A House of Mirrors Is Fun

“When you gaze into the abyss, remember that the abyss gazes also into you”- Nietzche

That’s a great quote for a young person discovering Nietzche. It’s a little dramatic, but it’s a reminder that looking is a two-way street.

It’s a cliché that pro-white groups are 50% FBI agents. You would hope the leaders are at least sincere fools, but as we see here, the leaders may well be snitches too….



This is of course Matthew Heimbach, and there is no real good explanation for that thing coming out of his shirt. A person at a white nationalist rally has very good reason to record his environment, but a visible GoPro camera would be appropriate. It would serve as deterrence as well as a source of information for defense in the event of false accusations.

Who runs Heimbach? He has been a highly public figure in this kind of activity for many years, and no doubt somewhere along the line someone visited him and suggested he might like to provide useful information to some alphabet agency, or even some NGO. He may even have been assured he would do no harm to his cause, in fact he would be helping himself and his followers by keeping the heat off. And being a federal “asset” is a very nice deal, as Jeffrey Epstein shows.

Harold Covington said on Twitter recently that occasionally one of his people is visited by a suit asking for cooperation. He didn’t say, and I didn’t ask, what they said next, but it’s a great question.

You could say “I have nothing to say”, but that’s saying something. You could say, “I’m not doing anything illegal, so bug off” or “If you want to talk to me I want a lawyer first” but that’s a little cold and formal. You are looking at a man with a job to do- to get valuable information on white supremacist terrorists representing a threat to national security. Why not help him out a little?

You could tell him- I’m not saying you should, or it would be a good idea- “I’m getting tired of this, so I will help you. I know about all the secret meetings, I will get back to you soon.”

And you could leave him trembling with anticipation, and never call him. That would be a little cruel though, so you could call him back later and tell him “There’s a big rally in two weeks I can get you into. But look, if you don’t come I will look stupid and they will never trust me again. So please listen to me and do what I tell you.”

“The racists will be holding a bonfire rally at location X. In the tradition of our pagan ancestors, we will dance naked around the bonfire until dawn. This is a real thing, OK? So if you have a problem with being naked, forget it. It’s a real pagan tradition and also it keeps out people wearing wires. I assume you can arrange a large surveillance team to be in the woods around, maybe a plane overhead.

“You’d be surprised how much wood a bonfire requires. So if you want them to let you in, bring a truckload. Also, plan to show up naked. So, completely naked, driving a truck full of firewood, OK? Don’t make me look stupid.”

I don’t know if they would go for this or not. People are generally stupider than you imagine. But maybe they know when they are having their legs pulled. So, maybe you have a guy show up naked driving a truck full of firewood, with a dozen agents in raid jackets with cameras with telephoto lenses in the trees. But at least, there will be meetings held. This possibly critical new information must be discussed! Be in Conference Room 3 promptly at 8 AM! Have you reports ready! Johnson, we need a detailed PowerPoint briefing!

So maybe half a dozen, maybe a dozen federal employees have a morning they were planning on drinking coffee and reading Buzzfeed ruined. It’s worth it for that alone.

But how many more young, eager FBI agents can be given something to do, that may get them the promotion or the big assignment? How many jaded supervisory agents can get a chance at getting out of their ruts and getting a shot at a good DC job? Hey, let me go on Zillow and see what suburbs in Virginia have really good schools……. It never hurts to dream………

Rather than organizing a white nationalist group, and trying to make sure the feds aren’t spying on you, start a white supremacist group and make sure they are! There are only so many “resources” (I love bureaucratic language!) available, and you can make sure they aren’t going to waste. It’s got to be very easy to figure out who is a fed, and not much harder to figure out who is a snitch. Anyone not falling into these categories can be told to go home and wait for a special assignment.

Of course an organization of this type is not a social club, work needs to be done! Stormtrooper Johnson, we need a detailed PowerPoint briefing on Jewish financial interests for our next meeting! Johnson groans. He has plenty of PowerPoints to make at the office, but here? Stormtrooper Johnson, do I detect a lack of enthusiasm? Here at the White Power Party we don’t tolerate this! If you’re lazy you can go join those good-for-nothings at the European Power Organization! Johnson would request a transfer, but his pal Agent Smith is having the same experience at the EPO so there’s no point. Why won’t these people start talking about felonies?

