Western Tropes in ISIS Propaganda

H/t to Zero Hedge, another ISIS propaganda video is out. I didn’t watch it, but the stills are strangely familiar.

The jihadis love modern Western outdoor gear, accessorizing it to their Western combat fatigue uniforms just like an American soldier would. The gloves are interesting- like motorcycle gloves, armored on the knuckles, but without fingertips. Where do you get these? Bass Pro Shops? Cabela’s?

The poses are all very Western too. Foot up on something, elbow on the knee, gun straight up, or slug across with the elbow out. The praying comrades, the laughing comrades with their arms around each other- just like some jordie’s Facebook page.

Even the beards aren’t really out of place. The commando troops of the US like to grow beards, you hardly ever see a picture of Chris Kyle clean shaven.

What really gets me though is how hard they are pushing the multiracial and multicultural angle. I’m sure 90% of these guys are Arabs, just like 90% of US combat troops are white, but they feature blacks and dark browns a lot.

Just how did these warriors of Allah adopt so much of the military culture of the infidels? Well the military propaganda of the West has been broadcast worldwide for 70 years and has been very effective, so why not adopt it. If these guys had been to training camps run by Americans, though, it wouldn’t really surprise me………

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Donald Trump and Authoritarian Liberalism

It’s been pointed out frequently that Donald Trump is no kind of conservative, that he is a New Yorker comfortable in that culture, a social liberal, a show biz guy, has many Jewish friends and associates, has an Orthodox Jewish convert daughter married to an Orthodox Jew, and so forth. This reflects a misunderstanding about what Trump represents, and where he comes from.

The political culture of greater New York City is most definitely progressive, but has an element I have described as authoritarian liberalism. Liberal and progressive ideas and policies are great, but will run into the problem that things must get done and things must run. If it doesn’t work out in Detroit, so be it; nobody cares about Detroit and cars can and will be built elsewhere. The same thing happened many other places.

New York is different. Nostalgia for the decrepit, sleazy Manhattan of the 70’s that you sometimes see aside, New York must function as the de facto capital of finance and culture. Giuliani was the first manifestation of this; people had had it with morons like John Lindsay and hard core progressives like David Dinkins. Giuliani was a Republican, but a liberal New York Republican. He made a name cleaning up the Mafia, an unfortunate artifact of earlier times. Michael Bloomberg kept up pretty much the same policies in a more low-key manner.

People can live with all kinds of liberal policies but they cannot live without basic security. Liberals in most places never had to deal with this. Conservatives in the sticks passed law and order laws in the state legislature, and put crime more under control. New York City is not run by the people upstate, so this didn’t happen the same way there. The only way to get law and order in NYC was to have it locally imposed.

Trump is not a conservative, as we mean it, but an authoritarian liberal. Such a person can only come from New York City, so liberals elsewhere will hate him and conservatives elsewhere will be confused by him.

In the old days, a person like this would have just been a conservative Democrat. But those days are long gone.

Giuliani was put in place by a populace that saw things gone frighteningly out of control, and tacitly accepted by a power structure that saw things could use some cleaning up, although they didn’t want to come out and admit it.

Trump is the same phenomenon on a national level. People are generally comfortable with liberal policies, but not comfortable with disorder. The nation at large is a lot like NYC in the 70’s- affluent but disorganized, with feckless, incompetent leaders and basic order unraveling.

I don’t think, despite what you read, that the establishment is all that opposed to Trump. They would rather have him than some Republican yahoo from the sticks. They probably realize immigration is out of control and damaging the social fabric, and the Obama years of college professor governance have been poor. NYC went from Giuliani to the much more restrained Bloomberg, back to the full progressive DiBlasio. I think liberals think they could live with Trump.

America is a progressive country. Politics ranges from raging leftism to sane centrism. LBJ was followed by Nixon, Carter by Reagan. Obama was not as liberal as either, and didn’t push progressive causes too hard. Likely enough we are in for more managerial liberalism, but eventually we will need a break. It might or might not be with Trump. 

