Michael Brown- Suicide by Cop

I was going to call this “The Phenomenon of Michael Brown”, and it is that, but that’s a little obscure for a title.

The facts about Michael Brown are well-known. By “facts” and “well-known” I mean the official facts and the official knowledge. On this level, as we all know from constant repetition from authority, Michael Brown was a young teenage boy more or less minding his own business, killed by a white police officer. The officer’s claim of self-defense can’t be dismissed out of hand, but the role of racism in the incident must be taken seriously and must be investigated.

Other parallel stories carry varying amount of weight. The radical progressive one- that Ferguson, Missouri like most other black communities is under the crushing boot of vicious white racist police- holds a lot of weight, because it’s part of the move to defang law enforcement, but is not the full and official one because it’s too obviously ridiculous. The mainstream conservative one- that Brown was a criminal who got more or less what you would expect from attacking a police officer and trying to take his gun- has little weight, because it suggests nothing is wrong with law enforcement, but it’s out there because it’s pretty close to the truth.

The most basic facts about the event seem to be ignored, because they are difficult to process. On the surface they show that Brown was behaving irrationally and aggressively, which is easy enough to acknowledge, since people behave this way all the time. But his irrationality and aggressiveness were excessive, even for a large black thug.

First, Brown walks out of a convenience store with a box of cigars. He didn’t even try to conceal it. Why did he do this? Because he wanted cigars to make blunts and didn’t have $40, obviously, but we know from sociologist Jack Katz that robbery is as much about showing power over and humiliating the victim, and impressing the confederates, as personal gain. Brown accomplished both of these things. Ghetto stores accept a lot of shoplifting as the cost of doing business, and shoplifting includes just walking out with stuff sometimes. If the clerk doesn’t feel like a confrontation, he can pretend he didn’t see it. In this case however the cigars were behind the counter, so Brown had to ask a clerk for them. While the owners can tolerate a certain amount of shoplifting, just walking out with relatively expensive merchandise can’t be tolerated, or they will soon be ruined.

Did he expect to get away with this? I think he did, and I think he would have, or could have. Assuming a complaint was made, it was petty theft in the amount of $40. If you have ever dealt with the police, they generally seem annoyed and insulted to be summoned for any crime other than murder. A complaint would have been made. A report would sit in a pile on a detective’s desk. The detective would leave promptly at 4:30, ignoring it and numerous other reports like it. The detective would retire in seven years, never having gotten to it.

Even with the store video, it’s $40, and the police don’t care.

Brown also shoved the clerk, and that made it a little more serious. A detective might actually have gone out and spoken to Brown. Brown made a small mistake here, which was turning and shoving the clerk rather than just ignoring him and pushing past him. Had Brown been a little brighter, he could have told the detective the clerk threatened or insulted him- possibly even with the “n” word!- and the matter would likely not have been pursued.

The normal strategy after a robbery is to make a clean getaway, without being seen and avoiding being followed. Brown didn’t try to conceal his getaway either, he made a point of walking right down the middle of the street. Brown’s overall behavior fits a clear pattern here, the game of domination ghetto blacks love to play- throw your weight around and see who dares stop you.

Wilson wasn’t even looking for the store robber, he was just driving along and he sees these two guys walking down the middle of the street. As a police officer he is obliged to suggest to the gentlemen they might use the sidewalk, for their own safety as well as the convenience of drivers. While making this polite and helpful suggestion, he notices Brown matches the description of the suspect.

Brown strongly and profanely rejects the idea it might be safer and more polite to walk on the sidewalk. I’m not entirely sure of the law here, but I think that while one is obligated to obey the instructions of a law officer, especially if the command is to cease unlawful behavior, but the officer has wide discretion.

If Brown had not robbed the store, and had he been a little brighter, he could have worked this confrontation better. First, he would have ignored Wilson several times, then when it seemed certain the cop was getting out of his car, moved to the sidewalk. Had Wilson then spoken to him again, he could have pretended to be outraged he was being harassed walking down the street minding his own business.

