Why Is This Blog Even Still Here?

I refer not to my lack of posting- I swear I’m going to write more, if anyone cares- but the fact that it hasn’t been removed by WordPress.

I have been shoah’d from Twitter, along with lots and lots of other people with similar sentiments. I aroused the ire of the tankies, the most sensitive and vindictive group, despite them always talking about how they’re going to kill you. WordPress however does not seem to mind me, or even people a lot more caustic and aggressive than me.

The answer I think is that this form of expression is not regarded by the system as any real threat. People read blogs, nod and say “Hmmm, very interesting” and go on.

Social media- specifically Twitter and Facebook- are a much more social, group experience than blogs, which are pretty much just intellectual exercises. People participating in these forums feel like they are part of something, even though they are not. Direct contact can be made with prominent progressives. There is give and take.

Progs hate all of these things. They like to have complete control of what is said. The extreme example is the Atlantic closing all comments. They deleted, they blocked, but they still couldn’t control things so they just stopped it. Newspapers permit some commenting, including the New York Times, but “moderating” is heavy.

Twitter is on some level- maybe most levels- a huge waste of time. But the very fact they feel so threatened by dissident commenters shows how weak they are.

The internet is Gutenberg 2.0. Once people had free access to books, they could inform themselves and make their own opinions- subject to the availability of books, which was the key to the whole thing. Information not convenient to TPTB just didn’t get printed, or had very limited availability.

Many years ago- pre-internet- a friend went to a gun show and got a book called “Behind Communism” which showed how many Bolsheviks were Jewish. He loaned it to me and I found it quite shocking and not entirely believable. After all all the Jews writing for the National Review were for freedom! It had to be a coincidence.

Of course this book was not available at the library or B. Dalton (if you remember that store…..) so hardly anyone had access to it. To print a book you need a pretty big amount of money and access to a printer. A printer may not even do the job if he is afraid the contents will get him in trouble.

But anyone can make a website and put up pretty much whatever they want. The way they deal with this is to say, “Of course there are all kinds of crazy people out there, are you going to believe an anonymous writer who probably is an unemployed virgin living with his mother?” The information is available, but its status, rather than its truth is attacked. And you have to go looking for it, which most people won’t. It’s not as good as not having it available at all, but it’s not a big problem.

Sometimes the “jammie-wearing fools” are right, though, and that is a problem. For a couple of years before the financial crisis people were pointing out the crazy situation in real estate, and eventually there was a collapse. People are still hurting and angry about this, and it was a serious blow to the system’s credibility.

Twitter is one site. Everybody is on it. You can block people you don’t like, but other people will still see them. Accounts are frequently anonymous but an anonymous account can get a large number of followers, who will repeat and amplify his arguments. An anonymous tweeter is harder to ignore than an anonymous blogger.

The problem with the dissident right is that it’s all true, and easily verified. Every single item of wrongthink is immediately verifiable by empirical experience and easily available information. Twitter isn’t suitable for detailed explanations, but perfect for simple ideas- and true ideas are also simple.

I would like to say I don’t care about Twitter and would confine myself to the calm, intellectual pursuit of blogging. I don’t think Gab is a substitute, because you need to attack the leftists and redpill the normies, and they aren’t on Gab. I need to work on getting a fake account, then another, then another.

The bad news is the commissars are cracking down. The good news is there are still a lot more of us, and more people getting redpilled every day.

Stay thirsty my frens.

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Is White Nationalism Dead?

Time passes, things change and evolve. What was new yesterday is old today, and something nobody is even thinking of today will be new tomorrow.

Another topic Ryu likes to talk about is the surveillance society. Technology gives the system easier and cheaper ways to observe and manipulate the population. More importantly, the definition of unacceptable dissent has been made more and more strict as this has occurred.

You may be allowed to express unacceptable opinions anonymously, but certainly not publicly. Even anonymous dissent is now censored. If you want to continue to dissent anonymously, you have to break rules.

Are you concealing your true opinions from your employer or the government? Then you’re a criminal. Did you make another Twitter account after getting shoah’d? That’s a violation of the TOS, effectively a crime.

Psychologically more dissident whites are getting used to the idea that they are criminals. The constitutionalists are still a strong, but waning force as it is becoming more obvious to everyone that the rules are arbitrary and anti-white.

Adopting the mindset of a criminal involves crossing a psychological line. It means reevaluating and readjusting your status with other people. I adopted the mindset of a criminal for some time when I was an adolescent. It was an extremely painful and unpleasant process. I wasn’t the best kid in the world but I wanted the approval of my parents, teachers and society. When it became apparent I couldn’t get it it was devastating for me. But when I accepted this I found freedom and peace for awhile on the other side.

To be a white nationalist is fundamentally to be a criminal. He who can accept that has some way to move forward. He who cannot is, as I see it, trapped.

And the most famous white nationalists, the Order, did just that. Their failure, in my opinion, was to adopt robbery as their crime of choice. Quoting Ryu again, the criminal must choose his crime wisely. I was an excellent thief and a pretty good con man at 15. My very timidity and bashfulness made people think I couldn’t possibly be up to something.