Hey, don’t look at me that way. The FBI is staffed and budgeted on the firm and not-to-be-questioned belief that American is bursting with vicious, evil racists bent on mayhem. The least we could do is keep them occupied.



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Tommy Robinson

Tommy got arrested for live streaming outside a trial of Moslem rapists. Which is “illegal” in the UK. People report on trials all the time here but it’s a critical threat to justice there, at least if you are talking about brown foreigners raping white girls.

There are two arguments from people who should support him against him. One is he has tried to carve out a safe space by supporting Jews and Israel. I can’t blame him for this, lots of people try to do this. It just doesn’t work, as Tommy has found out.

Again, the JQ is the hardest, hardest thing for people to get. You have to get there on your own, no one can really tell you or push you until you get the rude awakening.

The other is more common, and pretty breathtakingly stupid. It is pointed out that he has violated the law, and the law is sacred, so he must be punished. This is the constitutionalist conservative position, that process is the thing, and some of these people actually believe it, more say it because they don’t like Tommy.

Tommy was on probation which made it just a little easier to lock him up. I’m guessing he knew this, and was expecting this. He has apparently decided to make himself a human sacrifice in the hope of advancing his cause. He has caused quite a stir and maybe it will make some difference.

TPTB are betting on going full (((NKVD))) and just crushing any potential opposition of any kind. And it will probably work. Some reasonable accommodation would cool things off, but they don’t want that. As they burn and burn people who want reasonable things, they leave only people who want unreasonable things.

The normal Alinskyite tactic is to isolate any opposition, to make it comfortable to go along with the flow. Naming it after the Chicago Jew is maybe too flattering to him, since it’s been a normal Anglophone social tactic for centuries. Forcing people to choose sides does not guarantee they will choose the side you want, and while pissing off poor whites represents little practical risk, they will begin to discomfit people with more social capital and create a real opposition.

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The Chase Response in South Africa

Long ago, prompted by the Trayvon Martin case, I wrote a couple things (this and then this) about the chase response. Roughly the chase response is when a predator is stimulated to pursue and attack another animal when the animal runs away from it. By running, the prey shows it is weak and afraid, and signals the predator he is safe if he attacks. The predator may not catch the prey, or may not catch it before more calories have been expended than the prey provides, but he will not be hurt.

Blacks have a strong chase response. Blacks have been attacking white farmers with impunity for a long time, but whites have not left in significant numbers, because they can’t, and because they would be abandoning valuable, immovable capital. Blacks killing white farmers have enjoyed the pleasure they get from torturing, raping and killing but haven’t been able to actually seize the capital.

The current SA government was formed with the sponsorship of Western democracies with the understanding that blacks would have job preferences but that they would not kill whites or dispossess them. This agreement has been forgotten, and they have announced they will take white land without compensation.

In response to this, white SA farmers have been offered asylum in Australia. This has made real the possibility that whites can be forced to leave the country. However it is not enough that whites leave, they must also leave their property in good condition and ready to be used by blacks. Blacks don’t know how to farm and can’t learn how, but they want to pretend they can.

Withdrawal or retreat can be an extremely dangerous military maneuver. The body of troops must leave, but in an orderly manner while protecting itself. For a body of civilians to depart under threat is that much more difficult.

Blacks (and Moslems) have taken over large areas within a country by just forcing whites to abandon their homes and businesses. In this case it’s easy for whites to leave, since they can move a short distance on land without crossing jurisdictions. A house is a huge investment but shelter is not difficult to obtain. A business can remove fixtures, equipment and working capital and possibly be set up elsewhere.

SA farmers however must cross an ocean to be safe. None of the capital is reasonably movable- not land, farm buildings and improvements, or machinery. People can move in an urban environment with some anonymity, but farmers pulling up stakes will be more identifiable.