Considering the robbery, Brown could have done the same, but when asked by the cop about the robbery, just denied everything. “I paid for these. No, I don’t have the receipt, I threw it away. They are lying. No, I didn’t hit anybody. Maybe the guy got in my way and I knocked into him, but I didn’t hit anybody. I didn’t do anything. Why are you harassing me? I’m minding my own business, leave me alone.” You can translate that into ghetto argot if you want. Would Wilson have arrested Brown? I think he probably would have, but Brown could have worked the situation pretty good. He could have made a scene, and gotten the whole neighborhood out, then been a local hero for defying the sick evil racist white cracker police. This happens every day, which is why cops frequently just roll by. I’m quite sure Wilson wishes he had just rolled by, but life doesn’t let you take things back.

Up to this point, Brown had committed several minor offenses, most of which are tacitly tolerated in the black ghetto, for the simple reason there are only so many people the government can afford to lock up. In each case Brown was able to dominate others and his environment, while avoiding any meaningful sanction from the state. Ghetto blacks do this because it’s fun and exciting for them; black radicals and white progressives defend it, to different degrees, as meeting the need for self-empowerment by oppressed blacks living in an oppressive, racist society.

Everything up to this point is easily explained by the idiot racial dynamics of America, which everybody knows and understands, from Black Panthers to Klansmen, even if from different perspectives. But now Brown does something that cannot, in any known universe, come to a good end. He attacks a cop.

The fact that Wilson had a gun, and Brown didn’t, isn’t in itself too crazy. Katz, in “Seductions of Crime”, talks about men who takes guns away from others. He found one case where the man did it multiple times, eventually being shot in the process. It is one thing to have a gun, another to pull it out, another to point it at someone, and the biggest jump of all, to pull the trigger. If someone is pointing a gun at you, there is a fair chance you can just grab it. But Wilson was a cop, and obligated to maintain his authority.

“Suicide by cop” generally involves a distraught middle-aged white man who has suffered serious reverses but doesn’t have the guts to kill himself, so he creates a confrontation with police where they do it for him. Michael Brown, we are assured, was a young man with a bright future- perhaps a little troubled, but what young man isn’t? He had “just finished high school”, we are told, although he apparently graduated in August on some kind of remedial program, and was “on his way to college” although that was certainly some remedial program at a community college.

Michael Brown, we are supposed to believe, had everything to live for. But he had little or nothing to live for, and he knew it. In a decent society, a not-very-bright high school graduate has some options for a decent life, a job that will adequate income, the prospect of marriage, a small family and a small home. It would involve hard work for a difficult employer, an ordinary wife, ordinary kids, a Saturday filled with chores, with a little relaxation in the evening and Sunday.

But Michael Brown had been encouraged to love and want by the TV and the music a high life of expensive cars, fine liquor and sexy mullatas only available to football stars, rappers and drug dealers. He wasn’t any of these things, and wasn’t going to be. A surly fellow like Brown wouldn’t do well working in a store. UPS would have been a good option, but while they pay well, that is a hard job, and I think they do drug testing. The type of labor that used to be done by big black guys is now almost all done by small Mexican guys.

Brown was doomed by his own poor character and the deliberate reduction of employment opportunities for black men by the system. He wasn’t smart enough to get a bogus liberal arts or teaching degree and get into the kind of low-level corporate or government employment that sustains the black middle class, and he knew it, and he wasn’t tough enough to be a gangster, and he knew it.

Getting by in life takes a great deal of ability to suck it up. Most of the time you just have to take it, and kid yourself it’s going to get better, even when you know it’s not. I think most 18 year olds look forward to adulthood, usually with unrealistic hopes of how it will work out. Hope fades over the years, and our dreams get smaller. But we keep going, because that’s what you do.

Bruce Charlton talked recently about the temptation to suicide when you feel that life is a failure, or pointless, or the use of suicide to control the timing and circumstances of one’s death. Brown had youth, and health. But I think he saw that it was all downhill for him, going to school, which he probably hated, working crappy, humiliating jobs, which everyone hates, his mom probably hinting it would be nice if he got a job, some girl hinting she would like to have a baby which he would have to support for years, and couldn’t bear the thought of it. He decided to go out in a blaze of glory, and the rest, as they say, is history……..