Robbery? I could never do robbery. Robbery draws a lot of attention, and I don’t like attention. A successful robber would probably have a charismatic personality, to get his victims to cooperate easily. I think robbers like the attention, but because robbery is a high-profile crime, the police go all out for it. The typical victim of a theft or fraud is surprised how little interest the police have in helping them, but police reserve their energy for openly disruptive crimes like robbery and murder, and then only make a strong effort if the target was an important business or person.

A white nationalist becomes a criminal, and a criminal may become a white nationalist. The line between crime and revolution is blurry. Rich people can make a revolution out of their own resources, poor people can’t even help themselves. A white nationalism that leads to a soldier’s fate- death, or injury and poverty- is not terribly appealing. A white nationalism that leads to a typical criminal’s fate- prison, and social ostracism and poverty on release- is not appealing either.

G. Gordon Liddy said “Obviously crime pays, or there would be no crime.” Soldiers used to get spoils of war. Cops used to get bribes and other extras. What I’m saying is that white nationalism needs to pay.

As we move toward a lower-trust, more corrupt society, more things will be handled in an informal, or to be blunt a more criminal way, and there will be opportunities to make this work for those who can adapt- he who can, and will.

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White Nationalism is Dead

Ryu recently said, I think, that white nationalism is dead. I can’t find where I thought he said it but this is close.

It’s not a hard call to make. WN was barely alive to begin with. Anybody who tried resisting the system in an organized, violent way has wound up dead- burned alive often, with statistically curious frequency- or doing life in supermax.

WNs are a kind of suicide squad, as I have written elsewhere. Usually people with nothing to lose or eager to go out in a blaze of glory. I had a long spell of unemployment where I said to myself, “If God wants me to be the Punisher, I’ll be the Punisher.” I have since regained my perilous grip on lower middle-class status, but there’s no guarantee I’ll maintain it.

The typical man does not want to die for his race. He will fight for his race, but he would like to win.

Ryu notes frequently that soldiers and cops make poor criminals, because they work with extensive support systems. But really being a cop or a soldier is just a job. Cops go to work, get paid (a lot of money), enjoy their time off, and retire with a nice pension. The best a cop can expect in his job is to fight to a draw, to keep a lid on things. Idealists can’t deal with it but few cops are idealists now.

Soldiers- or let’s say armed forces members- mostly have it even easier. They mostly work in jobs very much like a civilian, are paid but not as well as cops, and have benefits and retirements but not as good as cops. Most aren’t serving their country or doing anything heroic. Only combat infantry is suffering anything most civilians don’t deal with as well.

However, for the real soldier, fate can be very grim. He goes to fight and may suffer serious physical and psychiatric injuries, his side loses and he comes home ruined and nobody cares or will help him. World War II is portrayed as a great victory but many fighting men were permanently destroyed by it, a story which you don’t hear much about.

If white nationalism never got off the ground, it’s because nobody could figure out what it was. Was it a war? WNs who acted like soldiers got killed. Was it politics? WN political activism has been mostly ineffective, although the Overton window has moved some recently.

If there is ever going to be any meaningful white nationalism, it has to be something different.

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Comedy Gold!

I have a normies Twitter account they missed, so I’m able to keep up. I don’t dare post anything of course.

Twitter is pretty funny but the funniest thing is James Fallows continually reminding us that he worked for Jimmy Carter, as though that’s impressive.

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Shoah’d on Twitter

I got shoah’d on Twitter. I tried another account and that quickly got blocked. No, I won’t give them my phone number.

I went through this with the Atlantic- multiple bans by TNC on new accounts. Twitter is interesting but also an idiotic time suck, so maybe it’s for the best.

The Atlantic eventually resorted to ending comments- I guess I wasn’t the only pest. But with Twitter, the comments are the content, so that’s not as easy to do. A bunch of blue checkmarks agreriag how stinky everybody else is isn’t very interesting.

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A House of Mirrors Is Fun

“When you gaze into the abyss, remember that the abyss gazes also into you”- Nietzche

That’s a great quote for a young person discovering Nietzche. It’s a little dramatic, but it’s a reminder that looking is a two-way street.

It’s a cliché that pro-white groups are 50% FBI agents. You would hope the leaders are at least sincere fools, but as we see here, the leaders may well be snitches too….



This is of course Matthew Heimbach, and there is no real good explanation for that thing coming out of his shirt. A person at a white nationalist rally has very good reason to record his environment, but a visible GoPro camera would be appropriate. It would serve as deterrence as well as a source of information for defense in the event of false accusations.

Who runs Heimbach? He has been a highly public figure in this kind of activity for many years, and no doubt somewhere along the line someone visited him and suggested he might like to provide useful information to some alphabet agency, or even some NGO. He may even have been assured he would do no harm to his cause, in fact he would be helping himself and his followers by keeping the heat off. And being a federal “asset” is a very nice deal, as Jeffrey Epstein shows.