The farmers may stay a long time. They may leave very slowly. It may come that only some old people who have decided they would rather die in their homes stay while most others are gone. But if there is a lot of pressure, blacks may start swarming and mass murder may start.

The logical thing for the SA government to do would be to “seize” and then immediately rent the land back to the farmers. This is what blacks really want- to take resources from whites without working. But blacks are not rational and like to hurt people, so they will probably encourage farm takeovers that involve killing the whites.

It’s going to get worse.

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The Thomas Wales Killing

Last month a story popped up again that comes back every few years- the unsolved murder of Assistant US Attorney Thomas Wales.

There are many news stories on the matter, too numerous and similar to link, that tell the story. Wales was a federal prosecutor and also a gun control activist, which is unusual but not actually prohibited. One night in October 2001 he was sitting at a computer in his basement when someone walked into his backyard, avoiding setting off security lights, and shot him several times through a window.

Neighbors heard the shots and called police immediately. A neighbor looked out and saw a man walking quickly away, who then got in a car and sped off. Wales was able to call 911 but not able to speak to police and died a few hours later in the hospital.

Wales was a high-profile individual due to his anti-gun activity, and the brazen killing of a federal prosecutor is a gross affront to the system, so a huge FBI investigation was immediately launched. Nothing came of it. Some complained it wasn’t huge enough, so it was made huger. Years went by, the reward was increased, and every five years or so the feds have a press conference to announce they are just about to catch the guy and he better confess right now.

Most effort went toward a man who Wales had prosecuted for fraud, unsuccessfully, over a matter of aircraft maintenance records, who was also a gun enthusiast. But there was never any way to link him to the crime. Wales was involved in a shouting match in a parking garage after he hit a limo and refused to give the driver his insurance information, and then left the scene. This would tend to indicate an person with aggressive tendencies and poor self-control, but who else Wales may have had trouble with wasn’t really looked into. The feds liked the gun nut for it, and stuck with pressuring him for years.

The whole thing seems to show the ongoing incompetence of the FBI. A couple of city homicide detectives certainly would have done better. The man walking away was probably the shooter, and there is a composite sketch, but he has never been found. The shooter had to have visited the scene beforehand, maybe several times, to know where to find Wales, the large basement window and the security lights. If the shooter was smart he likely would have disposed of the gun before he got in the car, but it was never found.

The feds did find that the gun was a Makarov .380 with a replacement barrel. They have looked for the 1000 or so replacement barrels sold, but not made a connection. They might have checked out who was selling cheap handguns with no questions asked, but FBI agents don’t know things like this.

One theme of the press conferences is that somebody knows something, and should share this with the FBI. The Unabomber would never have gotten caught if his own brother hadn’t ratted him out, and I think they are counting on something like this. They seem to be pretty sure the man Wales prosecuted and some of his friends did it, and hope one of them will crack.

Did they? I think if they had they would have cracked by now. It’s been a long, long time, and it’s difficult to prosecute a case after so long. Who did kill Thomas Wales? Whoever it was planned it carefully, executed it quietly, and left quickly. They either told no one about it, or only people of bulletproof trustworthiness- but more likely no one at all.

The powers that be don’t know everything, and can’t control everything. They are not as omniscient as they would like to have us believe.

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Merry Christmas! God Yul!

It’s snowing. If I didn’t have to go out in that shit I wouldn’t mind, I’d eat and drink and play with the boy and cuddle with my wife. But I’m a long way from home and I do have to go out in that shit, so here I am.

It’s dark, cold and snowy in our part of the world this time of year, and at root our winter holiday is acknowledgement of the power of the sun, to come, go, and return, and our need to wait during this cycle and acknowledge its power.

We are under the control of forces far more powerful than we can imagine. Our enemies are no more than another part of this force, the power of death and decay. For now- for all the astronomical cycles we can imagine, if not all we can calculate- life will always embrace and overcome death. When our enemies lose, they lose, but when they win they also lose, because they are death, and death is merely the fertilizer for life.

Winter is the time for some rest, but also for work, to be prepared for spring. Tools need to be made and repaired, animals cared for, other things cleaned, mended and set in order. Spring comes and we burst forth to grow and build.