The classification of the incident as suicide-by-cop has barely been mentioned in the MSM, and never taken seriously. But lost in the shouting is the low value placed on life by all the good people, but especially Michael Brown himself.

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Andrew Sullivan, RIP

(RIP is Retire In Peace, I’m sure I will have a BIH (Burn In Hell) when he dies.)

Andrew Sullivan is retiring from blogging, since it’s just too much work. Boo hoo hoo. My job is stressful, hectic and frustrating, but I’m not quitting, because I need the money.

Writing is much less work than actual work. I write when I have time, because yes it takes time to write something coherent, even if it’s pretty simple. I don’t get any money for it, and I have a job. If someone was paying me to write, I could do it several times a day. To produce good output, how much time do you need to spend reading and researching as compared to how much time writing? For what word count? I’m not a professional, I don’t know. Steve Sailer produces actual intellectual content, multiple times a day, far more deeply researched than anything Sullivan ever did, and you don’t see him whining.

Sullivan is a typical example of how things have gone to hell over the last 30 years. He used to be a regular opinion writer. Then, as it got to be with the rest of the elite, it got to be all about him. What he liked, what he thought was important for his life, what made him angry.

Progressives used to shape society for power and control. It was to their liking and benefit of course, but it wasn’t personal. It wasn’t about them, it was about other people. But it got to the point that power was not enough. They were always free to have their vices, the rich always are, but eventually their vices had to be praised as virtues. This has been going on with sex for maybe 150 years, as E. Michael Jones lays out in Degenerate Moderns. Then it got to be about media and entertainment, then family structure, and in the 90’s business practices. In the 00’s gay marriage, and now marijuana use.

The elite is quite enervated. You can’t indulge yourself for years, decades and not burn yourself out on self-indulgence. Sullivan can’t be too rich, but he has a beach house so he must have a little socked away, and he can still write and probably make money doing speeches.

Sullivan’s problem is probably not that he is so physically tired, but that having gotten everything he wants there is nothing to rail for any more. Obama will be gone soon, the Supreme Court will mandate gay marriage, and more states will legalize marijuana. Unless he can think of a new cause, he’s just endlessly repeating himself, and even a person as solipsistic as he gets tired of that.

Sullivan signals the enervation and entropy or progressive culture- I think this is the start of a new trend. Is/was Sullivan Peak Homo? I guess we will see.

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The Seattle Seahawks and the Blackening of Football

The Seahawks lost a close game. I don’t know anything to speak of about football, but they are obviously a very good team. The difference between the Seahawks and other teams is the insane media hype they get.

NBA basketball used to be very popular. I mean, everybody talked about it, at least a little. The golden era of the NBA was the 80’s into the early 90’s. This was the time of the new black superstars, Magic Johnson but especially Michael Jordan.

Basketball started out as a very white sport, a prep school sport, and integrated along with everything else in the 60’s. It had black players, but it wasn’t a black game. Because being tall and jumping are critical, blacks were probably going to dominate eventually. But the media pushed it in a big way, the triumphant takeover by blacks of what was rightfully theirs. The new stars were pushed as friendly and squeaky-clean. Johnson spoiled this by getting AIDS, but then as is the progressive logic, became a hero for having AIDS. Jordan was not as warm and fuzzy as presented; the gambling thing tarnished his image a little, but he still does TV commercials.

After the NBA became definitively black, the pretense was dropped and the thug element moved to the for with the hip hop era. Since then I think the NBA has faded in popularity; it’s still popular, but it’s more of a niche sport, not something everybody talks about at the office or school.

Blacks have been pretty dominant in the NFL except for two star positions, quarterback and coach. The media would like the NFL to be as black as the NBA, but that campaign hasn’t as successful. Black quarterbacks have been pushed a lot, but they haven’t taken over. Donovan McNabb was successful, Michael Vick except for the dogfighting thing, Robert Griffin III never came back from the injury.

But, they haven’t taken over. Vick’s unpleasantness hurt from the image standpoint. Russell Wilson is the new Great Black Hope, and Seattle is the new Great Black Team. Funny since Seattle is such a white place, and seeing them sucking up to their black heroes is like all the white football boosters in the SEC and their illiterate thug players.

