amazing, iconic, patriotic glory, and I remembered- conservatives did not do this. Liberals were the authors of this amazing human achievement.

Some of you can still remember- a time long ago, disappearing in the mists, almost but not quite completely forgotten- when liberalism was about hope, dreams, brotherhood, fair play, the dignity of honest work, mutual respect between boss and worker, and telling the communists to go to hell. That died with JFK, although it was probably going to die anyway. Right about then it started to be about hectoring shame, belittling people who weren’t sophistcated enough, keeping the proles in line.

The socialists were not going to be kept out of power. In a society becoming wealthier and more therapeutic, more concerned with fixing itself than eating, people were taking charge of the mind and soul as well as the treasury.

The big mistake of the civil rights movement- which despite producing great political power for black people has established a permanent divide between the races- was using preachers to spread its message. What do preachers do but tell you you’re going to hell unless you straighten up and fly right? People will listen to that for an hour on Sunday morning and then go back to drinking and whoring and stealing first thing Monday.

Salon tells us that the Democrats are finally, thank God, giving up on the white male voter- the victim of all this hectoring and preaching. The victims have mostly tuned out, only voting Democrat we are told if they are union members. Unions are the one place the old flame still burns, just a little bit.


About thrasymachus33308

I like fast cars, fast women and southern-fried rock. I have an ongoing beef with George Orwell. I take my name from a character in Plato's "Republic" who was exasperated with the kind of turgid BS that passed for deep thought and political discourse in that time and place, just as I am today. The character, whose name means "fierce fighter" was based on a real person but nobody knows for sure what his actual political beliefs were. I take my pseudonym from a character in an Adam Sandler song who was a obnoxious jerk who pissed off everybody.
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2 Responses to What the Hell Happened to Liberalism?

  1. ZombieTech says:

    Amen and well said! Most my life I’ve attempted to dodge politics for the most part (even though today it seems to ooze into most everything it seems, sadly). The latest campaign has been so sensationalized it’s been pulling me in, namely do to the rampant PC-culture and SJW-ism that seems so ludicrously insane.

    Even though I’ve never really considered myself any particular party, namely because I agree with bits on each side of the aisle, I tended to lean more left most my life. But the more I see of the craziness that the left keeps bringing out, I’m finding myself leaning more right and actually taking pride in calling myself conservative, and also take pride in rooting for Trump to win the upcoming election.

    I will say, from somebody that attempted to remain impartial most of my life, politics have definitely FLIPPED, as in like a total 180-degree turn-around. When I was growing up and bad things like Columbine happened, and they attempted to blame it on music and everything but the actual issue… that back then seemed like the Conservative approach. And the liberal stance was to say complete freedom of expression… to not censor music, to not censor video-games, to not censor music, etc.

    Yet, now and days, the left/liberals and their PC-culture are going about things completely backwards… wanting to blame everything now on everything but the issue. Wanting to censor video-games, movies, music, etc… heck, after the Pulse night-club shooting, when the bodies were barely cold, the left/liberals were trying to pin the blame on CHRISTIANS… even AFTER the shooter called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS, even after the shooter posted about ISIS on Facebook. Further Obama tried to omit the bits about ISIS from the transcripts, and he and Hillary go out of there way saying, “it’s not fair to investigate the mosque as it’s unrightfully blaming Muslims”, yet seem to not care when something that didn’t even have Christian involvement is blamed on Christians.

    Even more disgusting to find out that Obama’s administration, with the help of Hillary Clinton, have been actually supporting ISIS for quite some time, and even had preliminary information that Al-Qaeda would rise into an independent state, aka: ISIS. Yet, even while supporting ISIS, they kept sending soldiers by the droves to be slaughtered by them!

    How the hell is anything we’re seeing from the liberals, liberalism!? They’ve flipped the idea of liberalism on its head, and now nothing seems to make any sense… and that’s even coming from a person that kept out politics mostly for near four decades. This entire country is crazy, getting crazier, and is on a highway to hell if the liberals have their say! >_<

  2. ZombieTech says:

    PS – Sorry for posting on such an old blog, but when I web-searched “what the hell happened to liberalism” this was one of the first matches in the list. đŸ˜‰

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