Merry Christmas! God Yul!

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Sam ‘N’ Ella’s Farm Fresh Chicken

Sam ‘N’ Ella’s Farm Fresh Chicken is flying off the shelves, and they need a new chicken processing plant. Having researched sites and checked on incentives, they decide on Cracker County.

Preliminary interest in Cracker County is high. It’s a big economic boost. More jobs, spending, people, customers for stores. Sam’s plans to bring in Mexicans and Somalis, but after a year or two they will certainly be true blue Americans. The church ladies at the Refugee Center are especially excited.

Cracker County isn’t quite as peaceful as it seems. There have been a number of homicides, first of drug dealers. The sheriff announced it officially as a turf war, but who won? There aren’t many drug dealers in the county any more. More shocking was the murder of the operator of the county’s pain management clinic. The doctor wrote lots and lots of large quantity prescriptions for opioid pills, many more than you might expect to be needed in a small community. Of course science has shown us that when opiates are properly used to treat pain they do not lead to addiction. The large number of pill and heroin addicts in town belied this, but no one is against science.

The tragic fatal shooting of the pain doc as he drove through the Cowgirls bikini coffee stand as he did each morning was officially ascribed by the sheriff as an attempted robbery. The barista said she took cover as soon as she heard shots and saw nothing. No other witnesses were found. Nothing was taken but the sheriff said this is common in robbery attempts, the robber gets scared and runs away. Rumors of a couple on a motorcycle close by went around, but most people took the word of the sheriff.

Pills and heroin are very hard to come by now and while many of the users have cleaned up, some said they didn’t feel safe any more and left town. Safe from what? They won’t say, even when pressed.

Cracker County is nicer now despite the crime problem. A lot of people weren’t happy about the chicken plant and some even went to the planning meeting. Some talked about truck traffic, some about pollution and runoff, some complained about the subsidies Sam ‘N’ Ella’s was getting. Some even suggested bringing in hundreds of people with no more housing or schools would be a problem. The church ladies got up and said shame on you, you are clearly all racists who have hatred in your hearts, remember we must welcome the stranger. An accountant tried to pass out an analysis he had made of the fiscal impact but the chairman called a vote and it was 4-1 for the plant. The dissenter said the incentives were too generous and he could only vote for a less expensive package, and that Hillbilly County had gotten the E. Coli Brothers hog plant for much less. But everyone- everyone important anyway- was very excited about the plant and the meeting wrapped up.

“Sam ‘N’ Ella’s is coming to Cracker County!” said the headline. A lot of people still didn’t like it though. No one was happier than Chuck Wood, owner of the county’s largest construction company, who got the contract to build it. Some of his workers didn’t seem enthused, and word got to Chuck maybe he should not build the plant.

Chuck was incensed. He put a trailer up at the site, but it burned down. He started grading, but the equipment was vandalized. He started to move all the equipment off the site at the end of the day, but the labor cost was very high. He didn’t want to put another trailer there- it would be very embarrassing if that one burned too- and managing the job was quite difficult.

The equipment operators tried to get the excavators and bulldozers off the trailers one morning at the site and found they wouldn’t start. They had been more thoroughly vandalized at the yard than they had at the site. The excavation subcontractor was furious- the machines looked to be a total loss. When new equipment could be arranged wasn’t clear. Chuck was beginning to regret the whole thing.

He went to the sheriff and complained but the sheriff said he had only so many officers and lots of calls, and he couldn’t secure the site for him. Chuck reminded him that he and his his employees paid a lot of taxes and spent a lot of money in the county, and the sheriff said true and thanks for paying up but it’s not in the police budget. He said try private security if you want but it will be expensive.

One night a group of big, rough-looking guys showed up at Shifty’s Roadhouse. They kept to themselves but with a little prodding from the fillies let slip they were there to work security on the plant construction site. One even said the sheriff wouldn’t do his job so they would do it for him.