The relentless promotion of the Seahawks and Wilson will not abate; after the obligatory post-game interviews ESPN runs another piece about the wonderful and heartwarming story of Russell Wilson. He’s more in the “clean, well-spoken” mode and makes a better face for the hoped-for black takeover.

Again, I don’t know anything about football but the attempt to make the NFL more black will continue, but not be as successful as the attempt with the NBA, because football can be played well by more physical types than basketball. The media has given up on blackening baseball; it also has a variety of physical types and blacks just don’t care.

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Das Racist!

I was working with a black coworker last week. And to tell you the truth, he’s pretty lazy.

Isn’t that racist? Saying he’s lazy? There are lazier people on the job, and they are all white. And yet while no one hesitates to call a white person lazy- I started talking about one guy, and the guy I was talking about immediately cut me off and said “He’s lazy”- calling a black person lazy is very risky.

I wasn’t too eager to call him on it. I snapped at him once, after he made an error by not checking something it’s his job to check. He did not say “My bad” or “I’m sorry” or “Oops, I’ll be more careful next time, I should have caught that”, he just reacted pretty negatively.

The lazy white guy just kind of furrows his brow and says nothing, which is more socially acceptable but not quite as effective in discouraging criticism.

Part of the black guy’s deal is I think he thinks he’s going to get a significantly better job due to affirmative action pretty soon. Also as much as management complains about the crappy job we do, they never actually fire anybody and usually don’t even hold promotions, except in really egregious cases.

I happened upon him talking with another black guy, not an employee. They had been talking for a few minutes before I got there and I think the non-employee was on kind of a roll, and he started to talk about stuff I think normally blacks don’t talk about around whites. He was talking about how lame the city was, and how he couldn’t smoke, and how he was outside once smoking and some lady (I’m assuming white) objected so he blew smoke at her until he left.

The guy was obviously a thin-skinned jerk with an attitude, which describes a lot of people, possibly even me, but there was something distinctly black about his thin-skinned jerkiness. Had the guy been white, no one would hesitate to call him out, but a black guy?

But maybe that’s just racist.

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Blog Blocked

I was in a budget hotel and hoping to do some writing while I had some downtime. Instead I found my blog blocked by something called “Norton Safe Connect” which labeled it a dangerous, malicious site. No option to go to the site and bypass the warning.

I’m surprised there isn’t more of this. Generally you can look at anything, anywhere, but maybe that will change. They aren’t going to put up with us forever.

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Are Homosexuals Insane?

Are homosexuals insane? Two homosexuals in Baja California because a marriage counselor who by local law must sign off on the process believes they may be insane.

The behavior of the homosexuals is bizarre, strange, baffling, puzzling, irrational, or possibly “insane” as a matter of context. One of the great victories of Anglosphere and especially American culture is to normalize certain kinds of behavior that in any other context are very strange. This applies obviously to homosexuality, but more specifically here to a kind of behavior that goes by the noble names of “free speech”, “protest”, “the redress of grievances”, “civil disobedience”, but what is actually harassment and disruption by groups favored by the elite.

The marriage counselor, Angelica Gonzalez Sanchez, reports that the homosexuals (I am not going to say “the men”, or “the couple”) followed her out of her office and acted “aggressively and impertinently” demanding answers for her refusal.

For the normal person, all interactions with the government are conducted politely and submissively. In most cases you will get your paper stamped and be on your way. In other cases, like with construction permits, the approval is very much at the whim of the office you are petitioning. In any case if it does not go well, you will most definitely not follow the bureaucrat out of the office demanding answers. If you were to, the police would be called. You might escape arrest, but you would be given an aggressive dressing down.

Under normal norms of civility and social functioning, interactions with other people occur in certain places under certain conditions. You speak with people politely, at an appointed meeting place and time. Animated behavior and heated words are only acceptable between those on intimate terms in private. If you don’t like what someone is doing, you can’t really apply threats, harassment, or social discomfort to change their behavior.

The innovation that changed this first, was the concept of “civil disobedience”. Thoreau introduced the idea that citizens could and should simply disobey or ignore laws they did not agree with. The idea was already deeply embedded in Protestant culture, but the Mexican-American War provided an opportunity to extend it to politics in a democratic country.