Harold Covington said on Twitter recently that occasionally one of his people is visited by a suit asking for cooperation. He didn’t say, and I didn’t ask, what they said next, but it’s a great question.

You could say “I have nothing to say”, but that’s saying something. You could say, “I’m not doing anything illegal, so bug off” or “If you want to talk to me I want a lawyer first” but that’s a little cold and formal. You are looking at a man with a job to do- to get valuable information on white supremacist terrorists representing a threat to national security. Why not help him out a little?

You could tell him- I’m not saying you should, or it would be a good idea- “I’m getting tired of this, so I will help you. I know about all the secret meetings, I will get back to you soon.”

And you could leave him trembling with anticipation, and never call him. That would be a little cruel though, so you could call him back later and tell him “There’s a big rally in two weeks I can get you into. But look, if you don’t come I will look stupid and they will never trust me again. So please listen to me and do what I tell you.”

“The racists will be holding a bonfire rally at location X. In the tradition of our pagan ancestors, we will dance naked around the bonfire until dawn. This is a real thing, OK? So if you have a problem with being naked, forget it. It’s a real pagan tradition and also it keeps out people wearing wires. I assume you can arrange a large surveillance team to be in the woods around, maybe a plane overhead.

“You’d be surprised how much wood a bonfire requires. So if you want them to let you in, bring a truckload. Also, plan to show up naked. So, completely naked, driving a truck full of firewood, OK? Don’t make me look stupid.”

I don’t know if they would go for this or not. People are generally stupider than you imagine. But maybe they know when they are having their legs pulled. So, maybe you have a guy show up naked driving a truck full of firewood, with a dozen agents in raid jackets with cameras with telephoto lenses in the trees. But at least, there will be meetings held. This possibly critical new information must be discussed! Be in Conference Room 3 promptly at 8 AM! Have you reports ready! Johnson, we need a detailed PowerPoint briefing!

So maybe half a dozen, maybe a dozen federal employees have a morning they were planning on drinking coffee and reading Buzzfeed ruined. It’s worth it for that alone.

But how many more young, eager FBI agents can be given something to do, that may get them the promotion or the big assignment? How many jaded supervisory agents can get a chance at getting out of their ruts and getting a shot at a good DC job? Hey, let me go on Zillow and see what suburbs in Virginia have really good schools……. It never hurts to dream………

Rather than organizing a white nationalist group, and trying to make sure the feds aren’t spying on you, start a white supremacist group and make sure they are! There are only so many “resources” (I love bureaucratic language!) available, and you can make sure they aren’t going to waste. It’s got to be very easy to figure out who is a fed, and not much harder to figure out who is a snitch. Anyone not falling into these categories can be told to go home and wait for a special assignment.

Of course an organization of this type is not a social club, work needs to be done! Stormtrooper Johnson, we need a detailed PowerPoint briefing on Jewish financial interests for our next meeting! Johnson groans. He has plenty of PowerPoints to make at the office, but here? Stormtrooper Johnson, do I detect a lack of enthusiasm? Here at the White Power Party we don’t tolerate this! If you’re lazy you can go join those good-for-nothings at the European Power Organization! Johnson would request a transfer, but his pal Agent Smith is having the same experience at the EPO so there’s no point. Why won’t these people start talking about felonies?

Hey, don’t look at me that way. The FBI is staffed and budgeted on the firm and not-to-be-questioned belief that American is bursting with vicious, evil racists bent on mayhem. The least we could do is keep them occupied.



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Tommy Robinson

Tommy got arrested for live streaming outside a trial of Moslem rapists. Which is “illegal” in the UK. People report on trials all the time here but it’s a critical threat to justice there, at least if you are talking about brown foreigners raping white girls.

There are two arguments from people who should support him against him. One is he has tried to carve out a safe space by supporting Jews and Israel. I can’t blame him for this, lots of people try to do this. It just doesn’t work, as Tommy has found out.

Again, the JQ is the hardest, hardest thing for people to get. You have to get there on your own, no one can really tell you or push you until you get the rude awakening.

The other is more common, and pretty breathtakingly stupid. It is pointed out that he has violated the law, and the law is sacred, so he must be punished. This is the constitutionalist conservative position, that process is the thing, and some of these people actually believe it, more say it because they don’t like Tommy.

Tommy was on probation which made it just a little easier to lock him up. I’m guessing he knew this, and was expecting this. He has apparently decided to make himself a human sacrifice in the hope of advancing his cause. He has caused quite a stir and maybe it will make some difference.

TPTB are betting on going full (((NKVD))) and just crushing any potential opposition of any kind. And it will probably work. Some reasonable accommodation would cool things off, but they don’t want that. As they burn and burn people who want reasonable things, they leave only people who want unreasonable things.

The normal Alinskyite tactic is to isolate any opposition, to make it comfortable to go along with the flow. Naming it after the Chicago Jew is maybe too flattering to him, since it’s been a normal Anglophone social tactic for centuries. Forcing people to choose sides does not guarantee they will choose the side you want, and while pissing off poor whites represents little practical risk, they will begin to discomfit people with more social capital and create a real opposition.

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