Shifty came over and said he was glad they were there, the plant was important for the community and they could drink free draft beer or well drinks. The goons weren’t dumb and didn’t go crazy but nonetheless got very, very tired and had to be helped back to the motel. The next day they woke up to find their clothes, wallets, phones, and cars gone. Somebody eventually came to get them and they never came back.

All this trouble didn’t go unnoticed. Pastor Bob of the Crackerville Methodist Church said clearly there was a lot of opposition to the plant in the community, and while he understood people’s’ concerns it was clearly motivated by racism, which is a sin. The church ladies at the Refugee Center (Cracker County didn’t actually have any refugees, but they had gotten a grant to start the agency and wanted some bad) told everyone the level of racism in the county was appalling. Pastor Bob and the church ladies announced a Christians Against Racism prayer service. It was sparsely attended but the worst part was the kids outside playing their car stereos in the church parking lot at full volume. Pastor Bob tried to go out and talk about Christian love, charity and neighborliness to them but it was too loud. The deputies ran off one group, but more came, and after they ran the next group off the officer in charge told Pastor Bob they were too busy and couldn’t come back. The service was cut short.

Eventually Sam himself got involved. Sam’s grandparents, Sam and Ella had pioneered the business of bringing fresh chicken to America’s tables. The lawsuits over the deaths had been difficult and expensive but Grandpa told Sam if people got sick they should have cooked their goddamn chicken more. Sam called the county commissioner and after a friendly chat asked him what was going on. The commissioner was very embarrassed and said, as you know, rural areas have more trouble with vandalism and we’re sorry but we are getting a handle on it and the plant should be moving along soon.

Sam tells him thanks for all you are doing and we will keep in touch. He hangs up. Sam doesn’t care too much, he needs another plant but he can find a town where there won’t be so much trouble. Some suckers somewhere will pay for a plant for him and provide food stamps, medical insurance and public schools for his workers. He calls his lawyer and asks him to see about suing Chuck for failure to perform. He calls his COO and asks him what the alternatives are to Cracker County. The COO assures him there are a few other good options lined up. Sam ask him to stop by in the morning and run them by.

Chuck is devastated to hear from Sam’s lawyer. He calls his own lawyer who assures him something can be worked out. Chuck hangs up, knowing “worked out” means a large bill at least. The new boat and the lake house will have to wait.

People don’t think too much about the chicken plant any more. People forget quickly. Word is the Refugee Center may close for lack of refugees- the grant may not be continued. Pastor Bob is thinking about an advanced degree in theology at Vanderbilt, then maybe teaching somewhere. Secretly he’s a little tired at the lack of Christian charity he sees in his flock, and their mundane difficulties. Chuck is hustling for more business- being successful means never slowing down, never resting on your laurels. The sheriff had a pointed conversation with Shifty about overserving, and Shifty said he was very sorry and never let anybody get behind the wheel drunk but big guys normally hold their liquor better than that and the motel is right next door. The motel only had a security camera at the front desk so how the goons got all their stuff stolen was never clear.

Cracker County is a pretty normal rural community with normal problems- lack of good jobs number one. The lack of drugs and problems caused by aggressive foreigners is disregarded by most, as people are rarely grateful for not having problems. Something funny seems to be going on though- the good people seem a little humbled, and the rednecks seem a little cocky. The crime problem is less but not gone. A few black boys at the high school decided to bring in drugs from outside, but were killed near their homes in another tragic act of gang violence. Who the gangs were nobody was sure, but nobody tried to sell drugs after that.

Will another corporation try to put a plant in Cracker County? Will another doctor try to set up a pain management practice? Will Chuck and other local employers try to cut costs by hiring illegals? Nobody has a crystal ball, but maybe, just maybe, it’s better not to try these things in Cracker County……..

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Who Can You Trust?

Who can you trust? Trust is assumed in a lot of situations, but other times the question needs to be asked directly.

I was reading some true crime book about motorcycle gangs. A meth cooker was said to work only with guys he had been in high school with or in prison with. That would assure him they weren’t a cop, but not that they hadn’t been turned later.