Disobeying the law normally creates a great deal of pain for the violator, which is the whole point of laws. Convictions, fines, and jail time ruin a normal person. People at the bottom of society don’t care. Who else can violate laws?

Here’s the thing- all the traditional methods of influence the left- street demonstrations, sit-ins, picketing, street confrontations- are frequently technically illegal, and could theoretically involve significant jail time. But while demonstrators are sometimes arrested, they are almost always released on the scene and pay only a token fine.

Why? Because the powers that be like the left, are the left and want these activities to proceed uninhibited.

What does all this have to do with two homosexuals trying to get married in Baja? These customs are most specifically American, to a lesser extent English, and to a slightly lesser extent continental European. They are customs, and not as we are supposed to believe as Americans, immutable laws of social behavior. An American bureaucrat would not be surprised at all to be accosted by leftist activists outside his office, and confronted in an aggressive and vaguely threatening matter. He would expect it, and probably avoid the confrontation by doing what they wanted in the first place. A Mexican bureaucrat, while familiar in a general sense with this type of behavior, might not expect it.

Leftism is very, very dependent on harassment, humiliation, and intimidation. People are naturally very easily influenced by this. Mrs. Gonzalez Sanchez is simply applying conventional logic to the situation- one, that pre-marital counseling can only be performed for people who can by natural law be married, and two, that people aggressively confronting her in the street, about a situation to be discussed and deliberated by the principles of science and law in an office, may be mentally unbalanced.

How this will play out in Mexico I can’t say. In the US she would be fired, and another marriage counselor directed to rubber-stamp the paperwork. I don’t think Mexican government is so pliable, but I don’t know.

Are homosexuals insane? No, Anglospheric society is insane.

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Charlie Hebdo As Peak Islam

When things seem unstoppably powerful and permanent is sometimes when they are past their prime. Barack Obama represents Peak Negro. Progressives gave up on blacks as their pet clients sometime in the 90’s, after OJ, with welfare reform. Concentrating on women, they started to emphasize gays more, and also recently marijuana. Obama is a lagging indicator, and there will never be another black president, just as Kennedy represented the lagging peak of white ethnic influence. Post WWII progressives really had no use for white ethnics, and had been promoting blacks for some time.

I’m not Charlie, but of course you’ve heard that from a lot of people already. Charlie Hebdo is a left-wing institution that fired a guy for anti-Semitism. They tried to get the Front National outlawed, so I don’t care if Moslem terrorists kill them all or take them back to Syria as wives. Still, the incident illustrates a point. Monkeys don’t make very good pets, eventually they bite people and throw their feces. Moslems or blacks making life miserable for white workers is great, when they make life miserable for leftist journalists and Jews it’s not so fun any more.

Islam is a frankly ridiculous political and religious system and has been for centuries. As a way of uniting Arabs as a horde it was revolutionary and terrifying. But Europeans adapted to it, to an extent, organized militarily and commercially to make it an exotic irrelevance after ocean trade to the Far East was developed. It became significant again in the 20th century as the world reshuffled politically and Third World countries became pawns in power struggles. Oil in the Middle East gave Arabs a lot of influence.

But Moslems don’t represent any military or economic threat, they are just another set of undeveloped wretches screaming for handouts. These people get temporary rushes of power, but it doesn’t last. Their usefulness lasts around two generations, then they are dumped. Blacks in Chicago were a big part of the power structure, but now Rahm Emanuel wants them gone.

European politicians are coming to the same realization. The Moslem welfare cases, pimps, drug dealers, and other criminals, are more trouble than they are worth. They will continue to have a lot of power, but it will slowly decrease.

Moslems are a completely sterile people. Blacks at least provide entertainers and athletes. The top fraction is capable of functioning within society, not really contributing anything but not being an excessive burden either. Blacks generally have people skills, and are capable of being friendly and charming when they want to be. Moslems usually don’t even have this.

The Arab Spring is a big benefit to Europe, not because it has brought democracy, freedom and human rights to the Moslem world, but because they are concentrating on killing each other now. Hopefully it will go on for a long time.

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