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Mindweapon Is Back On His Lifestyle Kick Again

And we are happy to have him back.

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America, the Land of the “Free”

At Eradica, Firepower speculates as to whether “America” is already lost. I’m beginning to think it never existed in the first place.

The one blogger I really like now is Anonymous Conservative. He has a simple idea, which he illustrates over and over again- the search for free resources versus surviving on limited resources. Simple as it is, it explains a lot of human existence.

Animals either live off the territory they have, or they find a new one. If they go to a new one, it may be unoccupied, occupied by competitors easily displaced, or by competitors difficult to displace. In general animals must defend their own territory against intruders and can take over new territory only opportunistically.

Oceanic transportation changed human life dramatically. A boat was for millennia the only was to move heavy stuff long distances, and that includes people. Once Europeans were able to venture outside of the Mediterranean, the Baltic, and the North Sea, they found vast territories inhabited by Neolithic people with little ability to resist invasion.

The earliest development was slave plantation agriculture. The tropics were a hostile environment for Europeans, and Africans were dangerous and difficult to handle, but the commodities produced brought a huge profit when transported to Europe.

Much of North America was not suitable for Africans, and inhabited by more warlike natives. Still the land could be farmed in small units by peasants, and so they came, for the free land. To buy land was an impossible dream in Europe, but if you were willing to hazard Indian attacks you could have your own farm in North America.

The Native American response is usually communicated to us in progressive historical terms along the lines “White man speak with forked tongue, take our land.” But they must have been driven crazy. Whites won few significant battles with Indians. Mostly Indians killed whites as they pleased. But the whites just kept coming, more and more, and they didn’t seem to care about the terror tactics that would have put any sane people on notice to stay the hell out of their territory. The Indians were not defeated in the normal sense, they were simply overwhelmed.

The American settlers were certainly hardy pioneers but they were also moving away from pain and restricted resources to comfort and plentiful resources. People came to America because it was easier, more food, more money, more land, more status.

And, when things got tough, there was always someplace to go, farther west. As a place got crowded, expensive and with few resources and lots of competition, you could go someplace fresh. Part of this process was that as a new area became established, bankers and businessmen showed up from the east, to establish more social control. But if you objected to being “sivilized” you could “light out for the territories”.

Of course there’s no “west” anymore, now that California is packed to the gills, but if you are tired of the crowding and expense in California you can go to Colorado, where the prairies on the Front Range are filling up with strip malls and subdivisions.

Americans in general are people who when things get rough, avoid conflict by going somewhere else. This is the white nationalist strategy as well, the problem being that even places long overlooked by TPTB like Colorado or Utah are being californicated, and all any small town needs to be ruined is one nasty lawyer to bring it to its knees.

Confrontation has to happen at some point, but I’m not sure that Americans are up to it.

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Progressives and Babies

My wife and I recently had a baby. The experience has given me some insight into how progressives see basic life and biological issues.

Being responsible people, we took all the classes. The baby classes you will get at a modern hospital all seem to be based on the philosophy of “attachment parenting”. You always pick up the baby when he cries. You only breastfeed him. You meet all his needs all the time, and if you try really hard, all this will work out fine.

The first problem we had with this was breastfeeding. It takes some time for the milk to come in, you are told. You will have little milk at first, but he’s very little, so he only needs a little milk.

But he’s screaming his head off in the hospital, and we can’t figure out why. A super-nice nurse tells us he’s hungry. But, we say, we are following the instructions. She tells us she has three kids and she gave them all formula as well as breast milk. (I got the impression for various reasons she was a Mormon, but don’t know this for sure.) So we start giving him formula too, and for a few days he wolfs it down like a starving man, or a starving baby, which he was.

If you read the baby forums a lot of people follow this advice though, and the baby is hungry for a long time, and sometimes doesn’t gain weight. This is child abuse, in my book, but it’s formal medical advice. I thank God for that nurse.

Then you go to the “lactation consultant”, a nurse deeply committed to the ideology of breastfeeding. If you’re using some formula, that’s ok, we will get you using only breast milk with some coaching. If you are breast pumping, that’s ok, or using a nipple shield, that’s ok, we will soon get you feeding only directly. They are very understanding that you may need these crutches, but they want to help you, they really do want you to be a good mother.