Outlaw motorcycle gangs in general have few security breaches. They are very difficult to join and undercover law enforcement can’t do it. An ATF guy tried to join the Hells Angels in Arizona but couldn’t go all the way. They have had snitches, some guy wrote a book about snitching on some Hispanic OMGs in California.

If you have spent a long time with some people and shared difficult experiences, you will tend to trust them. That’s the essence of the English public school experience- something whitewashed quite a bit in Harry Potter. Soldiers trust each other if they have been in combat together.

People who grow up together in the same town or are closely related trust each other. In southern Italy, people normally marry people from the same small town, so they are doubly close. This helped the Mafia organize and stay together.

A great deal if not most of the world is like this. The most extreme example is the Arabs, who prefer to marry first cousins- ideally the father’s brother’s daughter.

HBD Chick has written extensively about this, the example above, and how in western Europe the church banned cousin marriage to make people less clannish. Here “family” means the nuclear family. Elsewhere “family” is your extended family. Here you only economically depend on your nuclear family, and only see the others a couple times a year at best (or worst). Elsewhere the extended family is your means of survival, for housing, jobs, food and necessities when you are out of work, and social life.

The West is sometimes described as “high trust” because people trust the government and they trust the legal system and formal institutions. But they have weak relationships otherwise and don’t cooperate outside of formal institutions.

Even non-governmental social organizations are very weak. Church, clubs, and fraternal organizations were a staple of life for a long time, but with the government safety net of social democracy- and other forms of filling time, especially television- these are largely gone.

The church is really the last of these. Evangelical churches have lots of activities and help their members some. The Mormon church demands a lot of time from members but I think is also better at helping them.

How does the system decide who to trust? The simplest matter of trust is credit. Everybody has a credit score and that determines whether you are trusted with a checking account, a credit card, occupancy of a dwelling, and frequently a job. Everybody has a criminal record, or lack of one. This is a matter of how hard and far back the investigator wants to look, and if you have ever been arrested there is a record of it. Security clearances are based on financial reliability, any formal conduct issues, and what the investigator can determine about you from interviews with people they can find from your past.

Informally, it’s who you know. If you have somebody willing to certify your good behavior and performance that’s a big help. All desirable jobs and important positions are filled this way. Going to a prestigious school gives the person a formal credential, but also contact with people who can certify him, other students, professors and administrators.

It’s a question of the stakes involved. If you are being screened for employment at a bank, you will get a close look. If you are applying for a security clearance, you will get a very close look. (Unless you are a recent immigrant from the Middle East and they can’t verify anything, then they will just wave you through.) If you are looking for day labor, you won’t get any.

With informal actors, the same situation exists. If somebody wants to buy drugs from you, you will probably want a referral. If you want to buy drugs from somebody, you will be more inclined if a friend tells you he has good stuff. If a strange person suggests you engage in criminal activity with him, you will assume he is crazy or a cop. If he’s a fellow member of your Hells Angels chapter you have known a few years, you can probably trust him.

Can organizations with tight security be penetrated? The LAPD was penetrated by the Bloods gang. (Penetrating the police is obviously a good thing for a gang to do, but apparently the Crips thought themselves too good for this.) A young black guy from the hood with no record is a highly desired police recruit, and even if they wanted to they couldn’t track down all his junior high school friends and see what they were doing now. A similar thing happened in Boston. Some kid from South Boston grew up to be an FBI agent, and as a young boy he had admired an older kid named James Bulger and was able to help him out a lot as a fed.

The Gulenists of Turkey ran a test prep service which they used to identify bright young people and then recruit them. There was no way to observe the contact and they placed many in high places. The Gulenists were undone by a communication security breach, but that’s another story.

Anybody or any group wants to know about others, but not be known itself, other than how it wants to be know. The term counterintelligence state was coined to describe communist regimes; indeed counterintelligence was a more prestigious position in the KGB than intelligence. Maintaining your own secrets may be more important than knowing others.

Intelligence and counterintelligence are a cat and mouse game, very complicated. People who are thinking stuff the system doesn’t like have good reason to be very careful. People who want to do stuff the system doesn’t like have even more reason to be very careful.

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