The problem is breastfeeding is difficult and time-consuming. I can see why so many babies died in the old days, just getting enough food was very hard. I remember reading articles years ago about the evil of Nestle promoting formula in the Third World. How dare the evil corporation keep mothers from breastfeeding! But a lot of women can’t produce enough milk, and if they can feeding the baby is sometimes very difficult. I’m sure formula has saved a lot of babies’ lives.

So, we finally ditched these sandal-wearing granola ladies and did it our own way. My wife breastfeeds the baby once a day, in the morning, and breast pumps and bottle feeds him other times. He gets mostly breast milk now, up from about 50% before, but gets formula as he needs it. Formula is more persistent in the system, so he gets it around when we go to sleep so he sleeps longer.

The other thing is crying. The classes limit the advice to pick him up whenever he cries, so he will feel secure, and then he will cry less and sleep more. My wife objected to this as her niece came to be very dependent on being held a lot; we asked the nurse giving the class about this and she said, no, it is not possible to spoil the baby, always pick him up.

Reality is babies cry a lot, for a long time, whether you pick him up or not. Our baby had colic, which is a fancy word the baby cries a lot and nobody is sure why. We went to the first pediatrician mention, an old Crocs-wearing granola lady, and she was all like “babies cry a lot, suck it up you wimps.” On the second visit she said we should try a different formula, and probiotics, but we didn’t want to go back again. Another one recommended gas drops.

Finally my wife had enough and insisted we go to a pediatric gastroenterologist. By some miracle I got an appointment and got off work, and he prescribed a medication for acid reflux. That helped some, and some changes to my wife’s diet helped some, and his getting a little older helped some.

So why don’t the baby classes talk about crying, or colic, or different formulas, or acid reflux? Because in the beautiful world of progressive baby care, all the baby needs is good parents, really good committed parents, and if there is some problem the parents probably aren’t just committed enough to the program.

Most of the advice we got was worthless or harmful. The only thing that prevented serious problems was the nurses in the hospital, who were more pragmatic than the “education” nurses.

Wishing doesn’t make anything so. But progressives, even when it comes to care of delicate and vulnerable humans, would rather fit the person to the “Procrustean bed of theory” as Milton Erickson phrased it.

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Shut Up, She Explained

Megan McArdle says her bit on Trump. She is fairly intellectually honest, for a mouthpiece of the business wing of the system. I’m sure she would like to avoid addressing the concerns of the unwashed, but Trump is too big to ignore.

Immigrants are good for the economy, and no politician can do anything anyway, so shut up, she says in summary. She’s a little more polite, and less theatrically exasperated than most journalists addressing this subject, but the message is the same.

Trump is a populist eruption of the kind we see in times of social stress, like George Wallace or Ross Perot. Nothing will come of it, but it is a sign things are not going well, and there is some risk of losing control.

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Joseph Atwill Explains “Weaponizing Anthropology.”


Rebellion and non-conformity have been the hottest-selling consumer products of the last sixty years.

Originally posted on Hipster Racist:


Weaponizing Anthropology documents how anthropological knowledge and ethnographic methods are harnessed by military and intelligence agencies in post-9/11 America to placate hostile foreign populations. … Price’s inquiry into past relationships between anthropologists and the CIA, FBI, and Pentagon provides the historical base for this expose of the current abuses of anthropology by military and intelligence agencies. … Price examines the specific uses of anthropological knowledge in military doctrine that have appeared in a new generation of counterinsurgency manuals and paramilitary social science units like the Human Terrain Teams.

TLDR; In the 1950s USA looked at the tactics of the USSR in dealing with “inferior tribes.” The USSR encouraged various non-Russian tribes/ethnos in the Empire to embrace earlier folk customs. The Russians took a “spectator” role and the inferior tribe took a “performance” role.

Instead of integration into the Russian tribe, or technological and social advancement leading to competition with…

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